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    a few ideas have come together for me in the last day, I don't have a science background, think there may be a little organic brain problemo etc so it takes me awhile and then I forget half of it then it comes to me its quite the circuitous process here.....
    anyway, I pulled out my genova diagnostics profile from a year ago and have been tryng to make more sense out of it as the doc who helped me get it, god bless her, didnt totally understand it or have great followup...... and I have been reading the 7 day detox miracle book and then someone just told me about andy cutler's mercury exposure ideas and based on some info that I googled with him and then a kid with schizophrenia (environmentally/exposures likely induced) has an amazing blog about pfeiffer center and his recovery with ortho molecular (supplements) treatment made a lightbulb go off or at least flicker a bit for now as I was reading about histadelics etc So anyone that can help with ideas or suggestions to this puzzle for me please jump in, otherwise I hope at least this stimulates some others to look into things---

    the detox profile says I have problems with phase 2 and phase 1 works normal--this explained a lot, ie why bendaryl slightly helpful at times (slows down phase 1 )--
    I really can't be sure if I understand the results of my report quite right other than the above, but the specific graphs and comments at times seems to contradict like some stuff looks elevated but then they say its underfunctioning in anothr spots so i have to figure that out, but at end it says that glut conjug, sulfation,glucuronidation and gylcine conjug are all underfunctioning, glut peroxidase depressed, SOD normal. then it says glucurondation and glycine conjug are elevated which seems to contradict them "underfunctioning" in earlier paragraph, maybe not? Says a high ration between phase 1 and 2 implies imbalanced detox in body, which I knew as can hardly tolerate any meds and lots of supps. Compounds coming out of phase 1 accumulate.
    Anyway, I think the profile indicates I have
    LOW cys and normal SO4 (cysteine and sulphate)
    according to cutler I should only take stuff if it seems to help, and might want to try restrict diet of things that require sulphation with that profile.(My so4 is barely normal if I am reading things right)
    I also read that a person could exclude sulphur foods and supps from diet for a week just to see if feel better or worse. I have noticed antecdotally in past that some sulphured stuff caused migraines ( a med and a dried fruit i.e.)

    So anyway, I am wondering too though if Cutler is correct about how to deal with metals in body, well then we shouldnt be chelating or mobilizing mercury etc until amalagams out and also should follow his rigorous scientific research on how to get it out, according to him doing it willy nilly is dangeorus and can make you worse.You can google to see his website and book about it, he is in Wa state.

    And according to Pfeiffer and the genius sz youngman patient's blog rxed there the protocol would be very individualized in how to approach methylation etc based on histamine up or down and other labs so what one person who went there took should not be something anyone else tries without labs verifying profile and needs. This could tie into why some people can't tolerate simplified as could cutlers work perhaps.

    Has anyone tied all these theories and approaches together?
    I am left debating on whether I just want to avoid sulphur stuff, avoid any chelation and skip removing fillings and keep going with the LDN and see how I fare---these protocols like chelation and methylation block etc that can take months years of babying along and feeling worse, I dunno, just wish there was research showing worthiness of submitting self to that suffering, especially if older, maybe with the kids its best and won't take as long but the older u are the more accumulation its all a tough call.

    anyway, there is some of my circuitous thinking, if anyone can make sense out of it please let me know your conclusions if you have pondered the same.
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    that is interesting you worked on chelating out mercury while you still have silver fillings. I wonder if the fact I still have any mercury in my mouth is why I do not handle detox well, if you give me chlorella, nac and some of the simplified plan stuff, watch out I feel awful, and according to andy cutler a phd who healed self from mercury toxicity and researched the med lit in u.s. and europe to write a book about it for others, all using chlorella or chelating does while you still have metal stuck in your mouth is just move the other mercury around the body alot causing possible brain damage, I think thats why nac and chlorella give me killer headaches. He says one must carefully remove mercury fillings and then spend like 6mos to 2 years using a specific protocol to fit your situation where you take supplements like every 4 hours daily, dmso or something, but until fillings are out it might be bad to have sulphur.

    If you arent familiar with his work check it out, he has a following too of parents with kids with issues like autism etc, getting the detox profile can help figure out how to tailor his ideas as he doesnt have a one size fits all approach, it partly depends on your cysteine and sulphation. I.E. something that might be good for one person like epsom salt bath isnt nec. good for everyone. That is what I liked aobut Pfeiffer center too, tailoring the detox/nutritional plan around histamine individually. About 7 years ago Cutler contacted Pfeiffer center and encouraged them to check for more metals than copper (I guess they have been very focusd on copper in the body as that relates to schizophrenia) and they were beginning to include more comprehensive testing regarding metals I think.

    That would be my concern for myself with PFeiffer or any nutrional recs to me, I am wondering if the mercury in my teeth and body or other metals needs to be dealt with more before I can take certain supplements that try to drive it out, otherwise it could just be shaking it around like Cutler says and wreaking more havoc. Cutler does say if you still have fillings and arent taking them out to just take your safe supplements several times a day as nothing gets absorbed or held long in the body if lots of mercury/metal I guess.

    Where I am at is out of the acute phase with whatever hosed me back in the day so my focus is collateral damage at this point and how to best approach it.

    Caledonia, thats encouraging that you could chelate some out while you still had fillings though.[This Message was Edited on 08/10/2008]
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    hey thanks for hanging in there with me
    haha no do not assume I understand jack better than anyone
    I have an appt with doc who ordered the test last year in a couple weeks, I will put her to the test to explain this stuff and let you know if I learn anything coherent

    I get into research frenzies and the theories and science do start making some sense to me, things start to tie in, but I am lacking science education and that coupled with my brain coming and going these days, well it takes me awhile and then it doesnt always stick.....