personal problem ladys only has anyone had this happen?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. carebelle

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    I swear My bra size has gone up again. I am not putting on weight just getting larger in my top. I am 53 years old doesn't this stop? I am still leaking in my breast but the Doctors tell me to just watch it. Well, I'm watching it go up another size and another cup size . Does anyone else have this problem?????
    I feel like my hormones are so bad that this has to stop. The doctor will do a breast reduction but I'm kinda scared of that because of the leakage I have. Is there a way to reduce your breast size ? I'm in the triple cup size It kills my back and I'm starting to walk leaning towards my toes. HELP any ideas ? I think this makes me tired to. Not an easy load to carry.
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    I don't know if your doctor is good with hormones but you might look for a specialist.
    get a second opionion.
  3. charlenef

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    my bra size went up about 2 years ago although my breasts dont leak. i think mine was from massive doses of steriods from when i lost my hearing 72mg a day.about 6 month later they grew. charlene
  4. NyroFan

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    Although I never had that problem (yet), I hope you can get some resolution with it.

    I would be concerned, too.

    You are right: it is not an easy load to carry.

    I wish so much that you and the doctors can get to the bottom of it.

    I bet it is upsetting. That is the last thing you need.

    Wishing you the best, as always,

  5. suzetal

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    I went from a 34A to a 38c in one year.It has now stopped.

    My doctor told me it could be one of my medications that caused it.

    I don't leak though.I did gain 20 lbs but that also stopped.

    The leaking would concern me also if I had that I would push for some test and an answer.

  6. carebelle

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    I forget not everyone reads all my post. I started out over a year ago and had a breast biopsy it came back ok.Then about a month after I started bleeding from my right breast nipple .I have had lots of test nothing shows and the Doctor's have just been watching it for changes.The bleeding stopped but now it just leeks a clear liquid .This still bothers me but I have been to several doctors who find nothing wrong.

    I'm not sure if this is why I'm getting bigger in my breast or not. All the doctors just say watch it and I get a mammogram every 3 months.Its about time for that again so I will ask if thats why I am getting larger.
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    I don't want to alarm you, your post wasn't clear, but if it is just one of your breasts that is enlarging please go to this website. I posted it in another thread but I'll repeat it here.


    The video is very good but if you can't download it read the transcript.

  8. carebelle

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    Thank you about the web site .I have been checked by several different Military Doctors from two different Hospitals. They can not find the Problem .

    I guess its time to start back and try to find another ansewer .I've told them I'm affraid of cancer because my Dad died 2 years ago with it.The Doctors told us then that the kind he had runs in familys.

    I do not have any of the other symtoms fore IBC except my breast are getting larger.

    Thank you again this could also help others reading our post.
  9. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    I'm so happy you don't really have the symptoms for IBC but good luck in finding out the what the problem is.

  10. kimkane

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    I have had leakage from mine also. I was so scared.

    This was after they removed my uterus. They did not take my ovaries. I went to the Dr that did my surgery. He told me to have my hubby suck on them more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you belive that?

    OMG I was so upset. I sued him, big time.

    Then I found a Breast Dr. He took some milk right away. He looked under the microscope to see if there was any pus or blood. There was none. He then did a byopsy, it came back clean.

    I didn't want to worry my mother so I never told her about all this. But after they told me I was ok, I did tell my mother.

    She told me that my grandmother had milk up to the age of 70. She was a wet nurse for one of the hospitals here.
    I could of fell off my chair. I called my Dr and he told me.." It can run in the family".

    So maybe someone in your family has had this happen?
    But mine was milk. From what you say your's is not.

    Just a thought for you to check out.

    Good luck, Kim
  11. misskoji

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    In 2002 I had a breast reduction. I was about a size DDD/E. After waking up from surgery, I was a full C. I'm now back up to a full D and still growing. It's very taxing on your back and neck! Sometimes you even get bone break down from bra straps. I think it's well worth you looking into. Let me know if you need any advice on it, I've been through it!
  12. darvick

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    I have one breast that does this. Many mamograms etc, I have fibrocystic breast and there is a small cyst in my milk gland. Doc said not to worry unless it bleeds or turns black. Just to watch it. I am not a large cup size but have noticed after 40 they have increased. 43 now just hope they dont sag to my knees lol. Hope this helps.

    Big Hugs
  13. Mini4Me

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    But I did go down one bra and cup size recently (I'm 56). Seems that the only time I went up was when I was pregnant or nursing. My load is not much to carry, and it still kills my upper back! I feel for you! Hope you can get some answers from your doc. Are you on HRT?
  14. ckball

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    I am glad you have had your leaking issue addressed and are getting regular mammograms now and the bleeding has stopped.

    As far as enlarging, I was a B cup and went up to a DD after going on Prempro after my cancer. The chemo put me in menopause at 40.

    You may be having a hormonal issue. Do you have a gyno that has run tests for your hormone levels.

    My mom had EEE's and had the same back problems and only wore the stiff cotton bras, like sno-cones.

    You have been threw so much already, I am sorry you have other things like this too. We get one thing fixed then someelse breaks.

    This may be pricey but there are places that do bra fittings. With the right fit it will put less pressure on your shoulders and back. Just a thought- Carla
  15. carebelle

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    Thank you for your post. I have a good bra .That's something I found when I was Dx with FM . It's well worth paying for .We have enough pains.

    This isn't something I had expected after age 53 . I guess I will check with the OBGYN doctors. I have had lots of hormonal problems ,you may be right it could be related.
    Thanks again.