pH levels---Thanks Jaster45--More Questions to those in the know

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    I do so appreciate the time you spent in your response to my post. I have been researching alkalizing on the net as you suggested, and there is a vast amount of information on this. In spite of my efforts to alkalize---my pH levels both urine and saliva are continuing to fall. As of last night, they are both down to 5.5 pH. As this is the bottom of the scale on my papers, it could be even lower than that! I am convinced that this is one my main contributing factors in these disorders (CFS/FMS) as the symptoms of acidosis are so textbook to mine (low energy and disabling fatigue, aches and pains, digestive problems, malaise).

    I have taken steps to alkalize---for about 3 weeks now-- But my levels are still dropping. I have significantly changed my diet, and have been drinking huge quantities of water with (one whole) lime added to each glass.

    I have been put on a low to non-oxalate diet by my nephrologist. I believe this is contributing to the acidosis. Most of the high alkaline foods are excluded on this diet. I was placed on this due to hyperuricalcemia, resulting in fast and furious kidney stone formation.
    My gosh---its the case of the cure for one thing---totally disabling the rest of my body.

    I really believe I need to put an end to the non oxalate diet, in order to alkalize. I am also contemplating supplements as you mentioned to further alkalize. I have found a product, wherein a few drops added to drinking water, will boost the pH of the water into the high eights, low nines. Does anyone have any experience with these?

    With an acidic level of 5.5 it is no wonder I feel like a dying person!

    Any and all help on this is greatly appreciated--I know there are a lot of you out there who are very knowledgeable on Acidosis.
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    Maybe Klutzo will read this post. Klutzo has a wealth of information. Hopefully, on this topic. She helped me w/acid reflux.

    Best to ya.
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    I have recently purchased coral calcium---I have yet to start it though. I was going to ask the neprologist before starting. I have huge levels of calcium....dumping in my urine, and forming kidney stones. If it weren't for that I would have already started the coral calcium. I may do it anyway---as this acidosis and the resulting symptoms are far more debilitating than the stone problems. I am passing stones every 6 months now--which is painful--but they are willing to medicate. The other adverse effect that happens with the passing of stones is invariably they hang up in the urethers, and I get kidney infections immediately, which take a while to recover from, and I have to be on damn antibiotic therapies which screw my gut up.....darned dilema. I do believe I will opt for ongoing hypercalcimia and stone formation...tho...even though my kidneys are scarred and more scarring occurs. Maybe if I can get pH up--my daily quality of life will improve.
    Thanks Sue!
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    Kind of like being between a rock and a hard place huh!A quandry for sure.If you cannot do it through many foods as it sounds like many alkalizing foods are off limits due to your kidneys I to agree that Coral Calcium can be used to alkalize your body.Soil based organims due it too but more slowly and the drops you speak of I have not tried but I know many people who use the Singer ozonating water unit which does the same thing but better with great success.This unit is pricy though so my first bet would be the drops to change the water ph.Try lemon water as well as this is highly alkaline if you are allowed to on your restricted diet.

    And yes LL I too am convinced that a low acid level can cause much of our sufffering and is linked to many illness,and diseases we suffer.I would talk with your nephrologist about his diet recommendations if he is open to your thoughts and try to get a consult with a good naturopathic physician who has a lot of experience in this area.ACAM list on the net may have someone in your area.

    Best of luck to you LL,