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    Hi Judy,

    It is good to see you on he board again. I have been praying for you every day and hoping that you would survive this last crisis.

    It is hard to believe January is here already. I can't remember when it was that we started praying for this job coming in January but it seems like ions ago and now here it is. Do you know when they will start the interviews yet?

    I am sitting here in the dark typing. I can't sleep....too much caffeine maybe. I am still at my mom's house. I am spending my vacation with her. I still have off this week too. I am getting lots of needed rest so I will hopefully be charged up for the next onslaught. I can't believe our school year will be half over soon.

    I am praying for Cammie and his family every day. Have the relatives got to see him at this point. I am a little confused as to the timing of things but I am guessing that your hubby took his brother to see him by now.

    Are the relatives all gone now?
    I sure hope that your new year starts off better than this year ended.

    Thanks for your prayers regarding my insurance issues. I won't know any more until I get back home. I have a treatment the Wed after I get back and I will have to cancel probably if I don't hear anything as I can't afford to go deeper in the hole.

    I am juicing at my mom's house. I didn't think I would be able to do it without a garbage disposal but it has worked out nicely. There is no place to get organic veggies here so I brought mine with me and had to find things that would last for two weeks.

    I need to get back to bed. My sister and I are doing something tomorrow. It is her last day of vacations. She is a teacher assistant in our home town.

    I hope you are feeling better. Good to talk to you again. Take care.,

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    It is good to talk to you. I am glad that you are getting some much deserved rest, my friend. I have been praying for this insurance issue. My DH is praying for that too because he knows what it is like to go through this.

    My hubby brought his brother from Atlanta to see their dying brother last week. It was a wonderful visit! My BIL who was staying with us said that he was prepared as much as he could have been for the horrendous weight loss and the weakness. He said that the visit did them both good; they laughed and talked for awhile before Cam had to take a sleeping pill for the pain and have a rest. But it was good that he went.

    Just think, these three guys drove down to the east coast together to visit their dying sister in June and all was well with this guy who now has very little time left.

    Cam did tell the two of them that he wants to go sooner rather than later because the pain is too much. It is upsetting that the doctors can't find any pain meds that work.

    My BIL left on Sunday and is back in Atlanta. We had a great visit with him even though I was dreading it. He did talk a lot but I just excused myself when it became overwhelming. I got to know him a little better and discovered what a terrific, giving person he is. That helped raise my tolerance level.

    He is also very very funny so we laughed a lot. When he arrived at our place, my DH told him "MY list is now OUR list" so the two of them did almost everything that needed to be done for Christmas dinner! He can come back any time. :)

    As for the job, my DH doesn't know when they will be interviewing but he is going to go down to their office this week and make sure that they know that he is still keen. Oh, if he could only get this job, so many of our problems would be solved.

    It is our 20th wedding anniversary today! We have had so many ups and downs that I really wondered if we would ever get this far. But we do love each other so much that we were able to weather all the storms, even though I have been sick for 14 of those 20 yrs.

    The Jack Lalanne Elite was on the Shopping Channel yesterday so I did a little research on the main message board here. Some people love their Jack Lalanne; others find the clean-up terrible. I would like to see one in use. The Shopping Channel didn't show what had to be cleaned after doing the juicing. I would like to see that.

    I am sure that juicing is the way to go and I am going to continue to research it. I remember asking you about the VitaMix just before all this stuff started with Cammie and you mentioned that it was more like a blender if I am remembering correctly. Do you know anything about it?

    I hope that you and your sister have a great day together. And that you get some positive news from your insurance company when you get home.
    Love, Judy

  3. bandwoman

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    Happy 20th anniversary. That is great. I hope you have many, many more happy years together.

    I am glad you had a good visit with your BIL and it is nice to know that he is such a great guy. Your hubby sounds like a good catch to me as well. Does he have any more brothers?????? LOL Single that is.

    I am so sorry to hear that Cammie is still in such awful pain. Thank goodness for the sleeping pills for some relief. I have been praying for him every day and his family. What a terrible thing for them to see him go through this and not be able to do much.

    I do hope that when his sister comes that she will be able to rattle the cages a little and get some action and results from something that will work for him. I have so much trouble with pain meds so I can certainly understand.

    I wish I could somehow video my clean up with my juicer so you could see it. I don't have a video camera.

    I really don't think it is all that bad. I know at first I thought it was but when I know it is helping then it is like investing in myself. This is what my muscle therapist keeps telling me. You are investing both time and money into yourself. When I look at things that way then it makes the huge expense of my alternative stuff worth it.

    If I couldn't work I would be in a mess so believe me I have weighed all of this a hundred times in my mind and still keeping coming to the conclusion that it is worth the time and money and effort in the end.

    I have more energy this vacation than I ever remember in many years and I do think it is because of the juicing.

    Up until two years ago I was sick at Christmas for like 6 or 7 years in a row. Now I hardly get sick at all and if I do it is not a three week ordeal like it used to be.

    Do you get the Home Shopping Network in Canada or maybe QVC. I am not exactly sure if I bought my Jack LaLane juicer on HSN or on his infomercial.

    You could actually buy it on HSN website I bet. I am not aware of the elite model.

    I have the time down to a half hour from beginning to end including the clean up and the preparation.

    Yes it was me that said the Vita Mix was a type of blender. My muscle therapist has one and she said that. I am not sure if there are different models but she said she couldn't imagine juicing with hers.

    She has a really, really expensive juicer. It is called a Norwalk. It is all metal parts. She said a new one now costs $2000. She said she bought hers several years ago used for $700.

    Hers presses the juice where the Jack LaLane is called a centrifical juicer which is a high speed circular type of action. I am not about to spend $2000 for a juicer. I don't care if it is the best on the planet. LOL

    I am writing a book so I need to sign off. Cath and I have been very concerned about you but it sounds like you have weathered yet another storm.

    I have been praying about this job every day. I saw your prayer about your son starting university. I will pray for him as well.

    Take care and talk later.


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    LOL Sadly there were only 5 boys in my hubby's family and I would say that they were all good catches. One died, one is dying, two are married (one to me!) and then there is the one from Atlanta. Nice guy but boy can he talk. Not a great man for a sick person to try to live with - unless she were deaf perhaps.

    My single sister talked to him for a couple of hours on Christmas Day and she said that she thought that he would be a good guy to marry - really nice, very funny, and on the road 29 days of the month! Her kind of relationship. :)

    Cammie's wife is telling the family very little of what is going on. Their sister from Toronto called her today and she discovered that his calcium levels are way off. That is what happened to their sister about a week before she died so they are thinking that this may be close to the end.

    I am preparing for Invasion of the Inlaws Part 2. Actually it's part 37, but who's counting. Three of the sisters are coming here next week to say their good-byes. Two of them are nurses and I am sure that they will "rattle some cages" if they have to.

    After I posted about the juicer above, I saw a video of the clean-up on the Shopping Channel. They put it all in the bottom of the dishwasher. It did take up the whole bottom rack but if it could be done that way, it should be easy.

    I like the way your muscle therapist put it - investing time and money in ourselves. I have done a lot of that and will do more - but not $2000 on a juicer. We will be spending almost $3000 on a Far Infrared Sauna which will be our big purchase of 2007.

    The Shopping Channel is the Canadian version of QVC and HSN.
    We don't get the American versions but I do a lot of shopping on TSC.

    Juicing seems to be a big factor in your feeling better and you are certainly not alone. I am convinced.

    Mike started university yesterday, Calculus and Statistics, and he seems to be okay with everything. He knew how to do one problem that the other students in the class couldn't figure out and got some positive reinforcement from the prof. That was a good start. I hope this continues.

    Thank you for your prayers. I do appreciate.
    Love, Judy
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    I wouldn't want my husband to be on the road that much because then he wouldn't be able to cook and clean for me. LOL

    It does sound like maybe the end is near. I have been praying so much that he make his peace with God before hand. If it is soon and the next invasion happens we will be lift you up and you will get through this just like you have before....with God's grace and strength.

    It is funny that I haven't thought about using the dishwasher. Duh.

    I will have to see if I can use it on my parts as well. I am not sure about the bottom of the dishwasher but some parts might be ok.

    I am glad you got to see a video of the clean up. I would love to know how these people who juice more than once a day manage the clean up.

    Well I have just been over at my sister's house for dinner. She is back at school already. She is a teacher's assistant. She went back on Wed. Tomorrow is my last day with my mom and I will be packing up and heading north on Saturday. As always the time time just has flown by.

    My sleep schedule is so turned upside down that I am going to be in for a rude awakening when my alarm goes off at 4 on Monday. I snooze a couple of times and sleep in till 4:20. LOL

    I have so much more energy when I am not working. Maybe if I win the lottery....... That would be a miracle since I don't play it. LOL

    I am really praying hard for this job. I sure hope this materializes for both of you. That would be so great. I am glad Mike has started university off with a positive. I have started praying for him as well.

    Take care.

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    You are such a wonderful friend to pray for all our needs. Mike going back to university is an answer to my prayers. His success there will be another answer to prayers. I am very happy with his change in attitude lately. PTL!

    Yes, having a husband on the road that much would cut into his cooking and cleaning time. :)

    I will pray for your safe travels home and that getting back in your routine is not too hard on you. 4:20 a.m.!! I can't even fathom getting up and at 'em at that time. It must be so hard after vacation.

    Thank you so much for your prayers.
    Love, Judy

    Edit: I thought that you would like to know that Cam seemed to want to talk to my DH about the afterlife when he was visiting him. He seemed uncomfortable talking about it with his wife there and my DH couldn't get her to leave. He has offered to give his wife a "day off" from taking care of him so that they can discuss the afterlife. We are encouraged by that.
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    I am sorry you are sick. I prayed this morning for you. That is so great that Cammie is now asking about the afterlife. Isn't God amazing. I will pray that your hubby has the opportunity to share alone with him.

    I made it back safely. I had a run in with something that hit my windshield on the way home. It hit with such force that I automatically ducked. It was weird. I was fulling expecting to see a smashed windshield and as of today I still can't figure out where it hit and what it was. I never did see it I just heard it. God was certainly with me that is for sure.

    Yes, getting up tomorrow at that ungodly hour is going to be tough. I will go to bed early and then pray that I can get to sleep. I am feeling the pressure of school seeping into my brain. I don't realize how much pressure I feel until I am out of it for a while and then return.

    I got back home and found out my doctor's office had not sent the letter of medical necessity (to my insurance) that they were working on before I left. I couldn't believe it. I got a phone message saying what should we do with the letter.

    I could have screamed. What do you think??????????????? So it won't be sent now until Tuesday. I am going to cancel my IV treatments for January. This insurance co. is so slow on everything and I know I won't have an answer for several weeks at this point. I am going to need lots of prayer this month to be able to get by without these treatments. They help pain and fatigue both.

    I am continuing to pray for the job situation. Did your hubby ever drop by like you had mentioned that he might. I sure hope something breaks for you both very soon.

    Take care and know I will continue to pray for all of you.

  8. pepper

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    How maddening is that that the doctor's office hasn't even mailed the darn letter!!!! I will pray on that hard tonight, first that your treatments are approved by the insurance company, secondly that you can manage without them for the month of January if you have to.

    I am so glad that you made it home safely and that nothing happened to your windshield. I have had some close calls and sometimes think that the only way I avoided something terrible is that an angel whisked me or the other guy away just in time. Maybe whatever was going to hit your windshield was whisked away by an angel. perhaps it was just a reminder that you are being watched over.

    I hope that your anxiety about getting back to school decreases, you can sleep tonight and get up at (shudder) 4:20 a.m. tomorrow!

    My hubby is going to drop by the office where he wants to work sometime this week. Everything will be back to normal downtown starting tomorrow. He felt that the Christmas Break was not a time to bother them.

    He is hoping to convince Cammie's wife to let him visit by himself this week. I am truly amazed that he is even thinking of this. But, as the end gets closer, I guess he must be questioning where he is going.

    My sinus infection is causing so much pain in my teeth that I am now worried that there are dental problems too. I can't face any more dental work. Please pray that this infection goes away and that there are no dental issues.

    I am saying special prayers for you tonight, Nancy, That you are able to slip back into your routine, as well as the insurance issues. Darn insurance companies. Darn doctor's offices. You gotta wonder!

    Have a good first day back.

    Love, Judy
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