Peptide Injections Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Hi MIkie, i read that you were seeing dr. Kraucak in april. Is he in the same office with Dr. Dakos? How did your meeting go? Did you do the peptide injections? how do you feel?

    I am thinking about doing the shots for r/a. It is is big decision since I have been on methotrexate and prednishone for 14 years.

    Let me know how you are.
  2. Mikie

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    I see Dr. Gomeringer who practices with Dr. Dakos. Unfortunately, my chronic infections have reactivated so I cannot do the injections until my low-grade temp is gone. Wish I had more to tell. I'll update everyone when I start the injections.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am 69 and started to develop RA in June 2011. I live in FL,but I spent the summer in WA. My RA started in my left hand and by the time I returned home in Aug. both hands were very painful. At that time, I commenced seeing various DRs to determine the problem and what to do about it. As fate would have it my family Dr. is Dr. Coy who one of the few who does Peptide Treatments.

    They ordered the shots from England which took about 6 weeks. The first injection is repeated in one week. After that every 3 weeks for a period of up to 9 months.

    I have had 2 injections. After the first my condition totally cleared up the very next morning. At the time of my second injection 1 week later some of the symptoms were returning (very minor). About 12 days after the second injection my symptoms are returning. (come on 21 days) This is what they told me to expect.


  4. Mikie

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    Glad the injections are helping you. I'm seeing Dr. Gomeringer this morning to talk about the injections again. I think the chronic viral infection is under control.

    I understand that the injections for RA take a bit longer to show results. I'm happy for you that they are working. Let us know how it goes.

    Love, Mikie
  5. dmartinez

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    Actually I was 100% the very next day and it lasted until the second shot a week later. The time interval for the remaining shots is 3 weeks. As for the second shot I started to show symptoms after 12 days and it gets worse everyday. The next shots should last longer and longer until they are no longer required. We will see.

  6. Mikie

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    That's really wonderful. I'm so happy for you. I posted elsewhere that I start my injections on Mon. It is the more wide-spectrum peptide serum for immune and auto-immune illnesses. It may even help the arthritis in my fingers, hands and wrists. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers for success for us both.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am a 47 year old female with Thyroid issues, Adrenal Fatigue, Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue. I am meeting with a Doctor (DO) in Utah. He is suggesting Neural Peptide injections for my Adrenal Fatigue, Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue. I'm trying to do some research so I know if this therapy is legitamate. Has anyone done the injections and have they helped. Any info would be great.
    Thanks, Gina
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    Whether this is the same thing. I've never heard them called neural before. The peptide injections I'm doing are definitely legit and are helping. I've done followup posts about my experience with them. If these are the injections discovered through research at Oxford University in Europe, they are the same. So far, my arthritis pain is gone. The doc believes that I will likely be able to go off my Synthroid when I'm through with the injections. I still have good days and days of being exhausted but there have been other reasons for that. I get my third shot on Tues. and will start a new thread about that.

    It is difficult to research the peptide injections because they guard the formulas from the greedy paws of big pharma. I had to sign a form that I will not try to find out what is in the serum. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    My PC is Dr Coy.. just left his office with lots of info on these injections. Their office is Life Family Practice in Lady Lake Fl. I am researching the peptides now and found this board. He wants me to begin I have psoriasis & other issues... They are great people.. GL
  10. Mikie

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    What is complex about this treatment is all the research it took to find just the right sequences of peptides for the various conditions and the length of the sequences to get them just right. The rest is easy. The correct peptide sequences are injected in the serum and they hook up with receptors in the body. Eventually, the body gets trained in which sequences of peptides it needs and the old diseased peptides are replaced with healthy ones. The more receptors one has, the better the shots work and the longer the benefits last in the beginning.

    What was surprising to me was that all my symptoms didn't get better at the same time. Day one of the first injection, my arthritis was gone for good. The same day, my Sjogren's symptoms went away but I've had a couple of very short flares since then. My FMS pain is limited to very little in the tender points just like the pain caused by the Guai when old debris is removed from the tender points. It's nothing. The energy level as been the most unpredictible. Even when I'm tired, though, I'm not as exhausted as before. I'm in the third day of increased energy and I've been making the most of it. Today has been incredible.

    For me, this treatment is a miracle. Oxford is constantly researching peptides for other conditions, including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and autism. Dr. Dakos had his advanced bladder cancer cured with the peptides and there is now no sign of any cancer. This may be the best hope we have.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Gina,

    I just had my first shot today for RA and I am starting to see results within just a few hours. I also live in UT and my doctor is a DO. I was wondering if it is the same doctor. I live in ST George and his practice is there. Have you gotten any shots yet? If so what has been your experience? I would love to here back from you.