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    My little 15 year old Yorkie is constantly itching himself and biting his paws tilll they bleed.

    He also suffers from very dry skin. He has a heart problem and the itching seems worse since he went on heart tablets. He has got steroid injections but I dont like him getting these as they will affect h is organs

    I feed him only on lamb and rice. I feel so sorry for him. I have given him Piriton antihistimones a quarter a day and they havent helped. The trouble is is I rub oil into his paws he licks it off.

    Appreciate help as I am at my wits end. Even though he is 15 he is well able to go for a walk and he does have arthritis in his paws. I just havent the heart to have him put to sleep yet as he is fine otherwise.

    Mary .
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    This is a recipe I actually got just this morning! It is a soothing anti-itch stuff that is chemical free!

    You will need: witch hazel, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, and a 4-ounce spritzer bottle. Fill the spritzer bottle about half and half with the witch hazel and aloe vera gel. Add about 15 drops of tea tree oil. If you want to make it smell even better, add a few drops of lavendar. Shake it up. It will have the consistency of a thin lotion Apply the lotion daily or as needed, and gently massage into the affected areas. Discontinue use if the problem worsens, and be sure to consult your veterinarian.

    My golden has allergies and I give him Benedryl when they get bad. He also gets two (4 mg each) chlor-tabs twice a day.

    Mary, you didn't mention what brand of lamb and rice you are feeding him. Some of the store brands still contain additives that he might be reacting too. Consider trying something like Flint River Ranch or someone knew of another brand that was human grade food and I can't remember what it was! Even the ones from the vet can have additives that cause problems.

    Until you can try something like the lotion or different food I would check with the vet about Benedryl. It will at least give him temp relief. Make sure it is ok with his other problems and check on dosage with the vet.

    Hope that helps!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
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    Maybe you can find a vet who specializes in dermatology. Also, has your dog been checked for diabetes?

    If you do a websearch under Google - "paw biting" there are quite a few sites where you might find more info.

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    Give little Teddy a hug from me. Hope both you and the dog find some relief.
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    Mary My shih tsu's have horrible allergies and has taken steriods for almost all of his 13 yrs. I was at the local pet store that has DOG INTELLIGENCE as its name. They have a breed specific food by a maker in Canada that WAS NOT part of the recall.
    I bought a small bag of it for my guys. Amazing results almost immediately. I have quite giving the steriods all together now.

    It is really. really expensive though. I always said it didn't matter the cost if it helped them. But right now, cost does matter so I am trying it with a 3 to 1 mix of another name brand that is pretty good. They have been on it about a week. The whole bed vibrates when they get in because of the scratching. Guess I can't try to cheap way out.

    I hope you can find something to help your baby. I'm going to try the other remedy that was suggested too.

    good luck

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    Your poor little Yorkie! I have a new baby yorkie and I just love him to death. His pic is in my profile.

    I hope he finds some relief from this very soon!
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    I don't know which is cuter - the dog or the granddaughter? I'd take both of them if you are giving them away!

    They are so cute!!

  8. mollystwin

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    They are both very loveable and adorable and keep me young. But they sure do wear me out!!