pharmacy messed up one of my scripts, 30 pills missing...

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  1. sweetbeatlvr

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    i just got my scripts filled yesterday.

    one of my scripts is for 90 Valiums.

    when i got it yesterday, it seemed like the bottle wasn't as full as usual, but i didn't think anything of it, because they are small pills, and i just figured they had settled or something.

    well, tonight when i was getting one out, and it still didn't seem right, i decided to count them, and there was only 54 in there, meaning they shorted me 30 pills!

    i'm definately gonna go to the pharmacy tomorrow to explain what happened, but i'm really afraid they are not going to believe me or something.

    beings they are a controlled substance, i'm sure they have probably heard stories before.

    i'm really upset about this.

    the pharmacist even circled the #90 on the bottle, but i can assure you that 30 of them are not in there.

    does anyone have any advice or insight into this? do you think i'm going to get the pills that i'm supposed to?

    i'm also afraid of the fact that my doctor's office is allowed to call me for pill counts, what am i supposed to do if that happens?
  2. 3gs

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    Defineitely let pharmacy know. It could be a mistake or someone there could be taking pills.
    not sure if they keep record of bottle it came from and how many were out of that lot.

    What are pill counts? If your pharmacy knows you well I would think they would honor you.

    good luck
  3. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    to let them know what happened, and was told there wasn't anything they can do about it.

    He said they double count the scripts.

    Well, if they double counted this script, someone doesn't know how to count! I can see maybe, one or two being missing, but 30! that'a quite a huge mistake!

    I don't think i'm gonna be going back to that pharmacy, and if i do, i will be counting all of my meds right there in front of them.

    A pill count is when my doctor's office can call me at any time and request that i bring in my medications for them to count and make sure i have what i am supposed to in there. it's to prevent diversion or abuse of meds from people, and to weed out patients that are not using them the right ways. when i signed my narcotics agreement, it was one of the stipulations of being prescribed my meds.

    I have no problem with that, but what if they call for me to do that this month, and i am 30 short? If the pharmacist doesn't believe me, i really don't think the doctor's office is going to believe me either. This is really messed up.

    I just started on this medicine last month, so I am going to try and not take it unless i absolutely need to, for a few days, so my count will be right.

    Either the pharmacist made a big mistake, or someone is not being very honest with the meds in that pharmacy...
  4. Janalynn

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    Oh I had that happen to me about 2.5 yrs ago. It was AWFUL. At the time, they gave me two bottles (why they didn't put in one big one who knows) anyway, previously, they always put 1 of 2, or 2 or 2 written on the bottles. My husband always picks up my scripts. Well when my one was up (exactly 2 weeks into the month), I looked and my husband who didn't know any different said, there was only one bottle. There was NO way they could have put the entire scipt in this tiny little bottle. It literally wouldn't have fit. There was no 1 or 2 written on it as well.
    Pharmacy stood behind their "we count all pills" and I was in trouble with no meds and no one in the entire city would fill since I had a script already out there. I became a pain in the a$$ to my Dr. He had to call in a script for a non-narcotic for two weeks worth.
    I looked like an idiot at the pharmacy, at my Dr.s office everywhere. I was LIVID. I had the bottle with me - they didn't care.

    I recently got a bottle of Percocet with a bunch broken. I figured they'd even out. NOPE.
    I figured it wouldn't one bit of good to say anything. How sad huh?

    I'd call your Dr's office and let them know what happened - now, so that she/he knows that you obvioulsy didn't swallow 30 pills overnight. Later in the month it may appear that you are taking more than prescribed but right now it won't.

    I go to the same pharmacy but I will NEVER speak to that pharmacy or go there when he is on duty, he was incredibly rude to me. The other ones there are nice.

    We're helpless in this situation - I've actually considered counting them right there in front of them.
  5. 3gs

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    after thinking about it I remembered my last scrip didnt seem right. amount in bottle.and Iam actually going to run out of pain meds before can fill.

    do call your doc I think the pharmacie has a problem and if other pts run into this and your doc knows it could help in future.

    be careful valium is a benzo and not to be played with on taking.
  6. kat0465

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    before you leave, even if you have to count it in front of them!!
    this happened to me also, after the 2nd time i was shorted like 30 xanaxes, they were looking at me like i was lying cause it was a controlled of the women that worked there,told me in not so plain words that i wasent the only one it had happened to.

    she suggested i count them right on the spot. come to find out the PHARMACIST was doing all kinda illegal things, including trading drugs for aahem, Sex!!!
    we live in a very small town, about a year after it all came out the owner ( Pharmacist) commited you never know these days whats going on, especially with the controlled substances.