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  1. caffey

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    How did your friend make out with his surgery?
    How does 2pm Sun. sound in the Sinus Room? If that doesn't work for you pick another time and I will be there. Take care.
  2. pepper

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    Thanks for asking about Mike. I just got an email from his wife and his surgery was postponed until next Thursday! There was an emergency surgery that had to be done, ie. a lung transplant because a lung suddenly became available.

    So Mike and his wife and kids are all down there in the apartment waiting another whole week for this. I can't imagine the stress.

    Are you feeling any better, Cath? Is anything going on at all? Maybe you can tell me on Sunday.

    Sunday at 2 in the Sinus Room sounds good. If anything happens, let me know and vice versa.

    I am looking forward to our chat.
    Love, Judy

  3. caffey

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    I'll put on the tea. Discovered a vanilla chammoile tea. It is nice. Talk Sun.