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    Hi Judy: I have had mega computer problems so I am trying to catch up. I am glad that you finally got a diagnosis. I hope you are feeling better. I am glad to hear you had a bit of a break for a couple of days. How are you doing what can I do for you. I am praying for you and was thinking of you when I was sitting on hold with Sympatico who is based in Ottawa these past few days. One girl didn't even know what Winterlude was. duh?
    I am not doing well. I think my body is so tired it is having a hard time re-couping. Had my 2nd dose of Humira yesterday. Not impressed. Leaves me feeling fluish. Anyways enough. Take care and when you get a chance let me know how you are doing. I bought some Presidents Choice Dark Chocolate Truffles on sale today. I guess I will have to eat them before they melt. Will give me something to do while I am sitting beside
    Love ya
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    I am just back on board with mega-computer problems too. Hubby tried changing the C-drive and long story short we ended up buying a refurbished tower. The lady at the computer store told us that everything would just be transferred to the new tower. Famous last words.

    I am praying that the Lyrica will be approved for you soon, Cath. Have you noticed any improvement with the higher dose of prednisone?

    I hope that you have some pain reduction soon, my friend. I pray for you every day.

    I am thankful for the dx of candida. I never thought that yeast could be so very painful! But getting rid of it means staying clear of sugar and all other refined carbs - including President's Choice Truffles. You will have to eat them all by yourself. :-(

    Thanks for asking about me. I have been thinking of all the needs on this board while I have been offline and praying for everyone. The needs on this board seem more than usual these days. I am looking forward to Prayer Night tonight to try and get everything prayed for!

    Hope you are feeling some better, Cath.
    Love, Judy
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    Hi Judy
    Good to hear from you. Nancy is having puter problems also. I am still having them. We are ready to throw ours out the window. I spent I think it was 3 days with sympatico and I don't know how many different people. Now my monitor keeps going black and if you shut it off for about 15 min. it comes back and then other times it is fine. I am going to e-mail microsoft when I am done here. All this since we put in windows xp.
    I feel a bit better with the prednisone but not as good as I should be. I am having a reaction to the new drug. I am all swollen and flared again!! My rt. hand is in spasm and it goes out to the right and I have some numbness in my 4 and 5 fingers.
    Are you feeling better? A friend of mine about 10 years ago had candida. She was so sick for so long. She finally went to a naturpath and in a couple of weeks started feeling better. But I remember she had to change her diet and couldn't wear perfumes etc. It was rough. Still sitting beside you eating truffles. Hey I heard chocolate is a cough suppressant? Good news eh? Seriously I am praying for you and your family. Thanks for your prayers. That almost makes me want to cry when I think of your struggles and you still find time to pray for others. You truly are an amazing woman. Well I'd better go find my woollies. -21 windchill today. Kitty is curled up on my heating pad which is on low. She is not moving. What a wuss!!lol. Take care and keep me posted as to how you are doing? How is Cam? Are the in-laws out-laws or whoever gone? Have you heard of the Miracle Channel out of Alberta? It is on digital cable. They are having a contest for a cruise. We are all going to put our names in the draw. Want to join us? Anyways blessings. Talk to you soon. Finally how are things on the job hunt with hubby?
    Love ya
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    Do you think that you should stay on that drug if your hands are in spasm?? Is that from the Humira? Good grief! I sure hope that Lyrica gets approved soon. This is insane.

    I really thought that the increased prednisone would help more than it has. I will continue to pray for you, my friend. You need some relief!

    The candida in my mouth is so much better. I cannot believe the pain that caused me for five days. I had no idea that candida could hurt so much. Both my ND and my CFS doctor have given me things to help fight it.

    I am also full of candida in the rest of my body and am starting to wonder if maybe it is causing a lot of my other problems. I am waging full-out war on yeast for the next little while. Yup, change of diet is necessary. I have had to stay away from scented products too for many years. That is one problem I have with going to church. So many people seem to drench themselves in perfume or after-shave before going to church. I often have to move and move again until I sit near some non-perfumed people!

    Hubby has a few job leads but has fallen into a depression over his brother, despite the Cipralex, and is not following up as he should. Please pray that he does what he knows he needs to do!

    He immersed himself in our computer problems for 6 days, doing little else. I think that it helps take his mind off his brother dying. Cammie is doing much better. He is not in much pain and discussed the afterlife with his sister who was visiting. She works in hospice and is an angel in disguise.

    They are all gone home. PTL!

    Praying for you, Cath, and some relief from the pain.
    Love, Judy

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    You are such a blessing. I only take the Humira every 2 weeks and it is on hold until after Mon. I just don't feel right. I can't be more specific than that. Today I have a migraine on top of everything. It is also raining???
    If I remember rightly with my friend this is a long process with recovering from Candida. I see there is a message board for it. Does that mean it could be another chronic problem? Like you need one more problem. Father please come now and heal Judy of this candida from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. I speak life to her in Jesus Name and ask that You please restore her health and bring peace to her body and emotions. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen. I know I hate going places when women are drenched in perfume. It gives me a migraine. Why is everything so scented now days. I noticed at the hospital they have declared it a fragrance free zone. What gets me is some of these deodarants. Man the last one I bought I think you can smell me coming down the road.
    I am still sitting ( ok maybe lying ) beside you. Ok you can be proud of me lol. Went out and bought a pile of veggies and sour cream and onion dip today. My body will probably go into rebellion not knowing what hit it. lol. I thought my son was coming and I bought some nanimo bars. Now what am I going to do? lol. Know that you are not alone. Enjoy your peace and quiet. Let me know what I can do for you. Keep in touch.
    Love ya
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    Wish I could take those Nanaimo bars off your hands. Oooohhh, I love Nanaimo bars! Too bad they have sugar in them. Lots of it. Doesn't everything that tastes good? And gluten too which I have been avoiding for 16 1/2 months, but who's counting?

    Now a migraine, Cath? I will say some extra prayers for you tonight. This is just too much for one person to have to deal with. And where the heck is the approval for the Lyrica?

    I have noticed that more and more health care offices are now "scent-free zones". I really appreciate it after all these years of trying to deal with scents. I wonder if they could designate the church a scent-free zone. That would really help a lot of people, I am sure.

    You should see me in the deodorant aisle in the drug store, opening all the lids and sniffing before I buy my deodorant, and my DH's and my son's. No one has ever told me not to do it and I can get a good whiff even if the seal is still over the deodorant itself. They probably think I'm crazy.

    Yes, candida is a chronic problem, just like everything else I have been hit by. I think that is the problem with these DD's. If we could only have a problem that we had to suffer with short-term, knowing that if we did such and such we would get better. I watch the people around me do just that and sometimes become very frustrated with my lot. Just sometimes.

    Raining in January? This has certainly been a crazy winter, hasn't it? Bet you wouldn't want to be here today, minus 14 and windy. My DH is finally taking me out for our anniversary tonight, three weeks late because I have been feeling so lousy. I am even going to have a little gluten-free, sugary dessert. It's not Nanaimo bars but it's the best I can do. Don't tell my doctor. :)

    Praying for you tonight, sweetie. I hope that things improve for you soon.
    Love, Judy
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    Hi Judy: I had one for me, you and Nancy although she doesn't know it yet. Have you ever had the Irish Cream ones? I hope you have a great meal. You deserve it. Last year for Christmas my son gave me a gift certificate for the Famous Players dinner theatre. You know the group of developmentally challenged people with the puppets and black light. It was amazing. Anyways the dessert was Irish Cream Cheesecake. Amazing!! Never had it before or seen it since. Prednisone gives me such sugar cravings. I found some sugar free baskin robbins chocolate, chip mint candies in the dollar store of all places. Just enough.
    I do the same thing in the deodarant aisle. A church I used to go to we had people who would pray for you at the end of the service if you wanted and we told them not to wear perfume. So it is starting to change a bit. When you think about it we must all really smell awful, shower soap, lotion, powder, deodarant, laundry soap, dryer sheets etc. Different subject. Noticed when I was at the hospital the other day they are now allowing cell phones and black berrys in the main parts of the hospital. I guess they gave up fighting with people. Thanks so much for your concern and prayers. I had morphine a couple of hours ago and the migraine is gone. I don't know what the problem is with the Lyrica. The kineret I just came off we waited 9 months for it. The thing that angers me is that it is a pharmacist who makes the decision. Go figure that one out.
    Take care and remember I am still praying for you. Talk to you soon.
    Love ya