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    My church says you can't just know who God is, you have to have a personal relationship with Him. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 12 years old but over the years I would wander away, then come back, then wander away, you get the picture. For the last seven months I've been faithfully going to church regularly, reading His Word daily (for hours at a time), praying morning, night and several times throughout the day, watching only religious programs and listening to religious radio. My problem? I have so much doubt.... I think maybe God knocked too many times and now he's denying me. I don't know that if God raptured His Church today He'd take me Home. I am terribly depressed and I feel that no one likes me, or that I don't fit in anywhere or with anyone.... but God should love me, shouldn't He? Why can't I feel it? Why can't I have that personal relationship? Is it my depression causing my doubt? I believe that God is my Lord and Savior and that He gave His Son Jesus so that we would be forgiven of our sins. I know that I have to have faith....but the doubts keep popping into my head. Can some one give me some insight to my problem?
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    Hi Snooky, welcome. Have you heard of the Alpha program? My Husband and I attended this program last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that we have volunteered to be Moderators this year. This is a wonderful program that started in England and has been spreading all over the world. It is designed to bring you closer into a personal relationship with God by sharing with others. The way it works is there are weekly meetings that begin with a meal shared with the other members of the course. Then there is a session where you sing praises and view a video of Nicky Gumbel, who is a minister in the Anglican Church in England, who speaks for 30 minutes on obtaining this personal relayionship with stories, humor and Scripture. Then the group splits up into smaller groups and discusses the lesson for the evening. This is a very personal, engaging and caring time. I recommend it to everyone. Look in your local paper under religion and you should be able to find churches who ar offering this course. Ours is free but I don't know if other churches around the country charge. Try it, it will help you find the answer to your question and many more that you may have.
    God bless,

    p.s. You can find many books by Nicky Gumbel everywhere, try your favorite Christian book store, they should carry some. He's a great read.
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    Of course God loves you, He sent his only son to die for us to be saved. your are his wwonderful child. DO you have any children of your own? If so can you imagine them ever doing any thing so wrong that when they came to you for forgiveness you would not still love them. That is the way God loves us.

    He knew we were only flesh and bones and could not make it own our own. So he sent his only Begotten son to die for our sins.
    Before you read the Bible do you pray that God will be with you and help you to understand and to help it not only reach your mind but your heart.I find this helps.
    I also have deep depression and i know we have a harder time just giving it all to God and putting it in his hands.
    I say i do then i still try to handle it and worry about it, and i think God looks at me and says"my silly child i offered to take it from you but iF you want to keep trying by your self i will sadly watch you, and when you are through give it me and i will take it."

    i pray for you and you can e-mail me at
    God Bless you Kathyre
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    Here's the deal, Snooky: The devil is a liar and he spends all his time trying to convince us that God doesn't care, we're not saved, God is ignoring us, and on and on. We have an "in" for Satan and that's our depression. The devil uses our already confused brain to plant more doubt, worry, name it he does's his full time job.

    The Word of God says the devil is LIKE a roaring lion. He is not a roaring lion but only like one. He is a fake and the greater one is in us (Jesus).

    Before you read the bible pray that the Holy Ghost will reveal the particular things that will help you for the day. Then bind the enemy in the name of Jesus. When you use the name of Jesus the devil must is written. The devil has power but not authority and the name of Jesus has authority so to use the name of Jesus will bind the devil and he will run.

    The closer you get to the Lord the more the devil will mess with you. We are witnesses on this board and all the evil demons know it but just remember that you are a saved child of God. Your name is written in the book of life and will be there forever. God has forgotten all your sins and you are a new creature in Him. Those negative thoughts come from the evil one. When they enter your mind start praising Jesus out loud. Put on some Christian music and start to shout that you're saved and going to heaven. And remember, there will be no such thing as depression in heaven!!!!!

    You are in my prayers, God bless you.

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    i want to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful words of encouragement. I will check into the Alpha program, it sounds like just what I need. I feel like I have found some new friends here and for some one like me who is shy about meeting new people...this is great. God led me here for a reason and I feel better already. Thanks