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    This is a follow up on what mikie brought up (peptide injections) on a thread about the spinal fluid differences between lyme and cfids/me.

    Mikie's post is within spacee's post below: (spacee's post)

    2/23/11 4:16 PM

    CFS and LYME Are REAL!!! CBS NEWS Wed. Nite

    I emailed Dr. Dakos and asked him if knew of any docs nearer to me. He responded with an email with 2 docs. One is in Los Angeles and the other is in Arlington, MA. Kind of ways for me as I live in Oregon.

    I thought perhaps someone here might follow up with the docs if interested and post here if they do.

    For what it is worth--

    Dr. Rothfeld
    108 Massachusetts Ave suite # 303
    Arlington, MA 0274-8440


    Dr. Gruenn
    2211 Cornith Ave suite 204
    Los Angeles , CA 90064


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  2. Mikie

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    I'm sorry he couldn't find someone closer. He did say only 25 docs in the US are using this procedure. He and Dr. Gomeringer are 2 of them. I would imagine these docs are clustered in only a few areas.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for posting this! I'm about an hour away from Los Angeles (depending on traffic!) so depending on cost etc. it would be feasible for me to see Dr. Gruenn.

    But will wait to see how Mikie does with the peptide protocol. I don't have the money for it, though I do have charge cards, if it was something that could make a significant difference in my health.

    That's too bad you're so far away. Where in Oregon do you live? I used to live in Central Point and then Talent, small towns near Medford and Ashland.

  4. quanked

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    That is great that your are so near one of the docs. I think I will call these 2 docs and see if they know of any other docs than the ones in Florida and go from there.

    I am east of Medford. I have lived in Ashland--so very different from Medford. And I had a very good friend who use to live in Talent but she passed a few years ago. I was in Ashland for a play a few weeks ago. If I am able to I go every year or so but sure wish I could go more often. Los Angeles is such different living than southern Oregon : )

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