Pernicious anemia testing...Claudine?

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    I read one of your posts regarding your inability to absorb B12 and I know this can lead to percinious (sp?) anemia.
    Could you tell me how you were tested to discover this malabsorption problem? Was it a simple blood test or something more complex?
    Thanks so much for your time
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    It can be a series of elimination tests. There is a substance (IF Factor?? can't think of it at the moment) in your stomach that has to bond with the B12 in order for it to be absorbed. They can test you for this substance (blood test), but there is about a 50/50 false negative for this test, so it's not always conclusive.

    There are multiple disorders that can cause B12 deficiency. It is common in vegitarians, and people who have had stomach surgery. Chrohns (sp?) disease can cause it also. My B12 level last fall was 100 (normal is 130-800). After 2 weeks of daily shots, 2 months of weekly shots, and now it's monthly, my last test showed 145. My Dr. said it should be much higher by now so she wants to do more testing.

    My blood test for the malabsorption came back negative, so she is looking at chrohns disease now (I also have IBS, GERD, Hiyatle (sp) hernia..and who knows what eles)


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    ...that alcoholism is also a major cause of Pernicious Anemia (P.A.).
    Also, there is a strong genetic tendency that runs in the Celtic bloodlines. One in 1,000 people of Celtic extraction end up getting P.A.
    My mother had P.A., and I was tested by several blood tests and a one week stool collection test.