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    Maybe you already know this, but to find a LLMD in the US, close to you, even though you are in Canada, go to on flash discussion...then click on "seeking a doctor". Register all your information for free. Then post a message on the "seeking a Dr" board something like this..."Need a pediatric LLMD in the US, close to Ontario, Canada"...only insert your location.

    Or, if your daughter is at least 18 yrs old, leave out the "pediatric". Maybe you said in your original post how old she is, but I can't remember. I think there are only about 13-14 pediatric LLMD's in the US...mostly on the east coast.

    someone will send you a private message with info.

    Good luck!
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    I want to thank you most sincerely Nanie for your help; I have not responded sooner as I have been run off my feet, and my daughter has been really sick; couldn't get to the computer for a second. I will do as you say.

    I got the name of one Dr. maureen McShane in upper N.Y state; the doctor at FFc who saw my daughter said he did not think she could do the anitbiotics as she is too frail, so he suggested the herbals, going very slowly and perhaps doing rife.

    I am finding all this so daunting, after doing the CFS protocols for so many years.

    Any suggestions from anyone most welcome; the most precious thing we own in life is health and time, so I thank you for your time. Cheers. And all the best!!
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    You are very welcome. I am sorry that you are being run ragged. Not only can you find LLMD's through, but they have other boards....Medical Questions, Activism, etc that are very active.

    It is a wonderful place to go to post questions and read others' posts. You get a fast response and many more responses.

    It's too bad that more people with CFS or FM are not aware to consider lyme as a cause of their illness.....since it doesn't matter what name you give the illness, it is what CAUSED it that matters and can lead to recovery.

    I had a FM diagnosis for 21 years before researching lyme on my own and insisting on Igenex testing and then contacting a LLMD with my results that I knew were significant, but the Dr said was "negative".

    I wish you and your daughter well!