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    I went to meet with a new doctor about the peptides and I wanted opinions from those of you that have tried them. He suggested starting with the one that targets gut inflamation to try to restore the gut mucosa. Where him and I differ, is I feel to go in first with the one that targets the infections, which I believe is what's causing the inflammation. He feels you need to restore the mucosa first, in order for the other peptide to be effective. I am normal on sed rate and no signs of autoimmune markers. My ID doc told me, when Inflammation is caused by an infection, it will not show up as autoimmune. These things are way way expensive and I have tried a few before. But I feel this docs approach is much more on target. I just do not have the money to waste, I really need opinions as which one is the way to go. I feel the one that targets infections is the starting point, he feels the one that builds up the mucosa so others will then work better. THank you very much for your help and opinions. I have not been on here in ages, I hope everyone is doing as good as possible.
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    And they were completely successful. My year of the injections ended in Nov. and, so far, the effects are still with me. Some people who are older, or have been sick a long time, need to return after the year for occasional "booster" injections.

    I have CFIDS/ME, FMS, arthritis, hypothyroidism, and Sjogren's Syndrome. The shots have completely stopped the symptoms of all these conditions. The only problem I was left with was fatigue. I just found out I'm allergic to wheat and have eliminated it from my diet and I'm now feeling better.

    The injection I got was a "broad spectrum" serum for immune and auto-immune illnesses. I feel very fortunate that the injections worked so well for me. I understand that the researchers at Oxford University are working on sera which are delivered directly to the brain, where the healing/correction takes place. I don't know what the delivery system will be. I'd imagine it will be a nasal spray.

    I never use the "cure" word. This treatment is more of a correction in the brain of the sick person to enable the proper proteins to be made in the body. A lot of the success of the treatment depends on the number of receptors one has. Since my first injection lasted the full two weeks, the doc surmised that I have an abundance of receptors.

    You Tube has some excellent videos on how the proteins in our bodies can change shape in order to perform different tasks. Until I watched several of them, I never understood how the peptide injections work.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. I've had some of the peptide injections when I was first diagnosed in the fall of 2010, but I didn't realize there were different types till I discovered this site in July of last year and read some of Mikie's posts. So, unfortunately, I can't say what type I had... I just know that they had to be shipped from a lab in France.

    I do think it helped a little for a time, but I didn't get a full course of treatment as Mikie did... The doctor is 3 hours away from me...and after my first couple of visits, his office would mail me the injections so I wouldn't have to travel the 6 hour round trip (it was very physically draining for me)...

    However, because I had to call them to remind them to send them to me monthly, I would sometimes forget and also forgot that I was suppose to get off of my digestive enzymes 2 days before the injection and the day after...

    I think if I had had a doctor in town administering this to me every month at regular intervals, and had remembered to get off my enzymes each time, I would have had even better results. Also, I only did the peptide injections for about 6 months (getting injections roughly once a month)... And I think Mikie did her's for a year... Am I right, Mikie? So I'm sure that's why she had such better results...

    My doctor had told me that after the 2nd injection, we would know if they were going to help me or not... And I do remember having a little improvement at that time... I know they're expensive, but if you have access to a doctor in town to monitor your progress and treatment, I would def give it a try, if at all possible... Mikie has had great results from hers...

    Hope this helps some...

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    I did get the full year-long treatment of the injections. I stopped all meds, except clonazepam, for the two days before, the day of, and the day after. I discovered that if I gradually tapered off my meds before stopping them just before the injections, it wasn't as brutal. I had headaches when off my BP meds, but doc said I could take acetaminophen except on the day of the injection.

    As I've said, I never use the C word (cure) but absence of symptoms is the next best thing. I am very blessed by having an abundance of receptors for the peptides. I don't understand why this treatment has not been available in the USA until recently since it's been successfully used in Europe for around 30 yrs. Only now are pharma companies here starting to develop their own formulae. Let's hope that once they become mainstream medicine, the insurance companies will pay for them.

    If one can find a doc who does the treatment and can afford the approx. $3,600 they cost, I highly recommend trying them. It's usually obvious whether they will work after one or two of them at a cost of $300-$600.

    Love, Mikie

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