Peter White trying to dismiss significance of Chia research

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    Given Bill Reeves close relationship with Peter White (UK psychiatrist), some people in the US may find this of interest.

    (May be reposted)

    > Worldwide Conferences on CFS Professor
    > Peter White, one of the PACE trial principal investigators, recently attended and gave presentations at two international conferences in USA and Japan.
    > HHV6 in Baltimore, USA
    > This conference was on the relationship between viruses in general, and human Herpes virus type 6 (HHV6) in particular, and CFS, in Baltimore in June. There were two presentations that were particularly important.
    > One was the first report of an RCT of the antiviral drug, valganciclovir (Valcyte), and the other reported findings of Coxsackie virus in the stomachs of patients with CFS. Dr Jose Montoya presented data from 20 patients given six months of valganciclovir compared to 10 patients given placebo.
    > Patients met CDC criteria for CFS, but also had to have "elevated" antibody titres against either Epstein- Barr virus or HHV6 – which may simply mean that they had had these infections at some time in their past.
    > There was no significant difference in the primary outcome of the total Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI) score either three months after treatment or immediately after treatment. The MFI is a 20 item self-rated inventory measuring five aspects of fatigue. Proportions of patients improving by greater than 10% from baseline, in one or two MFI sub-scale scores, were statistically significantly different at different times, particularly self-rated cognitive ability. Dr Montoya explained that these analyses were preliminary.
    > Dr John Chia reported his interesting case control study finding Coxsackie viral RNA in the stomachs of the large majority of patients with CFS, collected over many years. The laboratory work looked convincing, but many patients had significant gastro-intestinal symptoms and even signs, casting some doubt on the diagnoses of CFS being the correct or sole diagnosis in these patients.

    I think this is rubbish.

    I'm appending comments made on the draft NICE guidelines to show that this fits in with his other views. He is trying to say CFS is fatigue rather than CFS being a name for a syndrome (which happens to end up with fatigue in its title).

    (v) Bowel symptoms and CFS/ME:

    Draft text: Prescribing of gut anti-spasmodics (such as mebeverine,
    alverine, and peppermint oil) should be considered for adults and
    children with bowel symptoms, such as cramp or bloating.

    SH St Bartholomew's Hospital Chronic Fatigue Services
    85 FULL 229
    "..gut anti-spasmodics.." are not
    treatments of CFS/ME since bowel
    symptoms are not part of CFS/ME. You
    should make it explicit that this
    treatment might be indicated for the
    treatment of IBS, if present comorbidly.
    Alternatively, and perhaps more wisely,
    you could suggest that IBS, if present,
    should be treated in the light of the best
    available evidence, and refer readers to
    appropriate guidance, which may or
    may not include considering
    antispasmodics as the treatment of
    choice for "bloating", although we would
    doubt it. You do mention IBS on page
    233, line 12.

    We have revised this
    recommendation and referred to the
    NICE IBS guideline – currently in
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    of course he is....are you surprised? the sermon at my church tonight was about forgiveness and white, wessley, and reeves (and the CDC) certainly came to mind! I am still not feeling so ready to forgive them.....maybe if they were to get CFS for a little while.....(I know that is so not a Christian attitude, but I really struggle to find any way not to hate them for what they are doing to us)
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    I'm trying to understand the post, my mind is foggy right now, today was a long day and tomorrow will be even more since it's my last of my 6 babies birthday, he will be 8 I am not looking forward to him growing up.
    anyways I read your post, but I am a bit confused, see I was told by two doctors one who said I may have IBS that was before I went to my gastro doctor who ruled in IBD, and that having it was part of Fibro/ is it or is it not part of the Fibro?

    I am off to bed a bit tired now, take care,
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    It is very commonly a part of FM and/or CFS....Peter White is one of the evil bunch who wants to say that CFS is only being tired, (and is really a psych illness) and so anything that falls into the physical realm (and/or is a symptom other than fatigue) he will try to say it is not part of CFS.....He's one of the UK guys (who also consulted to the CDC) and who says that CBT and GET are the only "treatments" for the illness (psych theory).
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    I understand now, thank you =)
    I know eye for an eye is bad, but people like just can't help thinking wouldn't it be great if he had gotten what we all have, just so he understand first hand what we all go through day to day, just thinking it makes me feel bad =(
    okay now I will surely be off to bed, good night
    I will check the forums again tomorrow night, take care

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    it would be better if they did mandatory spinal taps for everyone with the disease.

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