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    The book I am reading "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren has daily chapters. It takes forty days to read the book. VERY short chapters and extremely interesting. Some of you responded to my post about the book. Maybe to help me stay motivated in reading it, I can POST daily what the chapter was about the night before. It gives you insight at the end and prayer.

    I thought this would be a nice idea...eveyrone hear could get the point of the chapter. Ill keep it short and sweet and Id LOVE to share with everyone...and again, it will halp ME stay motivated to complete the book.

    Its ok if you dont think its a good idea. I dont want to step on toes.
    Input would be awesome THANKS SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS!!!!!
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    You certainly would not be 'stepping' on my toes, if you want to share. And if it helps you stay motivated, then we all have recieved a blessing. Thank you. God Bless, blessings
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    Your idea is a good one. Many of us don't have what it takes to read chapters at a time. I think it would be a wonderful blessing to have someone sum it up for us.

    I read Daily Word from The Silent Unity Organization. That's about all the reading I can do in a day. But puts me on the right path.

    I CHALLENGE you to complete the book and share your interpretation with us.

    Great idea! (my toes are intact)
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    Challenge accepted.

    Ill start with Chapter one tomorrow even though Im on Chapter four. Then Ill catch up. Ill keep it breif enough but not too much to cut the whole idea behind the chapter. Ill also include the three things at the end....they are 'POINTS TO PONDER", "VERSE TO REMEMBER" and "QUESTION TO CONSIDER".

    The end really makes you focus on what you have read and learned so I think its a good idea to include them.

    Thanks again! I NEED motivation in my also makes me feel like I am doing something positive.
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    Your idea sounds great to me ! !

    Many Blessings to you, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    but it seems God gave us a brain to reason with and Jesus spent a lot of time discussing scripture with people at the temple. This might be a good way to get some discussions going and understandings and all. In other words, I'm for it. Jo Ellen