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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Gretchen12, Feb 18, 2007.

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    Have been reading your recent posts re Valcyte; am now looking at my lab tests which are off the charts. I am too weak to go into it with you now, but will write again tomorrow.

    I did want to tell you that I, too, had thought about going to Dr. Lapp, but did some investigating first. In my former life I was in finance/investment banking and bond trading. Anyway, I found out that Dr. Lapp has a financial interest in Hemispherx--interesting huh! Seems he is connected to the board of directors.

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    That is really good that you found that out, I have never heard that before. No wonder he is so big on using Ampligen at his office.

    It is a disgrace and a shame and really very sad that he is supposed to be one of the leading CFS Docs and people will pay a ton of money to see him. I think you should write to his office challenging him. At the very least, make sure this entire message board knows about this as long as you can back it up.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Please Google Dr. Charles Lapp - Hemispherx. Click on the article "Ampligen in the Pink" and you will see in last paragraph that Dr. Charles Lapp and Dr. Anthony Komaroff are on the Board of Directors of Hemispherx Biopharma.

    This is all becoming so disturbing. It seems that so many doctors who treat this disease are out to make a LOT of money. I know that Dr. Lapp and Dr. Cheney do not take insurance of any kind and want a huge amount of money up front before they will even see you.

    I know that doctors have to make a living, but I simply could not trust one that is so completely greedy. I do believe there is a conflict of interest when a doctor has a financial involvement in the drug company whose drug he is pushing.

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    Everyone on this board should be made aware of this. I can not express how much this disturbs me. Not only is it unethical, but it is a borderline medical malpractice issue for all patients he encourages to take Ampligen.

    I would encourage a post so that all of his patients can see this. I am in such Dismay, I hate most doctors to begin with. But this guy takes the cake! If I was one of his patients, I would hire an attorney and have a field day with him! It is amazing he was even allowed at the Ft. Lauderdale meeting. I wonder if Rich Carlson is even aware of this? I think someone should bring this to his attention. It is really very disturbing and what he does borderline illegal.
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    THIS IS REALLY BAD! I can't believe like you said that someone who is suppose to be one of THE AUTHORITIES on CFS is so connected to a Drug Company!

    I think Dr. Cowden who pushes Samento and Cumanda is somehow related to the company "Nutramedix" that makes those herbs! I have to look into this further but it seems this is happening more and more. Which means we all need to do independent research and not totally trust the Docs.

    What has the world come to??
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    You still have not offered any proof of your accusation.

    I think before everyone makes such a mountain out of a molehill some substantiation should be forthcoming. And I'm sorry, but IMHO an article in The Forum doesn't count as an objective and authoritative source.

    What exactly is this nefarious "connection"? You claim on another post that Dr Lapp receives money from them for every patient he puts on Ampligen. But isn't he conducting a study on the drug? Roche is paying Montoya money to test Valcyte is that somehow evil too?

    If you don't like Ampligen just say so. I don't think it offers anything for us. If you saw Dr Lapp and didn't like him say so. But I think it's irresponsible to be spreading unsubstantiated rumors and getting people upset or steering them away from a doctor who may be able to treat them.


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    Had high hopes. Drove to N. Carolina from Chicago. Spent $1,300. He added B12 to my regime, recommended a few supps, told me to up my sleep meds.
    And live within the envelope.

    Total waste of time, IMHO. Finally got on an antiviral regime, plus glutathione with Dr. Joe Brewer in Kansas City, Mo. Making great progress. Hope to go back to full-time work this year.

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    There is one way for sure to find out if Dr. Lapp is one the board of directors: Or, if it is a public traded company one can probably call them and inquire as the to board members are. That should be public information.

    Lapp may not be on the board, I do not know, found nothing conclusive, but he could still be on their payroll. I don't think that was a fair comparison by one of the other poster's to Dr. Montoya. Dr. Montoya from what is told, found on his own that Valcyte was helping a lot of his patients. The only way he could conduct a study would be to solicit the help of a pharmaceutical company.

    I would be curious if anyone can find out more on this. requires a subscription, but mabye one of these days I will call Hemosperx and see if I can get any information. It is a very grey line, but there should be good solid evidence which should be in the public records. Let's all look into that and put an end to this once and for all. Believe me, many doctors including a former friend, have many ethical issues. My former friend liked to give Botex injectious free of charge to beautiful women in the privacy of his own home. Yet, he has a terrific reputation in his field. So there you go!

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