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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sheri, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. sheri

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    I have been going through very emotional mood swings.I am very forgetful and short tempered.I get angry at the slightest thing and seem to have no patience pain is constant with migraines and chronic pain.Is there anybody else going through this?

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Most everyone here. Chronic illness changes us. Pain changes us more than anything else.

    Relieving our pain is the first step to having any kind of peace of mind. Then, therapy helps, but the pain must be relieved. That's why I always recommend pain specialists.

    Love, Mikie
  3. shazz

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    But I think in my case the sleep deprivation was even worse than the pain on my mood.
    My mood swings are terrible. I go from sad to mad very easily.
    I also have no patience, and God help the person who cuts me off in traffic.
    I think most of us deal with this, and I don't know what the answer is, but it seems that getting our pain under relief and getting some sleep seem to be the best things for us.

  4. donna13210

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    Check out the post from "spudzy" dated 7/31/03 about Fibromyalgia and Anger. You'll find out you are not alone!

    I think we just get so fed up with the pain and fatigue. It's hard to keep pushing to survive, day after day.

    I especially notice my lack of patience. I got a new job last year in customer service. Customers call in and start to tell me their problem or question and I already know what they're trying to say but they go on and on and on...... We're not supposed to interrupt them, but geez! I already know what your question is, would you just be quiet and let me answer you??

    Or they are calling to place an order, but when payment time comes they remember their credit card is outside in their car............ Or their husband has it and now we have to cancel the order it just took 12 minutes to place!!

    Geez, don't get me started! I DEFINITELY need to get out of customer service!

    Anyway, my point is: you are not alone in this. It's unfortunate, but many of us are in the same boat. Anger is not good for anyone, and sure won't help our healing, will it?

    Take care and hang in there

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Hi sheri,
    I think You"r Getting the Right answers Hear!!!
    If I Hadn't Got Some Type of [ain Releave, I problie wouldnt be hear!!!! lol, Not realy Funny I Know,,
    It"s Terrable to be in constant Pain,,, Getting that Under Controle is the first Step, It Took me 4 yr"s To Finnaily Get any Dam help,, this Dr. hat Dr... pill's pills Pill's ,Nothing Even Touched this Pain,,Finalliy {Spelling is Bad sorry} I Went in to see My Family Dr {Who sent Me to all thease wack O"S,{{{{{ She Couldn't Beleave How Bad I Looked Her Very Word's wear Oh My God Cindy,,,I Remember When!!!!! You did it all , Arobics Ect , I;ll Keep it Short
    She ut me on a low dose Of OXXI cotten, Well W/ time I'm up to 40mg"s in Morn & 40 At Night,, I Thank My Great Lord above!!!! And i was very Worried abought taking ,,, Any Heavy Drug, such as This "Well Let Me Just Say ,I have a life Back,,, water thearaphy , Medatation, All of it Has Changed , the way I see thing's My Anger Is Much Better,
    This is kind of Funny, But just resantly got put on the 40mg's , Well I'm Abought to become a Grandma Any day , I'm in Ohio,My Daugter & son-n-Law in N.y.
    Well I went up thier for 9 Day"s To help her get every thing ready , Took her Dog's for 2 Mile Walk"s Every day, Know Before I say this You Must Relise , I havent walked my Own Dog in 4 yr's Becuse of the pain, and all that go's w/ this DD, SOOOOO, I Said I Think I'm Finnialy In ReMission, I Cant Beleave All I can Do the last 2 mths !!! WELL
    Gess what I stayed longer then planed , Ran out of my Oxxi, 3 Day's before heading home!!And This is The Not So funny Part At ALL<<< By the 3,rd day my Daughter & son-n-Law
    had to run me hot bath"s , Was taking Anything I Had At This point,,,, I was Crying uncontrolable , Yelling at my 9 & 10 yr old's It was Owfull!!!!!
    I Hardly Made it home wear my husband "thank God Had got my Refill,,,, Nop!!!! No remission,,, But I will tell you this It Made Me Relise just how Frageal I still am,,
    So Sheri, Go to you'r Dr Get Pain Manegment!!!
    If They say no , To Helping you w/ whatever Meds you need ,Know This My Dr Told me , {By Law If she Dosent treat her pt's w/ enof pain controle, She can be Sued } Nevar New
    that so Inpower youself , Noone should live in {anger ,,
    and all the other things you listed }
    God Bless I'll say a prayer for you Right Now,,,
    Cindy G.
  6. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    I have a meltdown about 1x weekly. I can seem to manage the
    pain better than the fatigue. Once I reach that 'too tired' point I can cycle thru out of control crying to wanting to
    throw stuff for an hour or 2. Only benefit is that usually
    I can sleep like the dead for 3-4 hrs. after from pure exhaustion.
    My boyfriend knows when to leave me alone and is good with
    hugs when I am thru losing it. I feel so 'crazy' at these times.
    Hopefully you have someone in your life who understands.

  7. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    pain and sleep deprivation having a huge impact on our ability to control our emotions, I think our brain chemistry is screwed up. I could be wrong, just my own personal theory.
  8. ljcishoping

    ljcishoping New Member

    Anger I have so much of it and all other kinds of emotions going on with me.Getting people to understand how cronic pain and cronic fatigue works on you is its self enough to make you want to beat it in their head. See i am new at all this pain and tired allllllllllll the time and it makes me mad. But i am getting emotions undercontrol and i am doing better.I have not been mad for about two weeks, until yesterday, then had to vent. I still my full time job because I am not so bad yet that I am down. And yes when i first found out what was going on with me i was very mad. And forgeting things is bad. I was going to work one day and didnt know how to get there, went wrong way.....boy that was scary. Every moring i have to spen about 20 Mins. looking for cigs. in ash trays. dont remember putting them out! I know smoking is not good! But i could not stop right now!I love my husbaand but he still cant understand whats going on with me....and I have a hard time keeping up with house yard laundry work cooking ect......... and he does not help! Hope you have someone who understands! Well I hope you get emotions undercontrol it does make you deal with things better. God bless you and hangdin there I also need this boards support because i cant find it out in my world.

    Love Lisa
  9. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    Mood swings can be from PMS or perimenopause. Being hypothyroid or hyperthyroid can also cause mood swings. Hypothyroidism is one of the most undiagnosed diseases today.

    Marilyn :)
  10. LillieBea

    LillieBea New Member

    If youre a diet soda drinker it can also cause major crankiness. Doesnt effect everyone but it does me, and I know alot of people who cant drink the aspertame sweetened sodas without becoming really "fly off the handle for no reason" angry.
  11. Hinemoa

    Hinemoa New Member

    I was crying one minute, angry the next. I told my doctor in passing and he ordered a hormone (FSH I think, Follicle stimulating hormone) test and I tested so low that I was put on large amounts of premarin.

    I actually started at 3.75mgs and was told I could go even higher, both my internist and gynocologist agreed but others shake their heads. Its odd because they both admitted that that was the one part of my treatment that they agreed on.

    I have since lowered the dose to 2.5 mgs daily ( I have had a hysterectomy) and find that it keeps me fairly stable.

    Migraines have increased though.

    Mood swings are hell. I hope you can get help.