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  1. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    I know its personal but I have to

    When I go to the bathroom. Most of the time when I clean myself.

    I go into spasms in my rib cages. From the stretching motion I guess. Does anyone else?

    Embarrassing to tell my doctor lol

    I get spasms for anything I do but this sux the worse.

  2. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    I saw yoga in bed on TV. thought I would try it.

    I went immedently into spasms lol

    After one stretch. guess I need to slow down. Sorry just being funny.

    I feel it is such a pain to have spasms. I get them all over all the time.

    In the middle of a sleep to. In my calves. And I don't dare stretch in the mornings lol

    I will tell the doctor and see, I just don't need more meds I think. I am drugged enough.

    AmbienCR 12.5
    miripex 125 (4 a night)
    Tramadol 3 times a day
    neuronyin twice a day

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  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I'm from Chester, VA. The only thing I know about in Powhatan, is the Second Chance Animal Shelter that we support when we can.

    I get the muscle cramps/spasms when I am trying to back the truck up and I turn around. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.

    I don't know a solution to it though.

  4. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    I have this same thing. I also did not say anything to my

    doctor. I then went to the emergency room about a month ago

    with chest pain again. They had me turn on my side all the

    sudden and the spasm happened. I was almost screaming. The

    nurse was like that is not what you are in here for though,

    but you should have it checked out with your doctor. I went

    to the doctor and he said that it could be my Gall Bladder

    or possibly because I take water pills that it is because I

    am too low on potassium.

    Hope you feel better. I know how much those hurt. I am in

    the bathroom at work sometimes and I want to scream out

    because I am having one, and tell them to 911, but I don't

    because I could just see having to have the ambulance

    personal come in the restroom with me on the toilet.

    How embarrassing that would be.

  5. renney25

    renney25 New Member

    I get a spasm just under my ribcage quite frequently. I have some herniated discs in my lower back in addition to the fibro.

    I get spasms in my back, too. So, I'm not sure how much of that is disc- or fibro-related.

    I'm sure I've been no help at all:)

    BTW, I take a regulare course of muscle relaxers and they seem to help.
  6. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    ilovecats94 hi there in Chester, that is where my family live. Unless you are someone related to me hmmmmmm ROFL

    I feel it is the FM causing the spasms and will speak to my doc on my next app. I get them all over. if I move in any stretching way.

    I even get them when changing gears on our 4 wheeler. (uses my foot) I will get them in my legs from doing this
    ( rolling eyes)

    So much to tell my doctor..maybe we should do lunch...rofl
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