Peptide Injections Anyone?

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    Just a quick update. For the last year, I've had one health issue after another that are not related to my immune/auto-immune issues. I've had to have lithotripsy on both sides for huge kidney stones, including insertion of temporary stents from my kidneys to my bladder. Never realized that both the stones and the stents can make one really sick. Then, after Thanksgiving, I got a head cold which lasted two months. I've been going downhill ever since. My Sjogren's Syndrome had gotten really bad and, when that happens, I know I've hit rock bottom.

    So, this morning, I got a peptide injection. After only an hour and a half, my mouth has been watering off and on. That is a good sign. If this injections isn't enough to banish my symptoms, I'll get another one. Wish I could afford them on an ongoing basis because I believe I would feel better all the time. I now realize that I'll likely never be energetic and have glowing good health but I can survive when my symptoms are in remission. In addition to dry mouth, I've had FMS pain and increased pain and swelling from arthritis in my wrists. I haven't had a 'booster' injection since 2015.

    I wish our members who have had the injections would post about their experiences. I wish everyone good luck with them.

    Love, Mikie
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    "RitaF Dear ones, I have a LOT to tell you. This is my first post back on this list since maybe 2015! Yes fms is part of the reason I couldn't get back here but LIFE happened too. To give you some context, here is my last post:

    2015: Dear, dear Mikie, You keep keeping on for which I am very thankful. I know all too well that we "ain't like we used to be." I am back, maybe, for at least this question. Does anyone have a list of Drs. who do peptide therapy in the U. S. and where they are located?

    I had some experience w/ a clinic in Houston in 2013 but don't know their present status.

    2017 a partial update. in retrospect I was helped GREATLY by the clinic in Houston and Dr. Robert Battle, who was the head of it, as well as many wonderful staff members. The name of it was Comprehensive Health Clinic or something like that. I had 2 main problems with my experience, 1. I was soooooo ill that the treatments caused some die-off, so much so that I behaved badly as toxins had to be flushed out. In the chaos I lost contact with the clinic. Dr. Battle was, I believe 80 years old then, now 84? but knew oodles of therapies and had begun as an M. D. from the prestigious Rice University. His continuing education was phenomenal. I did the peptide treatments had 3 shots spaced, in 2013 and began feeling changes almost immediately, especially I felt HOPE.

    2. Secondly, my husband of 52 years died suddenly in 2013 which = more chaos. it took until now for me to get back to this forum or any moderate functioning

    3. Yes, these treatments aren't covered by insurance, costs are out of pocket. But I think they are soooo worth the effort that - Mikie, can you contact me privately, I might want to fly to your Dr. for further treatment!

    God's speed to you all! RitaF
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    Hi, Rita,

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband. Grief at that level is so hard on us and usually makes our illnesses worse. I think stress is the worst thing for us; some stressors can no be avoided. I'll IM you with my doc's info.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie,
    I’ve read through the entire blog or forum... sorry I’m not sure exactly what you call it but can you please also message me on which doctor you’re currently getting injections from and also have you heard of anybody having success on these after being on long term steroids ?
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience on here it’s very comforting to see that other people care and I’ve been looking for something like this and it just seems to take forever to find anything on the Internet like this and so I really appreciate someone like you being so open and helpful .
    Please don’t give up .

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    Hello Mikie, I am new around here and only found my way after doing some research on peptide therapy. Can you by chance let me know your Dr.s info as I would like to look into this for my sjogrens symptoms. I appreciate your time and help with this. Cheers.