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  1. matcat

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    I wanting to know if when you have a period do you also have a flare. I can tell when mine is coming because of the body pain and fatigue. My periods are so painful and heavy then you add the fibro stuff and sometimes it can be unbearable. Its like my body is attacking itself. Thanks for your support.

  2. wle

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    ..........about it, but you are sooooooo right. I am always so much more achy right before my period and for the first couple of days. WLE
  3. jka

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    hey laurie-
    i use to beable to tell when my period was coming because i would go into a rheumy told me that it wasn't unusal for women to have this happen.i know i would hurt for a week before and then as soon as my period would stop-the pain would back off.
    hope this helps.
  4. IgotYou

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    I definitely have noticed the same thing, and it seems each month it's getting worse. If your stomach is OK (mine's not) here's a trick that really works (my doctor told me about it): 2-3 days before your period, take 3 ibuprofin at a time, 3 times a day, and continue this through the first 2-3 days of your period. It reduces the pain, but it also reduces the bleeding TREMENDOUSLY. I used to do this every month, but can't anymore because of acid reflux.
  5. Chelz

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    Laurie, That time of the month is the WORST for my FMS, you are not alone. I find that ALL my symptoms flare up pretty bad with my period.

    I did find some relief that I'll share with you. I cut out ALL caffeine, I have one cup of decaf in the morning and I sweeten it with Stevia, a natural sweetner. I used to drink about 3 cups of regular coffe a day and put in about 3 teaspoons of sugar in each cup, bad habit. With no caffeine, I don't get that horrible breast pain like I used to. I also cut out ALL carbonated beverages, they are just plain bad for you especially with all the sugar. I take magnesium and malic acid three times a day, plus 100 mg of the B vitamins. Drink LOTS of water, and try MILD exercise like walking.

    This is what worked for me, it's NOT EASY to do, I know, but if you tackle one thing at a time, you might notice some difference. PMS used to bother me 14 days out of every month, that's half my life, LOL, now it bothers me for about 5 days before my period which is a good improvement, also, your flare ups with the FMS, should get a little better. Hope it helps. Hugs, Chelz.
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    Extremely painful cramps run in my family in the first place. Quite a few women in my family were at some point or another put on pretty harsh narcotic pain meds to help the pain. The doctors have actually all told each and every one of us that our cramps are best compared to labor pains. If only the world at large could understand how horrible menstrual cramps can be and give work leave. Can you believe it wasn't too long ago when doctors were convinced and convinced the rest of the world that cramps were all in our imaginations?!

    But to the point...yes I do tend to have awful flares when my period comes. Usually I feel it coming two days before my period and it lasts sometimes only a few days, sometimes for 2 weeks. It almost feels as though I have my actual period for that long even though it lasts only 5 days or so. It's as though my uterus has decided to hang out with the fibro and have a big party, leaving me with all the damage. If that makes sense to anybody. All I know is that for that first day of my period I pray to every god that I can think of for the pain to stop and cry in a way that makes my fiance near tears himself. ugh.
  7. tandy

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    flared around the time of my period!! 11 yrs now.
    My Dr. just says..."huh?" with that dumber than dumb look on her face!! maybe just another symptom thats all in our heads!! I'm sorry for the pessimistic attitude....its just that so far any dr. i've been in contact with relating my Fibro....has been unbelieving and quite clueless!!
  8. Chelz

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    Hi Tandy. Your post cracked me up because my doctor gave me that same "HUH" look too when I told him that my FMS flares really BAD around my period. He looked at me like I was from Mars, geeeeeez, these doctors are clueless. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, but I think a lot of the doctors I went to for this FMS, spent too much time throwing spit balls in med school. Okay, just kidding, I couldn't resist. Hugs, Chelz.
  9. DragonBall

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    i also get the cravings for salt,and take herbal water tabs cos my stomach swells and the period pains shoot down my already bad leg.doctors dont listen just try to pump me with more tabs.THEY DONT WORK!!!!!!!
  10. stillfighting

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    I've always felt worse around the time of my period, even before I had other symptoms of FM. When I was a teenager, I would cramp so badly that it would make me pass out. Now I know to take ibuprofen at the first sign of PMS--works like a charm. However, I still don't get much relief from the FM flare.
  11. tandy

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    You made my day!!!If I can make ONE person laugh or smile, than my day is worth being awake for!! I'm sorry you have to deal with the stupidity of drs too.
    They'll understand when its themselves with CF or FM or a loved one~ For me...the last 10 yrs have felt like 30yrs!!this DD is tough to play out each day~ How we all do it is beyond me???????????? hope your day is going well. :)
  12. annetteg1969

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    I can't believe someone else has the same exact trouble as me.I have Fibromylgia and that time of the month is the worst for me I can barely function,You are not alone!!!Hang in there!annetteg
  13. Danett

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    Mostly it escalates when I ovulate. I can tell when I ovulate because I get a sharp pain for a day where my ovaries are.

    My only good days are my first 2-3 days of my period the rest vary in degree of pain, but there are always symptoms.

    Don't most of us have PMDD? I just assumed.
  14. Spoonerpaws

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    I am like a zombie the day b4 and 1st day of my period. Can barely get myself out of bed the fatigue is SO bad. So there must be a hormone connection there
  15. debbiem31

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    Oh yeah. My symptoms are so much worse the week before and all during my period. Major pain...

    I'm going to post a seperate article that I read about menstrual cycles and chronic illnesses. It covers alot of things, including FM.

  16. dimarc

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    My week before my period has gotten really bad...the week of my period has gotten worse (and heavier)...the week after my peroid, I feel so weak from my period...Gee...that leaves me one good week in there (if I'm lucky) Ain't it grand being a woman????
    Oh, by the way...I find the only thing that helps somewhat is Premsym PMS (I think that's the correct spelling) My poor husband has literally asked clerks if they have it in the back, because they are out of it on the shelves. His last comment to the clerk was "NO, you don't understand...I AM NOT GOING HOME WITHOUT THIS STUFF!!" LOL...LOL...LOL!!
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  17. wildzootv

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    I am glad I wasn't alone. Yes, it gets bad a week before and during. Sometimes when I ovulate too. Boy it stinks rotten eggs!!!!!!!!