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  1. restauranthell

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    The farm I grew up on was next to an apple orchard that would spray pesticides. In my family, there has been bladder cancer in my dad, uncle and step brother. My two sisters and I have CFS/FM issues.
    I know there can be any number of genetic and/or environmental issues that can cause our issues. But...
    Does anyone have similar experiences?
    Are there tests that can be done to determine any of this?
  2. Leaknits

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    As to similar experiences, YES. When I was a lot younger I worked picking fruit crops.
    The pesticides were horrible, made me break out in rashes nothing could fix, I had dizziness and trouble breathing.

    As to tests that might nail the pesticides that you feel cause bladder cancer and CF/FMS, I don't know if such tests exist.

    Any lawyers or Real Drs in the house who can answer that?

  3. ironspine

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    As a farm wife and one with fibro, I am constantly barraged with pesticides, herbicides, etc. They even fly planes spraying over and around our house every year, since we're surrounded by corn fields. While I can't complain too much because it is our bread and butter, I do have strong issues with it. Plus, I've painted alot in our house over the years, and worked as a florist and was exposed to the chemicals we use in that field. I'm SURE it's had a big detrimental affect on me, but how exactly I don't know. I also have a rod in my spine that has caused pain all my life too, so which is causing what symptoms?
    I use lots of Comet too, spray Windex, ammonia, etc. to clean my house!!!!! I'm sure I'll die of overexposure to something eventually!
  4. marti_zavala

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    This is an issue for me. I have not had the proper testing to determine the extent.

    I believe one lab is call Acuman and include organophosphates in the test or any chemicals that could be block ATP production.

    Perhaps someone has had this testing but I will try to do research on this soon.

    I grew up in an agricultural area and was exposed and hospitalized as a child. My functional medicine doctor suggests that that was my downfall and all the rest just fell apart (as an adult).

  5. ironspine

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    What symptoms did you have as a child? And, if tested, what could a person do about chemicals if you are constantly surrounded by them?
    I've always wondered about this but was resigned to just dealing with it as it is. I'm interested to know more on this!
  6. marti_zavala

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    I was hospitalized mostly because they didn't know what I had. There were huge pancake size hives on my legs (because I was in the water with pesticides). They were hot to the touch and hurt so badly. I was about 8 so I was miserable.

    Pesticide exposure could manifest as several different issues. You could have allergies, you could have multiple chemical sensitivities.

    I would eat the cleanest diet I could, with the cleanest water I could. I would keep my windows closed and filter my air. There are air cleaners (expensive) that pull out Volatile Gases from the air.

    I would regularly do charcoal and magnesium as well as caffeine cleanse. Perhaps a Far infra red sauna to sweat out the toxins. There are many ways to help our detoxification system. And I would take lots of high quality antioxidants.

    Rich Van K recommended a book called the 7 Day Detox Miracle. While some issues are not valid for our population, he felt that there was enough in there to help us. I have not read it but I have read other detox books.

    Hope this helps,
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  7. restauranthell

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    I had a mysterious set of hives in third grade.
    They came from far and wide, took pictures and never figured it out.
    The puzzle after all these years is coming together.

  8. hi all,

    i grew up living near a experimental crop,and husbandry farm.they bred cattle and chickens,sheep.grew many crops too.

    we used to play in the corn fields.nothing was fenced off to stop the public entering these fields,and i believe things are still the same to this day,although i dont live in that village anymore.

    a number of years ago,like in 2002,i read that people had gone into a genetically modified crop field,at this farm,and smashed the crop,so it couldnt be eaten.many were arrested for the damage.

    and just a few weeks ago,in another part of the uk,people had gone and smashed up another GM food crop.

    the government is now crying that it only has 1 remaining GM crop field left,at a secret location.

    people im my town,including myself,are having major difficulties with breathing problems this year.

    on the news it said that this year would be the worst for anyone with hayfever.the worst its been in the past 10 years.

    im very angry that my health is suffering due to crop pesticides.

    but i read on the bbc site that the E.U,(europeon union) has told the uk that it expects the uk to stop using up to 80 pesticides,as it is against the E.U law,to now be using them....hooray says i.

    of course my country isnt happy at this news,but i am,and im sure thousands of other hayfever and chemical sensitive people are.

    why kill me,just to get a nice looking strawberry?

    im growing my own strawberries,pesticide free too.try it.

    love fran

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