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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and hoping I'm writing in the correct place. i'm located in new york and I'm currently with a doctor who is providing peptide shots for my connective tissue disease. The problem is the price went up from 280 to 320 now 420.00 and i just cant afford them. does anyone know a doctor that provides peptides or where i can get them myself? After 3 years of IVF and one year of peptides i think i can manage injecting myself! Thanks
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    Hi mena - Jam is right, there are a lot of posts about peptide injections in the archives section. But mainly they are by one member who underwent a series of injections through her doctor. I don't know if you can buy the peptides yourself and inject them.

    You might want to look into something called Moducare - it's cheap, I just recently started taking it for my immune system which is out of whack and it's helping. The on-line reviews for Moducare are generally very favorable, and there are people with rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma posting that it's helped them a lot. Moducare has plant sterols and something called sterolins and supposedly this combination is what makes it so effective. I took a regular plant sterol product some years ago and it did nothing for me. The only caveat I've seen is that if you have multiple sclerosis, you're not supposed to take it without a doctor's approval.

    The anatabloc Jam writes about is also getting some good press re autoimmune illnesses, but it's somewhat pricey (although a lot cheaper than the peptide injections!)

    Good luck!

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    I don't know which peptide serum you were taking but, typically, after one year, the symptoms should be gone. Have you been taking them each month? After one year, all my symptoms of CFIDS/ME, FMS, arthritis and Sjogren's are gone. The one symptom which stayed on was exhaustion. I have since discovered that I am allergic to wheat. Since going gluten free, my energy is returning.

    Drs. Dakos and Gomeringer in Ft. Myers, FL do the injections for $300 a shot. You might want to get in touch with one of them. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone! i had no idea anyone answered me! ugh i'm so bad at this. ok so one of the employees at my dr's office made an error in cost so its still $320. thank god. The peptide I receive is SAM-HS it has worked for me but since i can't really afford it i can't keep up every 3 weeks i think if i was able to get it on time i would be better but i have improved a lot i couldn't stand on my own without my husband helping me.
    -Mary, I have tried Moducare awhile back probable 3 years ago but my levels were really high so i didn't feel much difference maybe i should try them again. I've also tried wobenzyme which also helped but got really expensive.
    I read another thread earlier today about Pleo Reb!! i want to know where they purchased it from. I need to lower this immune that sooo overactive its impossible to keep a pregnancy with this immune I've tried adult stem cell which didn't work and my fertility dr said there is some shot for my immune i think some kind of DNA from a healthy person i could be wrong about the DNA part but i have to take a trip to mexico for it.

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    I have been on the peptide shot since 2010 and it's false that after one year you should be "fine." My doctor, who is outside of Philly stated that now they are finding that some people need them long term, that 65% do fine, but 35% need them longer. I fall in that category.

    My shot is $295 and I am quite concerned because the price keeps being raised.
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    I believe I will fall into the same category as you. my immune keeps fighting back everything I try! It seems like these peptide keeps me stable.
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    Does anyone else's doctor want them to not talk about the shots with anyone? I had to sign an agreement 3 years ago. So, I recently went to an allergist because my immune system and allergies are so bad. I have really low IgA. Anyway, the allergist wants to know what these shots are. I asked my doc because they really don't know what they are made up of...and he gets mad. He is worried about the FDA. And the FDA is trying to make the shot and when it comes out, it will be about $2,000 a shot in which most insurances will not cover and I am on Medicare.

    Anyway, the shot is not a cure all. It has helped me. But, I am nowhere near as healthy as I once was, even with CFS. The longer the illness goes on, the worse I get.
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    The FDA has approved these shots. It isn't the FDA which is trying to make these injections; it's big pharma. The original shots were developed at Oxford University in Britain and its research lab. The formulae are proprietary because they want to keep the shots affordable. I also had to sign an agreement that I wouldn't try to find out the formulae but it doesn't keep me from being able to talk about them. I don't know enough about them to be able to disclose the formulae.

    I do know they work on receptors in the brain. The success of the injections depends on how many receptors one has in the brain. My doc says I must have a lot of them because the injections have been so successful for me. It's been 8 months since my last injections and I am still symptom free. I took the shots for a year.

    Unfortunately, even though the treatment is FDA approved, no ins. companies I know of will pay for them. It likely won't be until an American Pharma develops the shots that insurance will ante up and it will likely take a while until they are mainstream treatments. One Pharma is doing studies for a peptide injection for Lyme Disease. BTW, the FDA insists that they be called "amino acid solution injections."

    I wish everyone would have the results I have gotten from this treatment. They are like everything else--nothing works for everyone all the time.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey Mena I hope you will fine very soon and I will pray for you, You become a healthy lady soon and never ask for more shots' I don't know which peptide injection you need but I recently find Mass Production LLC. This is the best Peptides company. I hope it will helpful for you ...
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    How on earth do you know which peptides to order?

    Thank you, Kindly,

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    It isn't false that a year's worth of injections usually works on someone who has been sick a long time or is older. That's a rule of thumb. The success of the peptide injections depends on one's receptors in that person's brain. Some maladies, like RA, do not respond as well as do other immune and autoimmune conditions. The real peptide injections are not available through corporations. The come from England and only about 25 docs in the U.S. are knowledgeable enough to provide them. Yes, they can be mailed by the doc but only after an exam and the initial dose administered by that doc. Any other peptides offered are not the same as the series I received.

    Just getting any old peptides or amino acids won't work like the injections developed by Oxford. I suspect there may be some snake oil salespeople taking advantage of what has been so successful with the type of shots I received. Big Pharma is trying to develop their own versions. There was a clinical trial by one company for Lyme Disease but I haven't heard the results.

    There is more than a 90 percent success rate with the Oxford peptide injections with no known side effects. It becomes obvious with one or two shots whether they will be successful in the long run, the typical year.

    The shots from my doc now cost $325; they started out at $300 which just about covers the actual cost.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm not sure what diverticula have to do with peptide injections. Perhaps you could tell us more. Thanks.

    Love, Mikie