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    My body is not my own any more. I have a spot on my vagianl wall that looks as if it were split and it is raw and sore. I don't know what to do for it? I know that I am at an agi when the female body changes,But I am worried that this could be something serious. And yes it is embarassing to put this in the board.

    I don't know if this has to do with my having CMP and having female issues as well. So has any one heard of this?

    I have a spot that sticks together and has a spot in a crack that is like it has ripped or has a scar on it. I have a spot that is by the vagianl lips and close to the fold in my body.

    I don't know what it is? And I am a bit scared as I don't have a gynocologist at this time.
    I know taht this is not the place to discuss this intame question but I have no where else to go.

    s this something that I sould worry about? I asked this before and I can't find that answers that I got. So I really need to get the same answers to that I can tell my doctor about what I think this may be.

    Some one wrote about a disease that causes the skin to grow over some parts of the vagianl wall . There was a name of something that sounded like labial secerosis? Or something like that.

    Sorry about the personal questions but I still wonder if what I have could be at fault for this situation.
    And I really am embarassed by asking this perosal questions.

    I Hope that this is not out of line as I don't want to embarass anyone or make any one uncomfortable with this question.
    Sorry about the personal questions , but with having so many chronic pain issues I just wonder if some thing like my cmp could be the cause of this problem.
    Thanks Embarassesd by my own question.
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    a bartholomew cyst.. or barrets cyst or something like that... i cannt remember the name good, but i also had one. and it hurt tho...
    or maybe its a fissure, maybe a tear in the wall that has become infected?
    i dont know? i am trying to think. maybe there is something on a web site for women vaginal issues.
    i wish i could have been more help.
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    You really need to go to your physician for an examination.

    I wouldn't worry telling your physician about what you think it might be -- just let him/her worry about the diagnosis.

    Once your physician has examined you he/she may resolve the problem in the office or refer you to an gynecologist.

    It could be a number of things.

    Someone (sorry I forgot the name) suggested a Bartholin's cyst as a possibility -- it could be but you really need to make an appointment with your physician.

    I would suggest you get this taken care and do not let it go too long because you do not want an infection to set in -- when it can be avoided simply by seeing you physician.

    Feel better,

    Karen :)
  4. mollystwin

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    I have a condition called lichen scherosis that is located between my inner an outer labia. You can google this for more info. Mine looks whitish and the skin is very thin like cigarette paper. Before treatment the skin would itch crack and be very sore. It is common to get this after menopause, but I am in perimenopause.

    My inner labia and outer labia are also somewhat grown together. About 2/3 of my inner labia has dissapeared. This kind of freaked me out at first, but it's really not a big deal to me anymore.

    The treatment is very easy and simple. I just had to rub a cortisone cream everyday for a month, then every other day for a month and now twice a week for the rest of my life. And the situation is much improved.

    From you discription, this could be what you have. A gynecolostist can diagnose this. My family practioner diagnosed mine. She has another patient with it so she was familiar.

    Good luck to you!!
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    I can't tell you what it is but I have eczema and I sometimes get spots like you are discribing.They hurt....I always just thought it was from the eczema..another skin irritation. Don't get them often but when I do they usually go away in less than a week if I just keep them very clean and as dry as possible. Sometimes I even use my hair dryer to dry them well after a shower. Good luck....Mick
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    PLEASE get to your doctor ASAP .This may be something as simple as ingrown hairs or it could be a cyst or even something more serious .But check these things out they are in areas that need to be checked .Its part of life do not be embarrassed .

    Let us know what you find out but do go as soon as you can to ease your nerves and also talk to your doctor about your chronic pain better safe then sorry.
  7. marsupialmama

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    ... you need to get thee to a doctor and get it checked out. Keep it as clean and dry as poss in the meantime.

    Hope it's nothing serious and that you can get the right treatment and recover from it quickly.