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    I was wondering if I could have a little insight into this from the ladies n the board; especially the age appropriate ones!! I will be 50 in April and I know menopause is just looming around the corner, waiting for me. In the week leading up to my period, I get depressed, migraines, teary and worst of all, everything hurts--and I mean everything! My joints, my muscles, my head, my neck aches, my shoulder kills, etc. I swear, even my hair hurts sometimes.

    I am also going through a very tough family crisis right now, and I am sure that is contributing as well as the hoirrible weather. My question is--how do you/did you cope with fibro during perimenopause? I am open to any and all ideas, and would encourage as many ladies as possible to post their coping techniques for all of us to learn from!

    Peace --Laura
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    What I want to suggest is seeing an OB/GYN, and getting a physical to rule out any problems (and there are so many things that can happen internally with females), and getting blood work for hormones as well as the blood work to determine where you stand with menopause. Yes, they can check your status for menopause with blood work. And female hormones can play a role with having problems prior to your periods--and if you are taking birth control pills, they may have to be adjusted and may be the entire problem. By the way, I went through menopause and didn't even know I had it and finished up with it--no pain, no mood swings, nothing except some light night sweats from time to time. So don't assume menopause will be the absolute worst.

    Also, something very important, is to discuss all family history involving breast cancer--that includes breast cancer of women and men. The maternal side of my family (my mother and my grandmother--mother's mother) had breast cancer. As a result, I am considered a high risk for breast cancer. So no doctor will permit me to take any estrogen or other types of hormones, including bio-identicals, naturals as that greatly increases the risk of breast cancer for me. Some women are not aware of this and it's important that you be aware.

    So I sincerely hope you will take this off an internet board where doctors can't examine you for potential tumors, cysts, or other problems, and instead go to an OB/GYN and explain it all and get a full exam and blood work and find out the results. I have a hysterectomy with one ovary left. But I continued to get OB/GYN check ups and mammograms because it is important. They thoroughly check your breasts and they still do an internal exam and look to be sure that you are okay internally. They usually do a rectal exam too. They don't perform a PAP smear on me, because with a hysterectomy, they took the cervix and the PAP smear is done from the cervix. But a PAP smear is very important for you as you still have your cervix.

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    and while I do appreciate a clinical answer, I have in fact covered all bases with my doctors--have had the necessary physicals and blood work and hormone testing and I have rejected bio-identical hormones as an option.

    I have an annual PAP smear, breast exam, hormone evaluations, rectal exam, general physical exam annual colonoscopy (as prescribed), family history evaluaton, etc. I do know how to take care of myself in that respect. I was looking for a different type of response I guess. I What I am looking for specifically is how women cope with the general aches and pains of fibro during perimenopause and menopause and if their symptoms are escalated during that time. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

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    You have really taken great care of yourself so that' so good. I do not have fibro, but I do have Lupus and both ailments share having some bad flares, pain in joints, etc. I was getting night sweats during my menopause and the doctor suggested Black Cohosh. But I am a migraineur and it actually gave me headaches that went into migraines.

    I then tried the Silk Soy Milk in cereal (plain generic Cheerios and then I drink the leftover Silk Soy Milk) and that seemed to help. I don't go hog wild to drink it heavily all day long. I also have hypothyroid too and although some people say no soy for thyroid, my doctor disagrees and has approved my using it.

    At least those are a couple of suggestions for you.
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    I suffer horrible PMS myself. Especially with the mood and irrititability levels. I feel
    teary, trembly and sometimes have palpitations. Any slight thing sets me off making me want
    to cry or shout my head off.

    Rafiki on this board suggested i take Magnesium and calcium for it, and it has helped tremendously. (When i remember to take it). I suffer chronic depression and cfs too so i forget
    a lot.

    I only take it when my periods is due or when Im having the symptoms.

    About aches i have a stiff sort of feeling and hurt when moving but i dont take anything
    for that.

    Recently my knee and my right side of body started paining and it went away when i drank
    green tea and rubbed lavendar essential oil on it as recommended by another friend here Windblade.

    Im 48.

    God Bless
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    The Women's Health.Gov site that is from the government puts out a newsletter I get and this month's just came out with info on perimenopause, menopause, treatments and natural treatments. Here's the safe link to that section:

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