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    Hi there,

    I have been reading your posts about the green tea; my mother has tried it and is now interested in trying what you have been having. She has looked for the "sugar free raspberry syrup" but has not been able to find it. Is there any certain store where you get this???

    Would appreciate any answers you may have.

    Thank you so much,

  2. petsrme

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    Hi Bluesky. I found it at a place called World Market in Winston Salem NC. I am not sure if that is a chain or not. I will go and look it up right now...I actually found a website for it, but they don't have the syrup for sale online. If you want to do a search for it worldmarket and see if one is near you, you may be able to find the syrup there. I have also seen the syrups at Food Lions. They are a different brand and come in small bottles. I am not sure if they have sugar free though. Look in your supermarket section where the coffee is and see if you see any syrups. Also try looking at a starbucks. The bottle I bought at World Market is as big as a bottle of wine.

    I just looked at my bottle of sugar free raspberry syrup. It is called Torani and you can look it up on the web. It will tell you who sells it and maybe even sell it online. Best wishes to your mother. I hope she finds some and likes it.

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    I have purchased sugar-free vanilla syrup made with Splenda at Walmart. I use it for cooking and baking and flavoring drinks. I've seen raspberry syrup at Walmart, but I can't remember now if they have it sugar-free. It is Davinci Gourmet Syrup. It is located in the coffee/tea aisle.

    I have found raspberry flavoring for iced tea made by Luzianne at my local grocery store. It is not sweetened at all. It is a 5 oz bottle and I found the flavor to be weak. I'd rather just buy Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Green Tea.

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    Blue I went to the Torani site and they have a button to click that will take you to sites that sell it online. I found one site that had it called Nancy's Coffee. They sell the huge bottle for 12.49. You can also fill out an online form and they will email you with the name of the closest store to your town that sells it. I found it on a site called coffeeoutlet that sells it for 7.50. Wow that is a big difference in price.
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