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  1. Applyn59

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    I know that a few people suggested that I try
    peppermint capsules. I can't find the original message
    that I wrote where this was discussed and am too
    tired to search.

    I just wanted to say that I have read that peppermint
    weakens the lower esophageal sphincter. I have
    hiatal hernia and gerd and don't want that sphincter
    weakened anymore than it already is.

    Thanks for the advice, though.

    Has anyone heard about the surgery to fix
    that sphincter and put in a new valve? I read
    about it and it sounded too painful or risky to me.

  2. Jen F

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    Hey, Lynn...

    we really should be in bed, dontcha think?

    It's 4:07 am my time. I am WAY off my sleep schedule. Yikes!

    I haven't heard much about that surgery, but about the enteric coated peppermint capsules: they are coated like that so that they don't dissolve til they get to the small intestine so they can do really good work there.

    So, they shouldn't affect your esophageal sphincter [boy, you could have fun with THAT on a grade 6 spelling test!] at all.

    Hey, do you ever feel like an 80 year old senior citizen? I sometimes feel like that and I have half the problems you do.

    I had acid reflux for a while when I was going through a break-up, I think in my case it was brought on by stress, and I could barely get down a bit of rice or steamed chicken. Prescription whatchamacllit helped for's quite well known....anyhow, do you take that and does it help your GERD?

    That GERD could ALSO be due to food allergies.

    Hate me yet?

    I don't think I'm a huge fan of your allergist. But, sounds like that doc is good for some of your needs, iirc.

    My left foot was numb and cold for hours today. Started to really concern me. I finally realized that it is cold! I now have my wool 30 below socks on. I have problems iwth circuln to my feet, hard to get them cold in the winter and then I have to use peppermint lotion etc to keep them cool in the summer. Do you have that problem?

    We have recently had a heat emergency [42 C] here and so I have 2 air conditioners on in my apartment now. Granted they were on low today and the compressors didn't kick on much, but I realized late tonight it was only 18 C. No wonder my foot is numb. Been too cold for hours [my body functions best around 26, 27 C] and I didn't realize, cause it was way too hot recently, i didn't expect the air temp to change so much, and rest of my body is okay.

    so, now my a/c's are all off, I've been wearing my winter socks and about to have a hot bath.

    Only days ago I was almost fainting from the heat.

    What a life!

    I hope there is an easy way to resolve your hiatal hernia. I'm sure some people here will have advice.

  3. claireandgiles

    claireandgiles New Member

    i have experience in natural remedies.
    Never use peppermint if you have hiatel hernia!! it will make it worse.
    love claire
  4. marykello4

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    Hi Lynn I had the surgery..It didn't work. Seldom does.
    Now they do it a diffent way. Mine was ahuge incision, now it only has small holes. I forget want that is called.
    I was only helped by takng med. that cuts down on production of acid in stomach. Elevate head of bed about 6 inches. Good luck. Talk to your doctor about the med. lol,Mary
  5. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Lynn,

    She thought they would help my ibs but they caused the most awful pain, I'm not the only one who's had that problem so please only try one to see how it goes. I know we're all different but the last thing you need now is more pain.

    I found colustrum and high levels of really good probiotics did more for me than anything else. Took a bit of time though. My son's had really good results with these too. He also thinks that his atkins diet is helping his ibs, since cutting down on starches his flatulance has gone completely.

    At times I too was rushing to the tiolet all the time, now my ibs is better than it's been for ages, flares up when I get a bug then settles down in time. Adding DEs with and between meals is helping though I think the ones I take with meals and the garlic are responsible for my burps at the moment. Getting funny looks over those!

    Really hope you get this sorted soon, it's no fun for you on top of everything else you're trying to deal with.

    Take care now


  6. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member


    I am afraid of the Peppermint stuff. Knowing me,
    it will bother me.

    Believe it or not, I didn't go once yesterday. It was
    from the Immodium, which I hate. Thankfully,
    I went again today - a few times, too! LOL
    I felt so bloated and awful after the Immodium.
    I didn't expect it to block me up!

    I get very cold feet ( in both senses of the word) LOL!
    They often feel like blocks of ice. I like to stand
    on my heating pad!!! Feels so nice. I wear socks
    when necessary.

    I think I covered it. I do think one of my meds may
    be contributing to the IBS but I am not sure. I have
    always had these problems even before the med.
    So I am not sure.

    You always sound like such a busy beaver, Tansy!


    PS I once took Colostrum. Don't know if I told you
    or someone else.
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  7. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    You tend to crack me up! LOL
    For some reason, I always thought you lived
    in the UK. I think I got you mixed up with Tansy.
    I had been wondering why on earth you kept
    saying "eh." Thought you were just quirky and picked
    it up! LOL Now I know why. You're Canadian!!!!!

    I will have you know that I was in bed when I emailed
    that. I have a laptop; otherwise, I would never be

    I am glad I am not the only one off a sleep schedule.
    Makes me feel less odd!

    I think I will pass on the Peppermint capsules at this
    time. I don't want to ask for trouble. Like my mother says, "Don't ask for trouble when it knows where
    you live." LOL

    The senior citizen question floored me. I wrote that
    a couple of weeks ago here. I DO feel like one.
    I even catch myself reading news items that are
    aimed at senior citizens and sometimes forget that
    I am not one. It's quite sad, don't you think???

    It's funny you should say this. Along time ago my
    parents and I were at a racetrack and they gave
    discounts to senior citizens. My father was a little
    older than my mother. My mother was happily saying that
    pretty soon my father would be a senior citizen and I said ," So will you." LOL

    I take Prevacid for GERD. I also take acidophilus
    and digestive enzymes. Sometimes pepto bismol
    and tums.

    Gerd from food allergies??? Hmmm

    I don't hate you quite yet! LOL Of course I don't.
    You do make me laugh though, which I really

    Oh dear, I just answered tansy about the numb foot thing!!!!! Silly me! I get very cold feet and I like
    to stand on my heating pad. Wear socks when
    I need them. Is it better now? I, of course,
    am allergic to wool!

    I do not think I could stand your heat!
    Heat makes me sickish.

    Yes, life sure is challenging, to say the least!
    I am not concerned with my hiatal hernia at
    the moment! Prior to my gallbladder surgery,
    I took a plastic bag with me from room to room.
    I was vomiting and going diarrhea daily. It
    was awful. Also I had all the sound effects-burping
    up a storm. My mother always told me I was a good
    little burper when I was a baby!

    Thanks for your message!


    PS I spent more time in the hot tub. I had a heated
    discussion with my neighbor! LOL We don't
    agree on a few things. She comes across
    lots of people with FMS and doesn't realize
    that we are all different. She says I have
    to keep trying drugs for fatigue. I told her
    that is all I do. ARG!!!!!!! LOL Tomorrow
    she will be working all day and I told her
    that I will be able to relax in her tub in peace!
    We really get along great and I can tease her like
    that. We commiserate on all our problems.
    We are about neck in neck!
  8. Jen F

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    What time zone do you live in? I can never remember what mine is called, but same as Cuba if that means anything. I think you in CT are in a different time zone.

    so i do say "eh" a lot?? [blush]. But so did my Nan who was British, so I have even more of an excuse!

    I don't feel right physically the last 2 days. In addition to having problems with my left foot [today again] I just don't feel right.

    i can't figure out if it is a blood sugar thing, candida die off, carbo whathcmallti...definciency - because i have kept diet very low in grains lately, benzo withdrawal? because I was taking rivatril as a muscle relaxant but have stopped. Whatever it is its not pleasant. I hope it passes..

    And my foot still doesn't feel quite right. It's been a very crappy day in Jen's world, I tell ya.

    I started a posting that was about 5 paragraphs long about my foot circulation problem and asking if others had it. I just finished writing it and BAM the power in my apartment went off for a second and I lost it all.

    Then I stepped in cat pooh on my apartment floor not once, not twice, but three separate times. I had to wash my foot each time, wipe and wash the floor, and try to clean my uncooperative cat. I lost it for a while, really. I even kicked[not literally] my cat out and closed the door, which I never do. I hoped he would clean himself up because i didn't have the strength right then. It didn't help that earlier I was walking towards the living room from the kitchen with a container of Hungarian sour cherry soup that my homemaker made and dropped that soup, it hit the hallway wall and this red staining soup spatterred ALL OVER the place. I think I was holding it partly with my left hand which gave out for a second I guess. What a mess.
    Then, an hour ago, I spilled a whole tall glass of green tea in my living room.

    This is not my day. this should make any enemies I have very happy. Imagine, stepping in crap 3 times...

    If it weren't for people on this board fighting cancer and the people with terrible financial problems and the people like you with a myriad of health problems, I would feel even more sorry for myself. But I'm sure at least some of those people would probably be happy to step in cat crap 3 times and clean up messy spills twice in one day to have my life, such as it is...

    But, I wouldn't have wanted anyone to hear the language around here when I stepped in cat doo doo for the second time, let alone third.

    Senior Jen

    P.S. Sorry to say I can relate to the plastic bag thing with the vomiting. Not pleasant.
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