peroxide in bath???????

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  1. lolee

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    Ok, I've heard about epson salts to help relax, and I 've been seeing quite a few references about adding peroxide also to help pull out toxins . . .
    How does this work? Or is it one of those that works so just trust experience? (which is cool with me! smile!)

    Just would like to hear from you all tha use this.


  2. renae1979

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    It has been recommended on here time and time again!! I'm not sure what it does exactly or how it does it. I can't really do the peroxide/Epsom salt baths though because, while they help relax my muscles a great deal, they make me feel light headed, itchy and kind of ill.
  3. lolee

    lolee New Member

    I can't wait to hear from everyone regarding what that might be about!

    Thanks for the heads up,

  4. lolee

    lolee New Member

    I shall take the plunge and give it a go!!! I have both on hand too for other stuff.

    I think I'll do a search and see what I find.


  5. achyinarkansas

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    Hmmm...think I'll give it a try. Will stop by the store later and pick it up, then give it a try tonight.
  6. fairydust39

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    Yes I use them too but not as much epsom salts or peroxide as they call for ! I put about 2 cups of epsom salts and 1 bottle of peroxide, a full tub of hot water and stay in for at lest 1/2 hour or more.That works for me.The peroxide is absorbed into pores and oxygenate's the body. It helps me.
  7. Bunchy

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    Where can you get the epsom salts and peroxide and cheaply :)??

    Love Bunchy x
  8. 1sweetie

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    Baths have been a big factor for me for pain relief and relaxation. I've bought lots of minerals,dead sea salts,bath bombs and of course Epsom salt. My massage therapist had asked if I used peroxide. She said a lot of her clients were using it. I didn't get any details so this is great. Epsom salt and peroxide are much cheaper than what I've paid for in the past. It will be great to save money and feel good also!
  9. Shannonsparkles

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    From what I read, there are also herbs you can put in the bath to help detoxing. Lemon juice in a bath will help too. Pluses to using herbs? The great & relaxing smell, and the awesome variety!

    When it comes to my baths, I play it on instinct. I've put mashed strawberries in there, orange juice, molasses (the most relaxing thing I have ever used), ground cloves, baking soda, cranberry juice, oat bran, mint tea, cinnamon, and my all-time favorite, ground ginger. Lastnight on a hunch, I added some spirulina and a capsule of magnesium.

    Not only will putting things in your bathwater help pull out toxins, but your skin will absorb nutrients from it. Just like when you apply a testosterone creme to your skin, your skin can soak up helpful things in the bath. That's why I think that molasses in the bath has such an instantly relaxing effect - all those yummy minerals rushing right where they're needed!

    The permeability of our skin while in a bath is a good reason to opt for natural care products wherever you can. All the dyes and fragrances and chemical additives in your every-day shampoo ARE getting into you when you put it on your scalp. That's why I say to my brother, "If you wouldn't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin."

    There are a viriety of natural shampoos you can make at home cheaply. is a good recipe reference for some of these. I did quite a lot of experimenting with this when I first learned about it. Once I made a shampoo of cooked oatmeal, ginger, molasses and cinnamon, a whole big bowl of it so I could use it all over my body. It felt so good going on! And after I stood up and showered the whole mess off me, I smelled like gingerbread for a week, no kidding! :D About that time I also made up a recipe for a woderful facial scrub: mix 2 tsp baking soda with one tsp vegetable glycerine and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Makes your skin so soft you won't believe it!

    So ladies, go with your guts on this one to have some real fun! Your kitchen is full of ways to make bathtime a great and detoxing getaway. :)
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  10. brendahayes47

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    Hi everybody,lemon juice is suppose to burn fat,so what if you put that in the bath water and it absorbs into the skin do you think it would burn fat that way too? Well I'm going to try it,you never no and it suppose to lighten age spots too. I'll have to stay in the bath all day and everyday.ha I'll try anything if it works.