Peptide Injections Anyone?

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    I am hoping this works, my iPad was not allowing this.

    I was on these shots for 4 years at $300 a shot. I did fabulous on them for 8 months and then all hell broke loose.

    I have CFS and Fibro with Sjogrens and CVID.

    After going off of them, I cannot seem to not do them anymore. It's like my body can't function without them. The cost is too high. My pain is now through the roof. It was never good on them, but now it is so much worse.

    Here is something I also noticed about them; they took away interest. My interest in life waned. My specific shot was for food allergies and that was helped but interestingly, while on them, I became a Celiac and milk intolerant completely.

    My food allergies are not too bad anymore, but my pain is through the roof. I am contemplating going on them again for pain relief, but I still had pain. But, I can't stand the thought of the price and the fact that they made me feel "DEAD." I had no desire at all.

    Who wants that?

    We don't know enough about these shots and the long term affects. I am unhappy that they didn't continue to really work for me after 8 months and what exactly did it do? My doc would never really explain that. I didn't like that, either. I need to understand...what is this?

    But, I did it for 4 years due to desperation. I am glad I did it and not so glad all in one. It's too expensive and I never had the benefit that Mikey had.
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    By the way, my doctor says that the main doc in Germany or Spain who does not getting peoples blood work back to them until a year later, to tell them which shot they need exactly. This totally baffles me.

    Are you all getting your bloodwork back before a year? I live in PA. I am having it done here, but my doc is saying it's nearly impossible. Is he full of it, or what is going on?

    I would love to do a shot for pain.
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    Thank you so so much for your story- it's important to have a general knowledge of the therapy, good and bad feedbacks are both appreciated- I'm trying to create on Facebook a SAM Group - It would mean a lot if any of you guys on here would be interested- we can potentially help other people and people on the therapy at the moment- since as you know there isn't much info available anywhere- even better if we are spreaded around the world - I am from the UK and I am looking for docs who could administer this closer to me. Although I ended up going to the US for the first shot..I so far had huge improvements- but you Sick Songbird are reporting of decresed intest in life- that sounds scary. I guess if you are doing it for food allergies you are using PA?- pls guys if you are interested in the group let me know-