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    I have to get personal with this one..... Does anyone have problems with pain during intercourse? I also get itching and burnig 'down there' for weeks at at time i go to the doc and they run all kinds of tests yeast infecions bacterial vaginosis and such a few times it was those two problems but usually they find nothing. It is ruining my sex life and how do I know when to go to docs?? I have this problem at least once a mont please help need to know if i am crazy.
  2. ive had this problems for many years.and ive been told its because im not relaxing enough,and so my muscles (internal thingies) arent relaxing as well.
    so this is what i do.i have a nice shower before i go to the bedroom.i always use soap for sensitive skin,so as not to agrevate the delicate ladies regions.haha
    i apply a little ky jelly (lubricant) to my lady region because its a known fact that fibromyalgia sufferers have very dry skin,are pretty dehydrated inside too,so we need a little extra help.then its a case of making sure your man doesnt rush you,and try to relax more.i could say more but i think you get the picture.dont rush this..enjoy.. and eventually you will find that you arent getting so painful in the future.its all about relaxing not rushing the act.

    im blushing as i type but nevermind haha

    all the best
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    Ladies, the problems you all are describing sounds like vulvodynia. Probably related to fibro in some form or fashion. I was recently diagnosed with it six months ago, so can sympathize with all of you.

    I did find some relief with using the Ambrotose product. I recently started with a new naturopathic doc, she put me on this Kidney-N-Bladder supplement. I don't know if you can get this exact supplement as it comes from an Amish person who grows their own herbs here in Ohio, but the ingredients are Tree peony root, horsetail, ashwagandha root, valerian root, boneset, mimosa bark, epazote herb, hyssop herb, meliot herb, and blackberry leaf.

    Supposedly no cure for vulvodynia, but this particular herb combination seems to have abated the symptoms for now. Don't know what will happen when I'm not on it anymore, but just thought I'd pass the info along as the symptoms of vulvodynia are quite aggravating.

    Also, did find a little relief by airing out pads before wearing them. Evidently there is some type of gas that emanates from the pads and can aggravate the area. So I just remove the plastic liner and lay them out for a day or so before using them.

    Hope this info may help,

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    i found this, and the burning after is terrible.

    would never go to dr though.:( far to much of a wimp!
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    Do you have any burning pain in the bladder area. Take your clean finger and insert it in the vagina about half way up, and press on the upper part (toward the front of your body). Thats where the bladder lies.

    If you press and then feel pain, burning, itchy sensations, you could have interstitial cystitis and I would see a urologist.

    It can cause many sensations of pain that feel like they are in the vagina, but are actually in the bladder.

    If you can't seem to tell, the next time you have an examination, ask the doctor to press on the bladder with their finger. If you feel discomfort, its most likely IC.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hsave to take a one off antibiotic if we have "fun". I don't like to take it, plus one puts off havinf "fun" worried about pain. I just heard there is a new gel that stops this and I have appt with gyne next week so I will report back. DH keeps asking, "When is that appt?" Bless him
    Love Anne
  7. vulvodynia to me. Type the word in google and you will be suprised to find alot of info. Unfortunately it is part of Fibro. I suffered for yrs. going from dr. to dr. and back then no one knew what it was. A dr. recommended something that you can get behind the pharmacy counter and it helps and is inexpensive. Acid mantle cream, it helps the acidity of the skin and returns the delicate skin back to normal. Use it alot during the day, after washing, urination. Use very sparingly as you don't need much. Good luck!

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