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    Okay--can't find this....

    How does urinary pH relate to serum pH, or saliva pH?
    Does your body, have the same pH, throughout?

    Exhausting myself trying to find this, and know there are a bunch of you, who have researched pH.

    My urine pH is 6.7---do I need to test saliva, or will that figure remain constant, no matter where I test?

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    I am slamming it!!! Wham....
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    I think you are correct about overall PH.I have read it,but

    do not remember where!

    Have a nice one

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    You'll want to test both urine and saliva. In short, urine indicates how well the body is assimilating minerals (ie. calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium) and saliva indicates the activity of digestive enzymes in the body, especially the activity of the liver and the stomach. If you get acidic pH readings from both, its called double acid.

    Hope this helps,

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    Always appreciate the help!