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    I am a student studying 3D Design at the University of Hertfordshire. I am currently working on a project where I am designing a hair dryer for people with arthritis. If anyone can give me any feedback on personal problems which may help the design process that would be great. Im looking for information on size, weight, styling, comfort, material and anything that you find personally easier to use. Are they any limits on what you can use? Let me know!


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    I have some arthritis, and have/had relatives with arthritis so I can somewhat address this. My Mom always has trouble with her hands.

    It would probably be a help if a hair dryer could be hung from the bathroom door or the medicine cabinet door so a person with arthritis wouldn't have to hold it--it would need a longer cord so it could reach the bathroom door, so that it doesn't flop sideways and block the vents, and have an adjustment to accommodate the height of the user. This would be a start for ideas for you and would have been of considerable use to my Mom.