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  1. 3gs

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    This was on CFIDS site. Online petition to sign for name change of CFS to ME. They also will send you a printed form for sigs.

    Then if you want to get really mad read the article on CDC saying CFS is not ME 1 /overview.html
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  2. outofstep

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    Hmmm-it says that it's either temporarily unavailable or has been removed.

    According to the CDC's current definition CFS could not be ME. But then you could probably have a hangover and be diagnosed w/ CFS via their definition.

    The CDC definition MUST be changed to reflect the actual symptoms of CFS-then it will fit the definition of ME. If they refuse to change their definition then the funding currently being allocated to CFS must go to ME research instead.

    I heard that the NIH doesn't approve of Reeves' new definition either-this is good b/c if the CDC is the only one using it then it's unlikely that it will catch on.
  3. spacee

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    They calculated how many billions of yen it was costing their economy each year and have put serious minds to it.

    I wonder what they call it. I vote for that name. Cause I wish I could remember how many times we have tried to get the name changed to ME.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. outofstep

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    I'm less concerned w/ the name right now and more concerned with the bait-and-switch scam that the CDC is pulling. The CDC can't name our disease CFS and then define it as something entirely different (and continue redefining it so that it resembles our disease less and less) and then take taxpayer $$$ to research some other illness-that is fraudulent.

    I predict that whoever finds a cause for CFS will rename it. But in the interim please do sign the petition-we deserve an accurate and dignified name for our disease.

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  5. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    The Japanese always called it Low Natural Killer Cell Syndrome, but I think they slightly changed that. I can't remember to what.
  6. 3gs

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    Puzzled everyone has been so mad about a name change,thought everyone would be excited about this.

    New to this whole computer game why are online petitions useless? You also can print one out to gather signutures.

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