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    I posted this info awhile ago but it hasn't appeared and I must get offline so I'm posting it again. If the other post shows up, so be it; it's important.

    Salmonella Risk Prompts Pet Food Recall

    Possible Contamination of Mars Petcare Products Could Pose Risk to People and Pets
    By Caroline Wilbert

    WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MDSept. 15, 2008 -- Mars Petcare is recalling pet food products manufactured at its Everson, Pa., facility because of a potential salmonella contamination. In addition to being dangerous for pets, the pet food could sicken people who handle the food.

    Children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable. If you think you may have been exposed, look for symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever.

    On rare occasions, salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. The FDA urges people with these symptoms who have come into contact with the pet products to contact a health care provider.

    Some animals may have similar symptoms, but others may have minimal or no symptoms. Whether or not they have signs, they could infect other animals and humans.

    Many pet food brands are produced at the plant, including several varieties of Pedigree and a number of flavors of Special Kitty Gourmet. A complete list of brands is posted on the FDA web site.

    Mars Petcare stopped production at the Everson facility July 29 after learning of a possible link between dry pet food produced at the plant and two isolated cases of people infected with salmonella. The company is now implementing a voluntary recall of all products produced at the facility between Feb. 18 and July 29; only the U.S. is affected.
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    Thought you might want to know the brand names this food is sold under. Please take note that one of them, Ol' Roy, is the major one from Wal-Mart.Pedigree is mistaken for a high quality food, it is also on the list.

    "The recall, according to media reports, has reached 31 states and various brands, which include items under the names Country Acres, Retriever, Doggy Bag, Members Mark, Natural, Ol' Roy, Special Kitty, Paws & Claws, Pedigree, Wegman's, Pet Pride, PMI Nutrition and Red Flannel."

    Of course you already know my opinion of these grocery store foods. Sorry, I don't do cats so I don't know what is available for them but Flint River does have a cat food and I have to think it would be as good as the dog food.

    I recommend Blue Buffalo, Canadae or Flint River Ranch (I feed FRR only. Tried Canadae but my golden doesn't like it! Who ever heard of a golden who found something they WOULDN'T eat!!). These foods are much more expensive but are made with human grade ingredients with very little filler. FRR is delivered to my house at no extra charge. I feed considerable less, half a cup twice a day for my golden, so that helps defray some of the cost.

    Hug your fuzzy kids!

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    I feed my kittens the Wellness "Core", no fillers or corn. That's all they eat besides the occasional tuna when I open it and salmon. They love the oils from the cans.

    It is expensive, $21 for 5 pounds, but I feel if that's all they eat in a month, that is not bad.

    My dog, who is about 16 ate the Wellness Senior. It has to be bought at specialty stores. There is also a website.
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    It doesn't sound like the brands I give my cat, though. Thank God. I give her Friskies, Purina, and Dad's brands.

    It is really upsetting, though. The last time we had a pet food scare, I did have some of the bad stuff and threw it all out.

    My cat is like ten years old and she can't afford to get sick. She's already got arthritis and she's missing some jumps when she tries to get up on things.
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    Here is the FDA website so check it out and you can get all the names of the brands:
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    A great dane, we have fed him only Canadae, it is more expensive, but i feel good about giving him something good for him.

    He loves it, and i have never had a dog with such a beautiful shinny coat before.

    I was using special kitty canned food as a treat for my cats. But since learning how bad most pet foods really are, i switched to canadae for them too, and now buy cans of salmon to give them as a snack.
    They love it and one big can last about 4 days.

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