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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisagra, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I'm looking into flying to the clinic for treatment. I've been ill w/debilitating CFID's for the past years. Do you highly recommend this avenue of treatment.

    I've been very encouraged by your improvement.

    Thanks, Lisa
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    i'm very encouraged by my improvement also!

    one thing i definately would do- if you havent already - is look into adrenal fatigue. (see my other post from today about it). testing, and treatment for adrenal fatigue has definately helped me. i have no doubts about that. also its not very expensive, and its easy to do. testing and starting treatment thru clymer healing center is only about $150. for test and phone consult w dr, and then the supps run around maybe like $60- 80 a month. (i dont remember how much they cost, but they are reasonable.)

    about Pfeiffer- its hard for me to say if i totally recommend them or not. it certainly seems like their treatment is responsible for my improvement, but i am not totally positive. they are expensive- about $1200 for the testing (blood work, urine testing, hair analysis) and first office visit. then the special compounded supplements were about $400. for approx a 4 months supply.

    so if you can afford it, I'd say- try it - its worth a shot. I just dont want to say - oh, i'm sure it will help you, in case it doesn't.

    if that is too expensive you could consider just buying the supps. and doing a "test" and seeing if they help you.
    supps contain- vits a,c,e, biotin, b6, P-5-P special form of b6, b12 in methylcolbamin form, chromium, and amino acid methionine. I will post dosage amts later.

    trying things is better than not trying anything.

    I do want my brother to take the supplements or fly there for appt and testing.

    good luck

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