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    Hi Judy,

    How's the teeth? The sinus infection? Do you know that we have sinus sacs over our gums. I went to the dentist once with terrible gum pain and he took x-rays and said it was infection in a sac near the gums. So I hope yours is that and the antibiotic will clear it out quickly.

    I survived my first day back to school and I am beat right now so I am going to make this short. Thanks for your prayers and you know you all still have mine. How is Mike doing? Is he staying at home or is he living at the University?

    I hope he does well and it boosts his self esteem.

    Take care and know I am still praying for the job, you, son, Cammie and family.

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    for all your prayers. I am so glad that you made it uneventfully through your first day back. I was thinking of you yesterday (and praying) and being very grateful that I wasn't going back too!

    Mike is staying at home where I can keep an eye on him. Just kidding. We are lucky that the university is only a 15 min. drive away. And his work is in between home and the university. How lucky is that? He seems to be really enjoying his Calculus class which only has 9 students in it. The Statistics class is large (200 students) and is okay.

    I can see the difference in his self-esteem already. He has even strapped on his skates a few times and played a game of pick-up hockey. He hasn't done that in a very long time. He is also hanging around with old friends who have gone back to university in the past year or two. I am very happy about this.

    If he does well, and he thinks he will, the university will eventually admit him as a regular student. He messed up his last years of high school so badly (from an A student to failing) that he had to apply as a "Special Student". Here's hoping and praying.

    I have had chronic sinus infections since my first preganancy 30 yrs ago. The only thing that has helped is an adjustment by the chiropractor when I first feel the sinuses filling up. It actually works. However, the chiro office was closed over the Christmas break and I ended up with a really bad infection.

    I have been on 1000 mg Biaxin for a week and am feeling some major side effects - even more exhausted than usual. I went back to the dr. today to see if she could change me to something with fewer side effects and she thought that I should have my sinuses x-rayed. So I did.

    She called me a little while ago to tell me that my sinuses are clear on the x-ray! That is impossible. I have been awake since 4 a.m. because of the pain in all my top teeth. When that pain left, I felt that the top of my head was going to explode. It has to be a sinus infection!

    I did know about the sinuses being right there because I have done the same thing - gone to the dentist to be told I had a sinus infection. I have also thought I had a sinus infection when I had an abscessed tooth!

    So this doctor wants me to go off the ABX and go to my PCP for a referral to an ENT and an allergist. That will take months! And I am in horrendous pain NOW. My PCP is not that easy to get in to see and I can't live with this pain.

    Meanwhile I am whacked out by the Biaxin and am preparing for three of my DH's sisters to come to stay early next week. BOO HOO!!!

    Please pray that this awful pain goes away. I have three more days of Biaxin left and I am going to take them regardless of what the doctor said. Please pray that this is enough.

    You are in my prayers for strength to get through this first week back, Nancy.

    Love, Judy
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    I will make this short as I am beyond wiped out. I have been up since 3:50 and my body can't take much more today.

    I have been praying for your sinus infection and will continue to pray. I remember how that one period when I had such a furious headache for several days and you prayed for me and I was so much better.

    I will pray tonight for you before going to bed. I have never consented to the expensive allergy test that my alt dr. wants to do. I see a traditional allergist and have allergy shots every three weeks. I have found that eliminating dairy products really helps my stuffed up nose.

    I have many food allergies and I would suspect that you may as well too. You can do some of that eliminating on your own but it takes time. I know you want results now and I completely understand.

    Lord I pray right now for Judy that you will minister a healing and calming touch to this awful pain that she is experiencing in her head. Let her be able to sleep tonight without the pain. Let her be able to wake up tomorrow refreshed and without this pain.

    You have given her the needed strength in the past when the relatives came and we pray for the same portion of your grace and mercy in this upcoming visit.

    We are thankful for how you are working in her son's life at the University and we are thankful how you have worked in Judy and her husband's life these past few months.

    Father, continue to give them added faith and trust in you. I pray this all in Jesus name, amen.

    Hang in there, my friend

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    You are such a faithful prayer warrior. I do remember praying for your headache and being overjoyed when you felt better. The prayer warriors on this board get results! :)

    I am going to ask all the prayer warriors to pray for the pain in my head. I am desperate for relief. I finished the Biaxin today and think that it did not help much at all. I think that my sinuses are still filled with cement - no draining, no stuffiness at all; it is all staying in the sinus cavities and not budging. I am going to have to get dressed tomorrow and find a clinic doctor who will give me different ABX.

    Meanwhile I am having dental problems big time. The pain in my face seems to emanate from a root canaled tooth. If that is a problem, it could mean many appointments (which cause me a lot of pain and distress) and more $$$ than we can afford right now.

    Then again, maybe it is all sinus pain that is confused with teeth pain.

    I stay away from dairy except for yogurt which I have every day with acidopholus sprinkled in for candida. I have had allergy tests done but every time they show different allergies so I don't know what to believe. One set of tests showed that I was allergic to almost all foods including garlic. The allergist said she had never seen someone allergic to garlic before. Great.

    I did the once a week allergy shot thing for years and at the end of the cycle my allergies were all different. I am at a loss right now.

    How did you manage your first week back, Nancy? How are you doing without your IV's? Have you heard anything from the insurance company?

    Praying for you.
    Love, Judy
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    I have been praying so much for your sinus infection and pain in your teeth. I sure hope you can get to a clinic and have a dr do something that will work. I just read one of your posts saying your husband was going to the ER with possible stitches. What next? My gosh. Lord give this family a break.

    I will continue to pray for you Judy. This has got to be such a test of your patience as if it hasn't already been tested a million times. When are the SIL's coming in. You said next week but when exactly as I will pray very specifically for you.

    I have been praying for all the family issues and will continue to do so.

    My first week back was much harder than I had even anticipated. On top of not having the IV my muscle therapist had to cancel because she was very sick. Man, that really hurt. So by Friday night I was hurting badly and very depressed.

    I was supposed to get a nap this afternoon and never actually did but did lay down with Mindy (my cat) on my lap. I am trying to do washing and have to time my naps around that. LOL

    I did get reimbursed for one of my IV's yesterday. It is still very much a mystery as to what is going on with that. I have two claims that have been rejected and I am waiting to get reimbursed for those. When those are reimbursed and they accept my doctor's letter of medical necessity then I will be dancing a happy dance.( Not anything you would really want to see though.) LOL

    I don't think they have had time to process my doctor's letter of medical necessity so I am still not going to have anymore IV's until I know what is going on. I pay out of pocket for them and they really add up quickly plus I will see this dr on Sat. and pay out of pocket for that as well. I see him for an hour and he charges by 10 min segments. This is my alt dr. Regular drs here spend 20 minutes if you are lucky. It really is a bummer not having my usual treatments. I can feel it physically and emotionally. Sometimes the latter is harder to deal with that the physical.

    I saw my chiro last night and he said my muscle therapist had a death in her family and would be canceling on me next week too. I just wanted to cry. I was able to get in with the massage therapist there for next week and she has treated me before and does know some myotherapy that my regular person does.

    We are expecting a big snow storm over the next few days. I have a Holiday on Monday so I have that off and I am so glad. I just need to get rested up again. It is amazing how rested I was during Christmas time and how quickly that can erode with my goofy schedule that I keep.

    I will pray for a breakthrough for you. I was reading some of the suggestions regarding your sinus trouble on your post and I have tried about all of them before. I had complete sinus surgery a few years ago so I have been down that path a million times and I sympahtize with you. I like the wet towel in the microwave the best. That really does help and I know it is only temporary but even if it is for 20 min it is some relief.

    I use Celtic Sea Salt instead of regular salt. I have high BP as well. When I am sick or getting sick taking a teaspoon of that in hot water and drinking it can sometimes clear up my sinuses. One more thing to add to the mix.

    Hang in there. One of my favorite passages from the Bible which has kept me hanging in there is this....."And this too shall pass." That is my prayer for you tonight.


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    You are such a good friend being so faithful in praying for others while you are dealing with so much yourself.

    I am so sorry about your difficult week. Thank goodness for the holiday on Monday. I know how much you need your muscle therapist and can't imagine that you have to go without her and your IV's all at once. I will have to pray harder for you.

    I will pray that your insurance company realizes the error of its ways when it processes the letter from your doctor. That is how I got my BioCranials covered again. It was a mystery why they stopped covering them. I was covered then suddenly not covered with no explanation. I guess they will save whatever they can at our expense and hope that we don't fight it. My doctor's letter convinced them to start covering them again. Along with the prayers from this board!

    Hubby didn't need stitches, just steri-strips on his knee. If they come off, he has to go back for stitches. This would be funny if I wasn't in the middle of it.

    I will try the sea salt in hot water. I have been drinking warm water with lemon juice in it but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I sent my DH out for hot and sour soup from the Chinese restaurant because the spices sometimes break up the congestion. It wasn't nearly spicy enough and did nothing.

    I got some ABX from a clinic doctor today and he told me to see my PCP. I have an appt with him on Wed., the day two of the SIL's arrive. They will come on Tuesday if it looks like snow on Wed. since they are both nervous about highway driving in the snow. I think we are supposed to get snow on either or both of those days - probably from Illinois!

    Luckily we only have to house two of them, not three as I had thought. One is coming with her DH and staying with his brother. Thank goodness.

    I will need prayers for Wed. The two SIL's will be here along with the other sister and her husband for supper. My DH (and I use the word "dear" sarcastically for this one) has invited several more family members for a turkey dinner, including a sister that hasn't spoken to the rest of the family in 15 yrs. She is a teacher in the same board as mine so I knew her on two levels so staying in my bedroom will be awkward.

    I will be present for whatever I can but will escape when I have to. The way I am feeling now, I doubt that I will be there much.

    I am certain that "this too shall pass". Hope, incredible hope, is what gets us through. Luckily we haven't lost that.

    Praying for you and thanking you for your prayers.
    Love, Judy
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    I woke up this morning with a killer sinus thanks for sharing. LOL

    I had the nausea to go with it so I was in great shape going to church today. I got in the parking lot after the little ice storm we had and I was tempted to go back home but we had a good sermon that I needed to hear and saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while and that lifted me up.

    This dark damp no sun weather is hard to take after days, and days of it. I saw where you are feeling better today. PTL I have been praying for the big day on TUES. The second or is that the third invasion of the in laws????

    Any word on the job situation. Has your DH been able to spend some alone time with Cammie? I sure have been praying along those lines. I keep Mike now in my bubble bath prayers as well.

    Our pastor today talked about bubble baths. It was so funny. He admitted to taking one after his wife forced the issue and told him he needed to relax. He said the candles were just too much. LOL Did I make you laugh?

    I have to get to the store. I put it off yesterday as I haven't felt good all weekend. Now if I want to eat this week I am going to have to drive myself to the store. I haven't taught my new car how to get there by itself yet but I am working on it.

    I am so glad you are some better. Now we just need to get those sinuses to drain. Are you ready for another remedy??? You truly won't believe this one and no I am NOT crazy. I sent off for these medical books and they just came a few days ago. They supposedly have some doctors secrets in them. Well guess what this Dr. from Sweden says will help. Don't laugh now ok. Humming. Yes, that is what I said, humming one min every one to two hours releases something to help the sinuses drain. I forget what it is. I have been humming all day. LOL

    I will let you know if it works. Hey it's worth a try right and if it doesn't work it might put you in a happier mood. LOL Just be sure to hum a happy tune.

    Talk to you later.
    HH..(Happy Humming)

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    I feel better already! I don't care how stupid it sounds, you never know. You have no idea how ridiculous I feel doing the EFT for my anxiety - tapping away on my head and my face and under my arms like a monkey while telling the world that I "deeply and completely accept myself"! But it takes the anxiety away better than anything I have ever tried including drugs! I will keep humming and let you know.

    I am so sorry that I have shared my sinus infection with you. :-( I will pray that it goes away soon. My good friend here with CFS/FM has one too so I must have shared it with her over the phone. :-(

    I am almost afraid to say how much better I feel - just in case it is temporary. The pressure and pain are not gone but are so much better. I was talking to my sister awhile ago and told her that it was literally miraculous how much better I feel tonight compared to last night. Then I remembered about the power of the prayers on this board and thought I better check in.

    I will pray for your sinus infection to disappear as quickly as mine did after asking for prayers. (But keep praying for me just in case.)

    Now a pastor in a bubble bath possibly surrounded by candles. That thought does make me smile. I hope he has a rubber duckie.

    My DH hasn't been able to get any time alone with Cammie. Maybe on Thursday when he goes over there with his two sisters. Cam's wife is leaving to get her car fixed so there may be an opportunity. He really wants to have this talk with him and has a feeling he will not pass away until he does.

    Last week my hubby stopped by that business where he really wants to work but the lady he needs to speak to wasn't in. My DH is very impressive in person because he is so friendly that he feels better about following up that way. Please say a prayer that it goes well tomorrow!

    Keep humming! Anything to get rid of a sinus headache.
    Thank you for praying for mine because I think it is working!
    Love, Judy

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