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    I just came on here to write to you and I see you wrote to me. How are you doing? I pray for you every day and am waitng for a breakthrough for you.

    How is David, Mike and hubby doing? I am praying for all of them as well. I can't wait till you get a juicer. I am reading Jordin Rubin's The Maker's Diet and I just really, really feel that there is going to be some healing gems in there for me and you and many of us if we can only see the vision that he has.

    I had my big concert last night and I couldn't sleep last night I was in so much pain. I am having terrible trouble with heel spurs and this weird pain in my leg that has cropped up. So I am beyond wiped tonight and just trying to filter all of this insurance stuff through my brain. I have been bracing for this for days.

    Truthfully I didn't quite know how I was going to react. I didn't even get my mail for a couple of days because I figured the letter was in there and I didn't want to be upset before my concert.

    I am sort of numb right now. I am a survivor and always have been. I have been knocked in the teeth by life many times before and I get down for a short while but I am very resilient. I did my big test two weekends ago and my doctor should be getting the results of that any day now. They said it would take about three weeks.

    This test will tell them many, many things my body needs. I will then go to a compounding pharmacist and he will make this up in pill form I think. I take a gazillion pills which costs a fortune and the plan is that I would be able to greatly reduce the number of pills and therefore hopefully the cost as well.

    Everything right now is clear as mud but that is where faith comes in. When I get a good nights sleep I will be in better shape to compose an intelligent letter. I will actually be swaying a committee of teachers and district staff. I put in a call to the head honcho at the school district after I opened up the letter from the insurance. She was very helpful and she is on this committee.

    The committee doesn't know the name of the person who appeals thank goodness. One of my colleagues is on the committee I just found out the other day. Because I keep my condition a secret I want to keep it that way.

    I appreciate your prayers and support. I just want to go cry in a corner but I am just too tired to even do that. I just need to go to bed and forget the world for a while.

    It is good to hear from you. How are you feeling at this point? Hang in there. We all have each other to lift up and support. There is much strength in that.

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    I am finally back on the board! I have been feeling rough lately but am much better tonight so I am trying to get caught up.

    I have looked at the juicers in our local health food store. They have the Omegas which Rich Carson endorses (I think). I am still thinking of the VitaMix though. You mentioned that you thought that the "juice" would be way too thick with all the roughage still in it. But wouldn't that be a good thing? I need something easy to clean because otherwise I just won't use it. My energy is so limited.

    About all the men in my life:

    Mike is doing so well at university. This is definitely an answer to prayer. He is taking Maths (Calculus and Statistics - yikes!) and is pulling down A+ marks. I couldn't be happier.

    David is not over his pneumonia but is at 70%, well enough to travel to Finland but not well enough to play his best. He has to play 7 games in 7 days, each 3 hours long. He has never played a 3 hour game before and is concerned about his stamina. Please pray that he continues to heal and does not pick up anything on the plane.

    David and I had a wonderful talk the other day about the Worship Board and the effects it has had on my life. It opened a new door for us and he was very thankful that we are all praying for him.

    My DH thought that he was recovered from Cammie's death but he is not. My friend came over today and told me that she has never seen him so quiet and subdued. I think that the impact of his sister's death in October followed immediately by his brother's illness and death has finally sunk in. He is struggling and could use lots of prayers.

    I did read on some posts that you had your letter from the insurance company and didn't want to open it until after your concert. How stressful this must be for you! I can only imagine it.

    At least the concert went well and I gather that you are finished with parent-teacher conferences now and can take a deep breath. I don't know how you do it, my friend.

    I don't know exactly what heel spurs are but I know that you have referred to them before. Have you any idea what the pain is in your legs?

    I was in excruciating pain this week - in my legs only. Agonizing is the word that comes to mind. It turns out that I was not taking enough electrolytes after sweating in the far infrared sauna. I upped the electrolytes and the pain disappeared. I wish it were always this easy.

    I will be very interested to hear what those tests have to say. It is amazing that we aren't all offered these tests. Wouldn't it just make so much more sense and save us so much time, money and effort if we were just taking the right stuff for us?

    I think of you many times throughout the day and pray for your situation. I want you to know that I am here and lifting you up.

    I thank the good Lord every day that I found this board and all you wonderful people of God.

    I know that you need prayers now more than ever so you can count on me. You are an incredibly strong person and I am sure can compose the appropriate letter of appeal. If you would like any help, please holler. I have done many of them.

    Love, Judy