Peptide Injections Anyone?

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    Are you sure about this? I can contact Oxford University and they will tell me the names of the doctors who administrate these injections? I am not really sure about this. I think these injections have nothing to do with Oxford University. Let me know please. Thanks.
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    I can only tell you what my doc has told me. Isn't it worth a shot, no pun intended.

    Love, Mikie
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    Are you still using them and are they helping you? I got my allergy injection SAM-AL and I immediately felt better, I am now going for my 4th, but they seem to last about 3 weeks and then again my allergy kicks in.

    Do you know where the specimen is manufactured? Do you know how to the doctors in America are selling it if it is not FDA approved?

    Thanks Mikie!
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    Also, please who is your doctor? Can you share his details? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am new in this forum. I live in Fort lauderdale, Florida. I have been trying to find peptides therapy to treat different pathologies, specially the autoimmune and degenerative ones, here in the US for a long time now but I can't find anything. My father has been working with peptones with a high concentration of peptides for more than 40 years back in Argentina. They have been very successful treating all kind of pathologies back home. Some doctors even go from Mexico to get these products to treat their patients. There are a few labs in my country, being my dad's lab one of them. I am very surprised that this kind of therapy is known very little here in the USA. I am very glad I found this forum and realize that actually people use this kind of therapy (Complementary Medicine, designation back home) I never heard of the application of peptides through injection , but I found it very interesting reading this forum. Has anyone tried this therapy in the form of capsules? if so, could you share?

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    The peptide sera is made in England at the lab used by Oxford University. It doesn't need refrigeration and is shipped to my doc, Dr. David Gomeringer, 1-239-768-5544. He is located in Fort Myers, FL. There are only about 25 docs in the U.S. who do the peptide injections. The FDA has approved them but insurance doesn't pay for them. The FDA insists that they be called, "Amino Acid Solution Injections." Providers must use this in lieu of peptide injections.

    Each person is different. The injections helped a lot for quite a while but I've been in a bit of a remission lately. I got one booster shot but could use another. If I could afford it, I'd get them regularly and, I believe, I would feel much, much better. The older a person, and the longer that person has been ill, the more injections it takes to get rid of the symptoms. The injections are not a cure but, if the symptoms are gone, it's the next best thing. There are no apparent side effects of the injections.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie