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    Can I have permanently damaged my body ? (muscles, tendons etc. We had some new carpet layed and there is no-one but my husband and I to do the work of moving the furniture out of the room. We have an antique iron bed with a frame in one piece that weighs a ton!! I have never hurt so in my life and have muscle spasms and really lose control of my legs and arms. AS I have posted I am 75yrs. old and surely feel every year of it right now. neck feels out of place. All in all I am a painful mess and hope I will regain as much as I had.What do you think? Have I really over-done this time? Hope to hear from you with your thoughts.Thanks! Clueless
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    .......and there is plenty of research to show......that when those of us with these illnesses continue to "push & crash", that eventually more damage is done. I know this is particularly true with CFS. Read Cheney's stuff on this site.

    And with FMS, especially when accompanied by MPS, overworking muscles and connective tissues (tendons, ligaments) only creates more MPS trigger points, and more cascade of symptoms.

    That is just one of the many Catch-22's of these DD's. Somtimes there are simply things that we have to do by ourselves, if there is nobody to help.....and then suffer the short-term AND the permanent consequences. (Even with your Hubby's help........moving that furniture was too much for you, and you are paying for it now.)

    Sometimes there are ways to alter HOW we do something to make it take less of a toll on us. But it can often be a toss-up if the alterations in performing tasks (whether physical or mental) are better, or worth the effort.

    For me, a perfect example is filling, loading and carrying in my water bottles. I only get out about every 10 days or so, so I must get lots of water each time. I have 4 bottles that hold 3 gallons each, and 2 bottles that hold 2&1/2 gallons each, and then two 1-gallon bottles.

    It nearly kills me to get them filled, into the trunk, then out of the trunk and up 4 steps into my house, and lined up on the floor along the wall. I very seldom get all of them in the house on the first day. If I do....I pay for it for several days with major pain in shoulders, neck, hips, knees and lower back.

    So, most of the time, I chose one bottle, or maybe two, to bring in when I first get home with the water. I make the choice of which bottle(s) to bring in depending on how "low" on water I am in the house, and/or how much energy I have left by the time I get home from the trip. Then, as days go by, I go out to get one of the bottles out of the trunk when I am nearly out.

    Of course, it is also very difficult for me to lift even the 2&1/2 gal. bottles to pour into my dispensers on my counter and in my fridge. I can't count the times I have spilled water all over the place cause I am too weak to lift and pour.

    I have considered going to nothing but 1-gal. bottles but I don't know if I have room in the trunk to carry 19 one-gallon bottles of water.

    Another example is flipping my mattress!!!!!! Have you seen the funny commercials for the mattresses that don't have to be flipped....where the little lady gets trapped under her mattress? That's me!!! So, it doesn't get done as often as it needs to be done, which should be pretty often, since it is not the "best" quality mattress.

    Also, when I know I have to do something that I am "gonna pay for", I take extra pain meds beforehand, and then take warm or hot soaking baths and more pain meds before bed, and use extra "pain rubs" I use capsaicin rubs, and they are really a huge help, especially in combination with the extra meds and the warm bath.

    But the capsaicin really takes some getting used to when you first start using it. I can give you more specific advice (more like cautions) about using this kind of ointment, if you have never used it, and are interested.

    Sorry so long..........just long-winded me. But just my way to tell you I know where you are coming from, and tryint to offer some helps as well as empathy.

    Hope you are feeling better in short order! Also hope you don't have any "chemical sensitivities" from your new carpet!

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    There are times when all of us HAVE to do something we probably shouldn't. I doubt if you've done permanent damage, but right now is the time to take care of yourself. A long soak using the hydrogen peroxide and espsom salts that everyone talks about. You also might want to visit a chiropractor and/or massage therapist.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.