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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HurtsToMove, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    Hi there! Very new to the board, and I saw that someone had mentioned the Petrovic program. I'm not rich, but I AM desperate, so I'd be willing to try this if anyone has had success with it for FM. All input greatly appreciated!

  2. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    but never tried it.

    I'm personally doing well on transfer factor adn glutathione.

    But if you contact him, he will give you the names of some patients willing to give testimonials.

    I contacted a few and one finally came thru with a testimonial. She had CFS. It seems to have worked for her.

    I can backchannel you her testimonial if you are interested.

    Actually, cost was one of the things that put me off Petrovic's program, but I am probably spending as much on my current protocol -- just didnt' realise it when I got into it.

    But TF, glutathione and supplements are all non-prescription, and I spend $300 a month easily on thsi lot and probably will for the next year or so.

    BE well
  3. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    I appreciate your input. Thus far I'm only taking mag-cal-zinc and malic acid supplements. I'm only adding 1 thing a month, to tell if it makes any difference. I'm really looking for help with pain, that being my main issue. If I do decide to try the protocol, I'll definitely post my progress.

  4. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    It might have been me you saw mention Dr. Petrovic. I had brought him up a few days ago.

    If it's pain you want to address, I can make a GREAT suggestion. You can take DL-Phenylalanine. This is a combination of the D - and L - form of the amino acid Phenylalanine. This form of phenylalanine acts as a natural pain reliever. It will help your body make DOPAMINE AND Endorphins. Endorphins are actually far more powerful than the drug known as morphine. For pain control or as an anti-depressant take 1,000-4,000 mgs twice a day on an empty stomach. (I personally take 1000 mg, in the morning, empty stomach and this is my only pain medication.)

    It will also help your body make Tyrosine, which converts to the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and tyramine. Tyrosine and its metabolites have been shown to support emotional well-being, memory and learning.

    I would say you will see an improvement the FIRST DAY, and its' effects improve over time.

    It is available in ANY health food store and costs less than $10. This is a winner!

  5. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    I really appreciate the suggestion for dl-phenylalanine. Can this be taken with an SSRI?
  6. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I don't know if it would be safe to take DL-Phenylalanine with an SSRI. But, I will tell you about me. I take L-Tryptophan, (for about 5-6 years now) which the body uses to make Serotonin. When I started the L-Tryptophan,(doctor recommended) I was already taking, Doxepin (for about 5-10 years), a TriCyclic AD. I weaned my dose of Doxepin way down, (on my own) but stayed on tiny dose, for past 5-6 years. I started using DL-Phenylalanine about a year ago, using all three of those. I discontinued my Doxepin about 3 weeks ago.

    My goal about 5-6 years ago, was to get off all Pharmaceutical drugs. Still want to get off my beta blocker, Tenormin.

    I do know that you do NOT want to use DL-Phenylalanine with MAO Inhibitors, as they inhibit the breakdown of Serotonin and noripinephrine. Norepinephrine would be a desired effect from the DL-Phenylalanine. So, MAOs and DL-Phenylalanine do not go together. Also, Schizophrenics should not take DL-Phenylalanine.

    So, my logic says SSRI AND DL-Phenylalanine, might go together, just fine. I would first contact a Compounding Pharmacist and ask. The Integretted Medicine doctors are also familiar with amino acid therapies and traditional AD. But definately get someone with Pharmacy or Medical background to give their blessings.
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  7. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member


    I learned about Dr. Petrovic's protocol about six years ago. I was in constant contact with him via email with questions. He was very attentive. He gave me a list of five people to contact within the U.S. for testimonials. I was only able to reach three of them. I did get one testimonial from someone in Australia regarding his daughter who has/had CFIDS/M.E.

    Not one had BOTH FM and CFIDS/M.E., and his protocol is VERY costly.

    Just my opinion, I'd try another avenue. His treatment plan involves taking MASSIVE doses of natural supplements (about 80-90 pills/capsules a day) which must be refrigerated.

    When a doctor does not take any sort of insurance a BIG, RED FLAG goes up for me, personally.

    Nevertheless, I'm sure he's helping people out, but when it's out of the country, not backed by any real clinical studies and costly, I'd opt for another treatment plan.

    This group is very knowledgeable and can probably lead you in a good direction for good doctors and treatment.

    A relative of mine in South Africa who is a doctor himself has a personal friend (an anasthesiologist) who is close friends with Dr. Petrovic, so I can say that he IS a nice guy, but I chose not to spend thousands of dollars with no guarantee...

    Hope you find something soon...What have you tried thus far? Don't give up!

    Warm Wishes for better days,
    LB32 (Leeza)
  8. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    I agree that alot of red flags fly with this program. I was just puttin it out there to see if it helped ANYONE here. I doubt I'll do it, since no one has spoken up and raved about it. For now I'm just taking a prescription pain med, zoloft (just recently added--mentally hit bottom), and mag-cal-zinc (cut pain by about 20%). So my goal is to cut down on the pain med with alternative stuff. Learning as I go!

  9. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Elliespad: Thanks for the tip on the DL-Phenylalanine. I am going to look into this.

    Dina: I was looking into Petrovic's protocol a few years ago, and I try to see what he's up to periodically. Do a search on "Petrovic" and you'll find a fair amount of past discussion on him. He does have many anecdotal reports of people healing from CFS worldwide, but I would agree that until there are peer-reviewed studies that support his treatments and the price comes down considerably, I will remain wary.


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