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    Do you test for this prior to starting antibiotic therapy, and then, how often during and after treatment?
    It looks like the more alkaline state is preferable to health.. Where do you get the litmus paper?[This Message was Edited on 02/16/2003]
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    And I just test it when I'm thinking of it after the first test in the morning. It takes time to turn it around.

    Love, Mikie
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    So, you can influence Ph by what you eat..and what is assimilated by the body depends on your Ph level..well, that makes sense..same thing happens with plants..where do you get litmus a pharmacy? I see soda pop is out. Is it just common sense if you are already on lots of veggies, no processed foods and hi-protein diet like Atkins..can you have any bourbon (I finally found out it was low in carbs)? No sugar or high glycemic foods! LOL, AMELIA