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  1. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Just curious. How many of you have pets? What do you have? Do they help you cope with your illness?

  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Four and a half dogs, one is a quarter pounder (little girl that is 3 1/2 pounds), a boxer that is 100lbs, a Pit Bull that is 50 lbs, one mix breed that is 35 lbs, and a skinny mimi that is 20lbs.

    I don't know what I would do without them. They are so important for my illness. Many days I would not have gotten out of the bed if it were not for them.

    They ask nothing, and give all their love to you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. tjlibby

    tjlibby New Member

    I have two cats that listen to me and love me for who I am.
  4. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Have always loved all kinds of animals, however, my last dog died before very old, at nine years of age..My dogs have, usually lived to ripe old ages of l6 years...I wonder if my last dog contracted some bacteria/viruses from being around two sick people, my mother (has bad cases of Rhuematoid Arthritis/Vasculitis, Diabetes, etc.) and myself, and died from it...he just passed away, suddenly..

    Did you read the other posts, today, about how pets can contract the mycoplasmas, etc.. Well, I can hardly afford to pay for ABX for myself..and don't want to get another pet, if they were to be exposed, and then, die, as well..I, also wonder if I have the energy to put into a new dog...

  5. lone-wolf

    lone-wolf New Member

    I have six dogs. Two Great Pyrenees, about an hundred pounds each, Liberty and Buck. Three cockapoos fifteen to thirty pounds, JoJo, Teeka and Hannah. One toy poodle about ten pounds, Rosie.... she's a riot. Likes to sit on my shoulder when I am laying on the couch... thinks she is a parrot.

    They make me move on days when I probably wouldn't get out of bed. Give me love, hugs and kisses, yes I like doggie They make me smile and laugh at times and always make me feel like I am their favorite person!!! Gives me great satisfaction to give them treats and see them be happy. They need me and I need them. They help me live.

    They know when I am happy or sad or my anxiety level is off the map and their behavior will reflect what I am feeling. Sometimes they tell me I am dealing with more anxiety than I am recognizing.

    Wheather permitting I will use one of my Pyrs as a 'safe' person when I have to go somewhere.... I am agoraphobic. Having one of those big dogs waiting for me in the van and getting a big hug is very helpful. Pyrs have big chests great for wrapping my arms around and hugging.

    I live alone in a very rural area and my dogs mean alot to me. Always seem to have one right next to me that I am petting. Very comforting for me...... Wish I could talk dog..... lol


  6. bitter-sweet

    bitter-sweet New Member

    I've have had pets all my life, but I can say at this point in my life they have helped me tremendously. I have 3 cats: Traveler, Snowball, and Tartlet. I have 2 dogs: Peppy and Pouchy Lou. They are all very loyal, and I love them dearly. Some days they are all I have in the day that brightens it. That's when my family is all working or they're all gone somewhere. Studies have shown the positive response that patients have when visited by animals. I believe it.
  7. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    I think if you live alone a pet is a definite advantage. It is too easy to get in a rountine of hanging out and a pet get you moving and exercising a bit. In return, they can give so much love.

    Lynda B.
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  8. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    are my lifeline. I depend on them more than my husband. We have three, a toy Poodle, a Boston Terrier and a Peke-a-Poo. When I'm in bed, the poodle is with me until I get up, so when I'm having really bad days and am laying down, all I have to do is reach out and touch him and feel the comfort running from his body, up through my arm to my own body, just like magic. When I was layed up with 2 herniated discs a year and a half ago, there were days I could barely sit up, and then it took a long time to do so because I had to move so slowly. I would sit on the edge of the bed and hubby would put my socks on for me because bending over was the LAST thing I could do. Sometimes sitting like that with hubby helping, and the pain so bad, I would just break down in tears.....I felt so discouraged and felt like I would never get any better. Dear sweet Poopsie, my toy poodle, would immediately come over to me, sit smack dab against me, and look up at my face, whimpering. I swear he knows when I'm doing poorly. Also one day when I missed a step going down the basement, and fell....all three dogs were all over me before I even completely settled on the floor!! Licking and sniffing and whining, it was unbelievable. Dogs are so in tune with us and if we bond with a special one, it's a relationship uncomparable to any other.

    One thing that I just love my two little dogs to do is lick my feet when I'm laying down and they do it every day. Most people hate it, but it's like a foot massage to me.

    Marilyn :)
  9. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    I have a calico cat, very sweet, 14 yrs old. Always talks to me when I get home from work.

    Two dogs, an Irish Setter and a cock-a-poo. When my husband is out or goes to bed before me they are right there making sure they don't miss out on anything!

    I think pets keep us going, get us up and give us unconditional love.
  10. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    Keeps me from talking to myself! :)

    Very comforting.

    he sleeps with me and I find great joy in his prescence.
    Also, he loves me and that's nice. Sometimes we go for short walks together, he sticks close to me and close to home, but when it's quiet out will walk down to the mailbox with me occasionally.

    however, my naturopath thinks I might be slightly allergic and she made the mistake of telling my friend that and now he [not a big pet person] is always on to me about getting rid of my cat. Especially now my cat has some health problems and requires some of my energy.

    I am sure I will have more energy when my cat is gone and I don't have to care for him, but having my own kitty was a dream come true that I waited years to have. I saved up so I would have a fund for any medical emergencies and I waited until i was in a stable housing situation before I took the step. I wouldn't have adopted a cat if I knew how sick I was going to become in the future, but he's my baby now and I'd rather give up a piece of one of my fingers than put him to sleep just so I don't have to give him medicine twice a day.

    When his quality of life is poor, I will have to say goodbye, but while he is still happy, I can't do it.

    I've always been an animal lover, even from a very small child. I had pets growing up, several cats and a number of dogs.

    I don't recommend someone very sick who can't properly take care of themself to get a pet, but if you have some money and enough care that all your needs are met, it can be wonderful and well worth the effort.

    Get pet insurance or put aside a big wad of cash for emergencies. Otherwise it is heartbreaking to have to make a difficult decision when your pet needs medical care and will be fine with it, but will cost you $600 - $1500 which you may or may not have... It can add up very quickly with only a mild or suspected problem.

    Even teeth cleaning for a geriatric cat can cost over $400 when blood tests prior are taken into account...

    Jen F
  11. gail3942

    gail3942 New Member

    I have a very spoiled cocker spaniel who I can't imagine not being here. She is a real comfort. Ironically, in May she came down with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. I didn't know dogs had immune system problems. thank goodness she responded to treatment and is doing much better.
    And yes, hindsight 101 I would have gotten pet health insurance when she was a puppy. She's now 9 so it would be too costly. However so was her treatment, but the vet worked with us to keep it down. Pets can be such a comfort.
  12. donna13210

    donna13210 Member

    I have two calico cats that I dearly love, but find the upkeep hard.

    The litter box isn't too bad because it only takes a minute. But I can't deal with the CAT HAIR! I'm so fatigued all the time, I can't vaccuum very often so there's cat hair everywhere. Everything I touch or wear has at least some hair on it. It just floats in the air, I guess. It makes me crazy.

    I brush them once in awhile when I remember and feel up to it. It's hard for me to bend to do it.

    I also feel guilty because they are indoor cats and I don't play with them often enough. Sometimes they seem so bored. I suppose it could be my imagination.

    But I can't part with them. They adore me and greet me at the front door each day and sleep in my room each night. What more can you ask?

    Does anyone else find pet upkeep almost too much work? I can't be the only one, can I?
  13. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    I have two dogs and 2 frogs. My dogs help me when I feel that no one else is there to give me a hug or lovin'. When pain is out of control, my dogs stay at my side wherever I go, and they know me so well. Unconditional love, its the best... Iggy
  14. j9miller

    j9miller New Member

    We have two dogs - Taffy the Cocker Spaniel who will be 10 in August. She is a quiet, loving dog (with horrible breath no matter what we do), Gizmo the mixed Chihuahua/Terrier who was 1 in February. We almost lost this fun, playful, loving dog a few weeks ago because he got a hold of a poisonous Bufo toad.
    We also have a cat - Cuddles is 3. She is lazy and sleeps alot ... you know, like a cat. We had to put our older cat to sleep a couple years ago. Soap was our baby. My husband and I found her when she was no more than 2 weeks old and had to bottle feed her. We found her at our favorite Pub and named her such ... Son Of A Pizza. (Used the first letters of all the words) What a great cat she was. She was 13 years old when she got sick.
    We also have a Beta fish who lies on its side until it eats. Thats all it does. Jaws is 4 years old.
    We also have two hamsters. Huey and Luey ... they are almost a year old. Whew!!!! I'm tired.
    Oh, we used to have a rabbit named Hippity, a cockatiel named Angel and a Turtle named Myrtle but they have since died.
    Pets are fun and add so much to our lives.

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  15. Sweetmia

    Sweetmia New Member

    My board name is in reverence to my beautiful 6 1/2 lb Italian Greyhound Mia--she is truly my sweetmia. Mia has comforted me through very difficult times...

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    We always had pets for our children, cats and dogs. However, the children are grown and have homes of their own. I felt the need to have a pet. I did some research and found a breed of dog which does not shed hair nor does it have body odor. She has long black smooth hair and a white chest. Her name is Zoe and she is my heating pad. I love her to lay against me in bed. Although she is only 5 months old we have bonded already. She stays by my side most all the time. Since my husband travels due to his job, I enjoy having Zoe to talk to when I am lonely or do not feel well. She is always there for me.
  17. insomniac1

    insomniac1 New Member

    I know they do i have 1 dog he's 2 and 1 cat he's 3 i love them both me and the dog (BOBO) are best friends we do everything together and he knows when i am having a bad day he shows me much love and i do him too.he is a lab water spaniel mix and about 90 pounds . my cat is a medium hair and very loving to he follows me every where around the house. as for the upkeep, i have 3 boys so they help alot. kris
  18. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    I couldn't live without my pets. My friends and family think we are crazy but we have 6 dogs, 1 adult cat, 4 4-mo old kittens, a puppy for sale and 4 goldfish.

    I raise miniature schnauzers and there are 5 of them, Hans, Liezle, Twyla, Mausa and Kaizer, then there is my "big dog". Ranger is half pit bull, half black German Shepard and he looks like a golden retriever - go figure. They all love me so much, welcome me home almost too enthusiastically and pile onto the bed with me. Hans & Twyla (a toy schnauzer) are my shadows.

    Kelsey-Kitty presented us with 4 kittens last spring. Now that was work. Cats want their kittens where they want them, even if that means the dogs can get to them - I was constantly running after Ranger (75 lbs) to retrieve a soaking wet kitten from his bathing ministrations. But now they all play and sleep together and the 7 wk old puppy is beating them up instead of vice versa.

    They keep us so entertained, but I do wish my husband would stop calling me, making me walk to the other end of the trailer to see something cute they are doing!!

    I set the litter boxes up on top of small bureaus so I don't have to bend over to clean them (and the dogs can't get into them) but cleaning up after the dogs is a problem. Bending over is so painful that I don't even pick things up off the floor. We have the door open at all times for the dogs to go in and out (I had to walk them up until a year and a half ago) and it is sometimes over a week before I can get out and clean up. One of these months I'll have enough left over to buy the one-handed scooper at Walmart.

    Yes, pets create a lot of work but what we get from them in return is worth every bit of it. And while I had my mother to take are of (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's) they were just wonderful with her. Twyla slept on her lap all day, a cat named Billy Jack slept on her bed all night - he left after she died - and she loved to pet Ranger, who looked like a dog she had as a teenager.

    I tried to get a baby pgymy goat until I found out everything in my yard was poisonous to them. Just as well, they are not really allowed here. . .

  19. little

    little Member

    I have two dogs and three cats. We just adopted out five kittens about two weeks. That was hard to do. We wanted to keep them all. I have had dogs all my life. I would be lost with out them. They are great comfort. When everyone leaves you, you still have your trusted friend. I have had cats for about fifteen years. They are great to. I am never alone. Gail
  20. NanceZ

    NanceZ New Member

    I thinnk if I didn't ahve the "joy" of living with three teenagers as a single dog would mean tha tmuchmore to me.........sometimes though I see our dog (of 13 years) as more work. This makes me sad but it is true.