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    This is my first post.I was diagnosed with FM/CFS after going through a battery of conventional and unconventional medical tests at the age of 27.I had every test one could think of.Tubes,scopes,hospitalizations and numerous blood work revealed nothing but severe candida and CFS/FM.In synopsis my physical symptoms ranged from tingling,numbness and pain in legs,feet and hands.Dizzyness,light headedness.Severe digestive symptoms from acid reflux,IBS,colitis,and gas to the point I thought I was having a heart attack.Liver inflammation,weakness and fatigue to the point of losing a great career job,girlfriend,and had to move in with parents.I spent most time in bed for several years.From being a High School and College athlete to this was brutal.A living nightmare so many of you can relate to.Conventional meds worsened my condition and was of little help.They work for many but not for me.So in desperation I had to find a way to regain my health and vigor.I felt all alone.After lots of reasearch,faith,trial and error I have come across many things which allowed me to get completely well.Yes I am now a productive member of society,able to exercise and even eat a little junk food.For me it came down to my ph balance,nutrition and internal cleansing.I know this may sound far out to many but after years of suffering with no help,these things worked.Be careful though,die off reactions can be quite severe.I ended up in th ER with high heart rates of up to 140 to a rate of 50.Sweats,chills and most suprising very severe heart palpitations.I had all the tests which indicated my heart was fine.These subsided over time but initially the die off was extreme.I do not recommend being this aggressive.It layed me out flat for months.For energy,cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,flax seed oil and Olive leaf extract which does wonders for pain and energy.Soil based organisms eliminated over time all digestive problems.I can eat nails now(smiling)!Keeping my bowels clean through good nutrition and water intake keeps the poisons from being reabsorbed.My body when sick was loaded with candida and acid.I hurt all over.My muscles burned so bad.So in addition to the above things I also got on a good vit b-complex and multi vitamin.Green food powders worked best for me in fresh carrot and veggie juices.Eating low acid foods from the vegetable and fruit group and some grains with little dairy and meat works best for me.Dairy,meat and refined sugars seem to aggravate my condition big time.These are acid forming and do cause my tissues pain.I can eat white fish,turkey,tuna and chicken.As well as organic butter and eggs on occasion.I do drink goat milk too.Nasty for many but does good for me.Good nutrition can make all the difference in the world.We are what we eat.We all have trials with diet but good nutrition was one of the most important things that got me to where I am today.Not easy but it can be done.There are so many other things in which I did but in synopsis these are the primary things which keep me strong and my FM/CFS and candida under raps.It may seem extreme but as many can relate to doing this is much easier than being bed ridden in excruciating pain not able to live life as I was previously.For some great info on candida,ph balances and nutrition here are a and the candida wellness center which has a great deal of info on severe candida conditions.These were a life saver!!!!They give recommendations on nutrition and food.Very informative and valuable especially with CFS/FMS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish each and everyone of you the best.My heart goes out to you who are suffering greatly.I can totally relate and emphathize with all of you.Keep being tenacious and keep up the fight.Hang in there and take care.

    Best wishes,

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    I am 35 yrs old.And I suffered up until about a year ago.A very long process.Part of the process that lead to my illness was a high acid diet with too much dairy and meat as well as protein powders.I was an avid gym rat and believed that I needed a lot of protein.Big mistake.

    Well take care.

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    Hi Jaster, welcome, and thank you for sharing your success with us. Hopefully a lot of our young members will read, and take heed to what you have to say here.

    I also did not find any help with the medical profession.

    I eat just about how you described, down to the organic, fresh from the farm butter, eggs, and even a wonderful old fashioned cream cheese with for real cream, and the very best of olive oil. As for water, I did not drink any, but found out about 9 months ago about it, so I have been drinking half my body weight in ounces of water a day now, it has made a tremendous difference in how I feel! I eat very little red meat.

    I take malic acid, magnesium glycniate, ZMA (for sleep), a host of vitamins including a B-plus.

    I have bought, but not tried the Flax seed oil. I do use the Flax seeds in homemade bread. I also eat poppy seeds in muffins/bread.

    Thanks for your post, it was wonderful advice.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    What you've said makes a lot of sense. My dog has severe hip dysplasia, and none of the expensive veterinary treatments helped him enough, and we just couldn't manage the financial part of a hip replacement for him. Soooooo, I put him on a good, 'natural' dog food that does not have artificial additives and colors, and added aspirin and glucosamine to his diet. You'd never know by watching him run and play that he essentially has no left hip joint. He is 7 and a half years old, and the vet told us we'd have him 5 years at the most.

    My point here is that I've tried to apply this to my own diet. People at work are fascinated with my lunches of yogurt (made with 'clean' ingredients, and no high fructose corn syrup) and blueberries, topped with ginger granola and ground flax seeds. I still enjoy foods that are less than good for me, but overall, I try to keep my diet as clean as I can. Slowly, I make more changes as I can. I truly believe that "we are what we eat". And it sure can't hurt to feed this body of mine foods that nourish it rather than tax it and make it work harder. However, chocolate is still the queen of foods... as long as it is high quality chocolate! *smiles*
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    Thank you for your post. Very insperational! I just got back from my Chiropractor and he said "Judy, you are to young to be feeling this way!" duh!...anyway he also said dont you dare just lie down and take this diagnosis and not question the conventional doctors medicines. He said get involved, informed, get moving (litterly..going to buy a stationary bike to start with)and take control of this so called FMS that the doctors have labled you with. He does not like the protocol that they use to diagnose FMS and says that if we do not use our muscles we will loose them and yes, we will be sensative to pain. I am going to do like Jaster and take control. God bless us all.
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    I'm glad you shared your story with us.Where would one start to "clean up"their eating??Is their a book you've read or can recommend on nutrition? I've looked a little in the past at the good,healthy way of eating but as you know its gonna take MUCH willpower to give up all the things that are bad for our systems.ex:bread/gluten,red meat,dairy,sugar,chocolate,etc... My god- what will I eat??!!LOL its sorta overwhelming is'nt it?
    I'm glad you've gotten some relief.Please share more info.I'm at rock bottom here with gut issues and FM,bad disks,IBS need I say more. by the way...I'm 39 yrs old and have had chronic pain for 10 yrs. I want my life back!!even a piece~ thanks for your time,
    Warm regards,
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    Well I am glad you read this post and found some hope in it.Being at rock bottom was something I was quite familar with.Being literally bed ridden was pure agony.The healing process can be slow,especially in reagrds to how long our health has been suffering.At times it takes all the strength we can muster.The biggest test I personally had to go through.The first thing one can to to get started is to just do one thing to improve there health.Whether it be a dietary adjustment with food or getting on a natural supplement.Something that nurishes the body.And of course mind set is critical.I prayed and reached out to others in need.When we give of ourselves it is suprising how it returns and makes us feel.One thing at a time.Will power can be an issue.I will leave you with this.I was not perfect nor is anyone for that matter.Consistent winners do what losers in health will not.We may go up and down,but remember complete health is reachable.Where much is given much is required.Tough I know but we can do it.I did update some info on my personal story.There are a few websites worth looking into to get started.

    Best regards,

    Jaster 45
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    I just checked for the sites you've mentioned.(did'nt look at them yet...but will!) I have read the book "Back to Eden"!!Thats a very good book!!I also bought another book thats much the same,if you have'nt yet seen it.Its-FIT FOR LIFE a new Harvey Diamond.Thats a good book too~I have'nt even hit the middle of it yet but its worth a look at! Do you by chance take digestive enzymes?I started them a few months ago.I have also added a probiotic and a good multivitamin.So I am trying!! I just know I need to get off some bad foods that have a tite grip on me!(sugar,gluten...`suspects`) Thanks for getting back to me with the info you've supplied.Keep up the good work with getting your health back!!
    Warm regards,
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    Yesterday! I am replying in hopes that maybe others that missed it will see it.

    I more or less am going along the same lines as you. We now belong to a co op that does deal in organic food. is a little more expensive, but very worth it health wise in my opinion. We eat beef with no growth vaccines in them. Only fed grain the last month or two before they are butchered. I have my girls.(hens) that free range every day. And the goats. My diet is far from perfect..but I am trying.

    Each of us is different and foods affect us differently I think. For me, I limit my dairy and carbs and sugar. I recently went on a diet high in protein and fruits and veggies. I feel so much better and hope it is the diet I am on. Much less stomach troubles and more energy. (Of course, days like yesterday..I had NO energy!) BUT..if you have three or four good/productive days out of seven..hey..I will take that!

    Thanks so much for this thread..hope others gain something from it too!
    have a good day gill..sherry