peroxide and epsom salts

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    I tried to look it up, but couldn't. Can someone remind me the amounts of each. I don't have a printer and I can't find the amount that I wrote down. Thanks cb
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    Dear Cbella,

    I usually buy the largest container of epsom salts .Its like a half gallon looks like a milk container and a large bottle of peroxide. I usually use at least half of the epsom and the whole bottle of peroxide. My pain is so severe that its a temporary way to ease the pain. It also takes the toxins out of your body with the peroxide and the epsom has magnesium which is supposed to be a natural muscle relaxant.

    I just took one tonight but it didn't help my pain is thru the roof but it usually does make a difference. Good luck. Feel better!

    Deanna :)
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    Thank you...I took one last night and i think it helped a little bit today.......hope you feel better.......cb