Peroxide bath?

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    I saw a post about taking a bath in epson salt & peroxide. I understand the epson but not the peroxide. BTW anyone having trouble posting. it took me so long to get in that I almost forgot what I wanted to ask, lol
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    I'm gonna tell you what I think is correct.
    I only use the epsom salt in my baths but.....I think those that are on the antibiotic treatment for CF/FM,they use it to open the pores so that toxins can be released.Toxins from the dieoff of mycoplasma or other~
    Thats what I was told years ago anyway.Hope I'm right!!??
    When I was trying the longterm antibiotic treatment...I tried the baths before.Sounds strange thou does'nt it??Oh the things we do to try to get well~
    Best regards,
  3. Shirl

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    I have been laughed at with this one, but I tried it anyway, and it sure does help.

    I was first told to do this by a doctor, then I found a book on Peroxide, here is what the book says;

    'The hydrogen peroxide which you find at your drug store counter is 3% concentration and is fine for external use, but contains preservatives and stabilizers which shoud NOT be ingested orally. Thus you can use this to add to your bath water(from one pint to one quart, depending on your need or desire) but should NOT attempt to drink it. And while we are on this subject, I would like to encourage you to try a bath in this oxygen-rich substance. It invigorates. It relieves pain. It stimulates your mind. It reduces stiffness and soreness like no other treatment. We give all our patients a whirlpool bath with the equivalent of one gallon of 3% in it every other day. Some might like to do this early in the day because it can be very invigorating and you won't want to go to bed right afterward.

    Taken from the book: 02, 02, 02, Oxygen' by; 'Kurt W. Donsbach D.C,,Ph.D.

    The difference that I do is mix three cups of Epson Salts with the peroxide, in water as warm as I can stand, which causes a weakness, so I go to bed afterwards for at least a half hour.

    I hope this helps, I know according to exact science, this does not work, but it works for me!

    I have been using this bath now for close to 20 years, and it never failed to help when I am in a flare, or just tired and need a little help. Its not a cure, but it is temporary relief.

    If you have sore muscles from over work or exercise, it will help you feel good the next day.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I must say it makes some sense. I have Fibro, RA, osteo and may other problems and had a wonderful 10 jet tub in my last home. I had to sell it to come back to take care of my mother. I miss the tub more than any other thing I owned! I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the info.