Permanent Disability and FMS and GBS

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    I have had FMS for the last 10 years and developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a second neurolgical, nerve-related illness) in early summer, landing me paralyzed and in ICU and rehab for 2 months, continuing my rehab at home.

    I have easily qualified for temporary disabilty from June until January, when the doctor seems to think I am able to return to work (teaching kindergarten - ha!) My recovery from GBS has plateaued and the illness has exacerbated FMS.

    Other than still having numbess and mild paralysis in the mornings, among other issues, I definitely struggle with a complete lack of endurance, extreme fatigue and worsening push > crash. (and the doctor thinks I can return to work.)

    I seem to recall that there was Disabilty Insurance or perhaps a disability attorney where patients with Fibro were more likely to get disability going thru this company.

    What's the name of that company and can someone link me to a conversation here about it. I couldn't find it on the Disability boards.

    Does it start with A?

    thanks, Lisa
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    want to join disinissues.
    The link below may help you get there.
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    But I just wanted to comment because I suffer from Guillain Barre Syndrome back in 2005 and a few months later I began to get the symptoms of CFS/ME & Fibro. It is rare to hear from someone else who has had it given that it is such a rare syndrome to suffer from. I hope you continue to improve from it. I have been there.

    PS: To get hand function and coordination back, I played video games haha.
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    That is the company that I am going through. They rock. Let me know if you need any more info.

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