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  1. jewels920

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    Any advice? Trying to have a really positive attitude about all this, while gently blotting the sweat off my face and the back of my neck with a paper towel.

    This morning while watching TV before work, I began sobbing. Then I found myself singing the jingle to "" through the tears...

    I have an OB/GYN appointment--in freakin OCTOBER! If you're not pregnant out to HERE, you can't get in to see an OB/GYN Doc in a reasonable amount of time. I feel like a second class patient because I never had kids and don't plan to.


    Blot. Blot. Blot.

  2. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I'm having those delightful symptoms too. I've heard that Black Cohosh is supposed to be good for menopause symptoms although I haven't tried it yet. I truly do go in flashes. Sometimes I'm not bothered at all and other times I feel like the oven is following me. Health food stores can recommend remedies. I believe Black Cohosh has even received grudging acceptance from many Ob\gyns.

    I'm sorry it takes so long to get into see yours. I'm in Houston and doctors of all kinds are a dime a dozen. I'm not too sure I want to start ERT after all I've read about it. I take enough junk as it is!

    And I'm ALWAYS humming that annoying 'freecreditreport'.com commercial *LOL*. Maybe there is something subliminal that they are planting in our brains!

  3. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    The REALLY annoying thing, for me, is my brain will repeat a dumb jingle or song when I have anxiety. Which is pretty much all the time these days.

    I've done searches and I've seen lists and lists of symptoms, with disclaimers that I might have all of them, some of them, or none of them because every woman experiences menopause differently.

    Hence the anxiety. I feel much better when I'm armed with information.

    As far as ERT goes, I shouldn't be experiencing menopause at all because I take low dose birth control pills. I take the generic pills because the brand name is $40 per month. Well, the generic switched manufacturers and since I've been taking the new generic pills, I have menopause symptoms.

    Plus, some of the menopause symptoms and the fibro symptoms kinda overlap. So half the time, I don't know what's what.

    So very frustrating.

    No reason to think anything's history of lumps, bumps or cysts anywhere. I'm obviously concerned with the quality control with the generic BC Pills, but it doesn't FEEL like anything's really WRONG and I might have been experiencing some mild menopausal symptoms before the generic switched manufacturers. Hard to tell with all the FM symptoms.

    I had menopause symptoms once in my late 30s for about 8 months. Then it stopped.

    The Dr. will probably have me stop taking the pill to see what my body wants to do.

  4. Missizzy

    Missizzy New Member

    Hi Jules--I too am at that special place in my life. Just when I think I'm half way there, I back track and do it all over again. Jeesh!! Black cohash does help as does Emerita Pro-gest cream (used as directed). I believe that there was a large study recently conducted which showed that these two were winners.

    I was so shocked when I had my first hot flashes. Everyone laughs about them, but they are truly awful and very disconcerting. I have to tell you that this is one of the few times that I've felt that my illness has worked in my favor. I'm stuck in bed most of the time in soft clothes with windows near me and a lovely fan supplied by my long suffering husband. Can you imagine if you were in a courtroom, or classroom, or boardroom and got these blasted things!! At least I can strip down anytime I want, rinse off and suck on ice chips.

    I read an interesting fact that helped me a good deal. When we have hot flashes, we commonly think that they last for minutes and take over our whole body. What I learned is that, they only last for 15-30 seconds and only affect our trunk. For some reason, that really helped me keep them in perspective. I still keep ice nearby!!!

    Try the Emerita and the black cohash and see if they work. The book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" is a great resource too. Know that you are not alone.


  5. spmom

    spmom New Member

    You might try a natropath instead of an gyn, and you'll probably get in quicker. My natropath did some female hormone testing which was able to pinpoint when certain levels were off and what I could do to help it.
    My thoughts are with you. spmom
  6. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    same thing
    worked quite well on a no. of symptoms
    has been studied
    takes about a month to work, need to get the standardized capsules
  7. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    Yes, it worked for me years ago when I had my hysterectomy.

    THe doctors said I was TOO young - to go through menopause-

    I went to the health food store and asked them.That is where I learned of black cohash. I would NEVER do HRT as it causes cancer. ( funny how the doctors dont mention that part)

    The sweating-it was January 1996 and we had a mother of all snow storms turning into a state of emergency.

    I lived way back in the country on a back road. The snow
    was up to 5 foot hight and still falling.
    I was sweating my ---off and got so irritated that I went out in the snow buck naked. and boy did that feel good.

    Being short no one could have seen me anyway !And at that point I didnt care.

  8. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member


    I am 33 and am going through menopause. I can't have hormones b/c they make me voilently ill. I have been using Evening Primrose Oil for about a year. I may have 1-2 hot flashes a week now. I don't know why it works only that it does.

  9. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    Thank you so much.

    The last hot flash was in a Boardroom, with a room full of men...but while I'm not shouting it from the rooftops, I'm not going to be embarrassed, either. Most of these guys were old enough to know what was going on. May not be smart enough, heh heh, but old enough.

    OK, some iced coffee from under the lid just spilled on my brand new blouse and I just about threw the cup across the room!!!!!!

    Stop me before I kill again...

    Gawds I'm irritable.

    Logging off to cool off. Back in a bit. ::sigh::

  10. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member


    I've purchased some black cohash. Going to try the Chasteberry and the other things, too.

    I was about 33 when I had symptoms of menopause. Went on for about 8 months, then stopped. Now, at 43, it's starting again.

    Lots of emotional issues are coming up too. Old stuff. I'm doing my best to just look at it, then let it go. Something tells me this journey--I need to pack light.

    Some of my favorite people in the world are late 40s, early and late 50s. They inspire me to be better with every change that happens.

    Thanks so much for your support. Means the world to me. And keeps me from throwing things.

  11. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Oh Gawd, can I ever relate!

    I've had chills and fevers with my ME for years, so the hot flashes are just sort of blending in, LOL. Plus, like Missizzy, I'm in bed a lot.

    It's the mood swings that are getting to me! I am easily irritated, finding myself depressed at times, and elated at others. What the ----???

    At least it's good to know we're not alone. I'm just royally ticked off that I have to deal with yet another thing on top of a chronic illness!

    Grrr... here I go again.

    I'm trying to avoid adding anything else besides mayve EFAs. I have more energy than I used to due to taking Vitamin D, so I'm hoping I can add a bit of exercise. That's supposed to help as well. The trick is to figure out what kind of exercise will help with what feels like constant pre-monstrous syndrome and not cause a flare of my ME symtoms.

    Oh, life is fun.
  12. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    here also. picked up a package of 'Estroven' the other day, the one with 'energy' and by gosh it is helping. also extra Dong Quoi for hot flashes. Young Living also makes some good topical creams.......

    miss you.......
  13. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    it is entirely possible to go thru stress menopause, I did in 1993 when my grandmother died and it was awful. that time I tried 'Rejuvex! for the mature woman" and seriously, the first day I felt like I'd gotten my life back. the Estroven is helping me now. I agree, how the heck to tell what is causing what symptom when they overlap so much? what a mess.

    irony: I first went to dr in 2004 because I thought THAT was perimenopause. Suzanne Sommers book had just come out and it all (mostly) fit my symptoms. they did compounded hormones which really did nothing for me, so more testing and here we are, 4 dx later......and NOW I am getting the real hormonal deal :p
  14. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    '....other times I feel like the oven is following me.' ROFLMAO!! I know that feeling!!

    I've been in peri-menopause since I turned 40 (7 years now) and my Dr says it can easily last another 8 years. Yikes!

    I spent my whole life freezing to death - to the point where I wore gloves to work in the summer and two sets of clothes in the winter (while inside). This March I walked to work one morning wearing a tank top (I live in New England and the temp was maybe 45 - people bundled in parkas were staring).

    In addition to always being hot and crying at Hallmark commercials or news stories about puppies, I also get a monthly case of severe acne (never had it as a teen). And I won't even get into my lovely every 3 week menstrual cycle!
  15. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I'm so there with all of you. I believe this is what's making my dds much worse too. Black Cohash didn't do a thing for me, let me know if it works for you if you try it.

    I have fans on remote control pointing at my beds and I take those battery run necklace fans with me when I go out and i rarely go out. have one of those "cold pillows" that you fill with water on top of my regular pillow and I always have 2 cold wet washcloths nearby, yes, it takes 2! One to cool off as I use the other. I drape them around my neck and sleep with them under my head every night, even in the winter or I can't sleep.

    I was laughing so hard at your singing and crying simultaneously jewels. I can totally relate!

    fun fun/...not!

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  16. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    hmmmm...hafta check that out.

    Miss you too, k!
  17. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    I received some wonderful advice from an herbal expert on one of the AOL message boards years ago...and I think it's good.

    Just because it's a plant, doesn't mean it's not a medicine. And I'm already taking quite a few medicines.

    I'm going to google to see if I can find a site that shows which herbs can be taken with what.

    Though I do think most herbs are friendly when mixed with other herbs and/or medicines.

    The most FANTASTIC book I've found: The New Menopausal Years by Susun Weed. (that's how she spells her name--not a typo!) Even has a section on fibromyalgia and menopause. She was doing research on a condition that she named "The Hurts All Over Disease" DECADES before anybody had a name for it (FMS).

    love and hugs.

  18. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    I have been feeling sooo awful.....having back to back pms cycles, just this past month ( after partial hysterectomy in 2002, still have ovaries) so no bleeding just breast pain and extreme mood swings. I had 5 days where I felt like crying all day and last week I smashed a bag of doritos after my son laughed at me into so many crumbs you could've made cornbread. It was scaary!!! I haven't changed meds, I have an appt in 2 weeks with gyn doc I need some help fast!!! Has anyone been on low dose HRT and does it help moods. I have it bad...
  19. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I have tried all of the otc remedies to no avail and was loosing alot of sleep. My dr. just put me on a sprinkling of compounded hormones and they stop the hot flashes and night sweats immediately. She doesn't want me on them for very long and will wean me slowly off of them. It also immediately made my bladder feel stronger also. P
  20. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    just some info on what i'v been thru & what worked for me. I had been having some bad night sweats & hot flashes on & off for about 5 years, i tried someting called natrol am & pm, it did help some.March5th i had a total hysterectomy, and OMG it was horrible!! the worst sweats & hot flashes ever, the natrol am & pm didnt touch it, it was that bad.. I didnt want to go on Premarin, so i asked to be sent to a compounding Pharmacy, they did some tersting & found out how bad i was deficient then compounded Bio Identical hormones for me.Night sweats GONE thank god! and hot flashes every so often, but nothing like they were!!
    a few other things i've noticed on the Bio Identicals, my skin is better!! my Hands were really starting to look old and i was wrinkling. Also a lot of weight gain about the same time the perimenopause started.i really think the way i was feeling i would have been in full blown menopause early. Suzanne Summers has a great Book Called"Ageless" that really explaines in depth Bio Identicals. I am 43 and plan on staying on the Bio Identicals for years to come, it just makes sense to put back our hormones the way they were when we felt our best. i still have some Blue days, but not the Mood swinging from one extreme to another, believe me my husband has noticed the more serene me,lol.

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