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    I've read the book "The pH Miracle" by Robert & Shelley Young, and it sounds very interesting. addresses all the symptoms persons with fibromyalgia have. It's pretty radical, and don't really care to go through all that effort without some feedback from some who have tried it. Anybody here done that?


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    Hi Tim, welcome to the board. I have not heard of the book you mentioned. Maybe some of the other members might be able to give you some feedback.

    Just stopped to welcome you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi TiredTim,

    Welcome! I have not read the book you refer to, but I did study the subject as part of nutrition training. I do pretty well at keeping my ph in balance, and it helps.

    Pick yourself up a roll of pHydrion paper. SHOULD be able to get it through any drugstore. Make yourself a graph including the range of numbers listed on the package (I think it goes from 5.5 to 8.0), with space to include the time of day and any symptoms you feel at the moment, whether or not you feel good, bad, or neutral, and what foods you've eaten to that point. Using the paper, test your urine 3 times a day (directions are included in the box). Now graph the numbers. Do this for 5-7 days. You should see a pattern begin to emerge as to what 'balance' feels the best to you.

    There are, of course, numbers that the 'pros' feel are THE 'right' number ranges to be in. However, each of us is different from the next, respond differently to foods, activities and so on. Regardless of what the experts say, I believe the key to this being effective for those with FMS is finding the range & foods that feel the best FOR YOU. I tend to do best in the 6.0-6.2 range. I've seen others who have needed it as high as 7.5 and as low as 5.5. The way we feel is so much an individual thing.

    IN GENERAL, not an absolute, raw foods tend to reduce the acidity (pain causer). It doesn't have ANYTHING to do with whether or not the food, itself, contains acids. The acid measured is that found in the ASH (when burned) of foods, not their content. But, you probably learned this in the book. Sorry then if this is redundant.

    Hope this helps,
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    what you said about the food agrees with what the book says.

    however, the book maintains that the urine tests are unreliable because they vary depending on time of day, what is eaten ,etc, and that the blood test is the most reliable. my blood is 7.338, which is within the "normal" range, but slightly below what the book maintain is the "ideal" of 7.365. how much of a variance do you think this is, really? doesn't seem like much to me.

    I already know something about which foods aggravate my symptoms. I don't just want to reduce the symptoms, I want to be WELL again. I'd really like to hear from someone who has actually done this diet to see if it works. Of course, there are testimonials in the book, but I always suspect testimonials as being a biased selection. naturally, they'd never include a testimonial from someone who tried the diet and it didn't help!

    Thanks for the advice,

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    Do you have any particular suggestions for picking out multivitamins and Digestive Enzymes..I have been looking at the Mega Multiple III at Prohealth and it has a lot of the green foods, but I did not know if they had adequate amounts of it...Is it your thinking that maintaining the right PH is the most important avenue to explore regarding health? I have just started treating myself with Olive Leaf Extract and marvel at how useful it may turn out to be..Thanks for your help...:) AMELIA