Pharmacy screwed up now Iam suffering!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Iam so pissed off right now!
    My dr put me on the fentanyl pain patch,..he was able to give me samples,.... enough for 2 weeks,

    ... so the day he gave them to me I called my pharmacy and let them know that I would be needing a refill, to get me through the entire month, and asked them to take care of it,Oh and I also csllrd twice after that to stay on top of things! the meantime I was doing so well on the patch, was really helping me a lot!

    long story shorter :)....the pharmacy screws up big time...they sent me someone elses prescription of pills, and the one I needed ( my patches ) they just screwed up and I did not get them<

    BR>and.......... the pharmacist insisted that she was right that I had requested the pills...the ones that did not even belong to me!!!!!! she even got kind of snippity with me!...I was so upset,.... I did not know what to say as she continued on...saying things like " you do not remember this".......

    to make this story shorter....I ended up going without my pain patches for two entire days and nights.....and it basically threw me into one of the worst pain flares I have ever had!

    Iam in bed now and my entire body feels like I have the worst flu in the world and it hurts JUST to lay here

    My pharmacist called me and apoligized after she realized r\that the med she sent me was indeed someone else's!!!!!! and even left me a message to see how I was doing....

    I want to know how long I have to suffer from this happening....I have now had my patches for two days...but it is like it took the momentum of doing so well away from me when I was without them those two entire days!.....

    Iam sad, depressed, and in so much pain.......I need hope that this will get better.....

    If you have any "hope" please send some to me.........


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  2. 2_TiReD

    2_TiReD New Member

    That really sucks! I am assuming your rx's are sent to you via mail?
    I understand the loss of momentum comment; once your pain is controlled, one little slip; be it timing or a mix-up can undo a weeks worth of work. Been there and I am feeling your pain. :(

    Hope you get better soon!

  3. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    What rotten luck! I sure hope you'll get some relief soon, you were sounding so good last week after you started the patch.

    I've had the pharmacy give me the wrong meds twice. One time, I knew they were the wrong pills cuz I looked up the med and manufacturer on the net and saw a picture of the pill I was SUPPOSED to have. Totally obvious that it didn't match the pills they put in my bottle. Luckily, it was just the difference between a regular release and an extended release, I could tell the first time I took it. Then the pharm charged me my copay a second time when they gave me the right pills...I couldn't return the first bottle because it was a Class 2 (?) drug. Ridiculous! I didn't make a big deal out of it cuz I ended up being able to use both types, I actually got an extra supply of pain meds to have on reserve.

    I just thought how horrible it would be if they accidently dosed someone with something that would make them sick. I guess that's what happened with you, huh?

    Be patient, I know it's almost impossible to do when you're in so much pain tho. You'll start feeling better soon, I know you will:)

    xxxooo Hermit
  4. It wasn't the PHARMACY that screwed up, it was the PAIN CLINIC- the one's who PRESCRIBED the damned patches in the FIRST place!

    I called numerous times, as well, (if you call them 'early' even though time and time again, they've proved themselves COMPLETELY unreliable, and incompetent, incapable, they will call you back to let you know 'it's too early'..

    even if your message SPECIFIES that you are aware of that, but, that you will be out of whichever medication over the WEEKEND, and that you will not pick it up until then, you just want to make sure THEY call it in, or fax it there... etc!)

    Anyways- I told them, the DATE the patches were filled, (which, should be THEIR job, and IN THEIR records, since they keep such 'TIGHT TABS' on all pain medications...!!!!!)

    still, I called, explained to them that, "it was filled on October 13th, there are 31* days in october, so that leaves 18 days of that month..I am on my last patch, which comes off on SUNDAY, (this was friday morning that I called..) and that the new script had to be called in, so that I had a new patch to put on Sunday.

    My sister showed up to pick my prescription up from them, Friday afternoon, assuming the messages had been heard (since they hardly EVER call you back) with my drivers license in her hand, my note to them, telling them it was my sister, that I was ill, etc she had HER license also,.. her & my husband were *usually* the ones that picked the scripts up every month..

    I kid you not- they flat out told her "it's not time for her refill" , and sent her away!

    My sister came home and told me I was PISSED- and, in a panic- since they would close within an hour- AND, they're message says

    "the phone nurse will listen to messages, and return calls from the hours of 10am to 2pm!" (rediculous!!!)

    I still called them after three pm, explained it once again, even doing the math, and telling them again- that it is friday- I have NO patch, to put on, on SUNDAY...

    I ended up SICK on monday, by tuesday, I was vomiting, in the ER- I took my patch box with me as I do all my meds, I just take my basket with me, which had the doggone date on it, so I could again- prove to them at the ER, that *I* was right, *I* was ignored, and now, I was sick-.

    I didn't even know the patches were the cause, per se, since vomiting is definitely NOT uncommon to me..

    The ER doc is the one who said it was due to no patch since mine was removed on sunday morning.

    My sister went up to the clinic, to tell them I wouldn't be at my appointment, because i was in the ER. They were sooo concerned she said. THEN the ER doctor sent her back up there to get my prescription... and..

    There was a yellow post-it note, covered over the DATE on the prescription- so help me god, when my sister lifted the note- the script said it was written on that friday, at 2:45pm!!!!!!!!

    The 'post-it' note, they'd placed on top of it, had changed to tuesday's date, & time.

    They also did the SAME to me with clonazepam- but, THAT time, I called them for NINE DAYS- and NEVER got a single call back! (they have their phones set up now, to where you cannot get a human being at ALL- NOT EVEN THE RECEPTIONIST! You leave a message, then she turns right back around & calls you back!!)

    Anyways, they let me go 11 days without my clonazepam, which I've been on for six years-,and again, it was a friday by now, I was worrying about going through ANOTHER weekend without it.
    and at the same time, scared to death of all those papers you sign with them that you will NOT get your scripts from ANYONE but them, not fill them ANYWHERE but the pharmacy you state when you first go there, etc... I did not know WHAT to do..

    I finally called my integrative medicine doctor's office, who was down the hall- he was not even THERE- and yet, his receptionist called HIM, and then called ME back, within 45 minutes total, and let me know that it had already been called in by him!!! this was around 4:45pm on a friday.

    I then left a message AGAIN- at the pain clinic, and told them he called it in, since I'd been out for going on 11 days!

    Here's the real kicker too- at my next appt with my integrative medicine doctor- I found out that his wife, had given birth to their daughter that weekend, which was why he was not there! and he STILL managed to call my script in for me. Unreal, huh?

    I'm concerned for you that you've had them for 2 days now, though, and your body still hasn't calmed down... :-( I don't know what to think... I pray they DO kick in for you, and get back 'on top' of the pain for you...

    that's the only thing I can think of, is that due to those MORON'S causing you to suffer, that your pain got totally out of control, and that it may take longer to get back under control...

    Still... two days... sheesh..

    I'm sooo sorry. It's so WRONG, how we are treated. just unbelievable. and the MED ERRORS- UNACCEPTABLE!

    I could share other *pharmacy* screw ups too, but, I'm already too damned mad now, at your situation, and at all of ours. How can that even be LEGAL, for us to be forced to suffer, due to massive screw-ups... or, just flat out being IGNORED

    And, I *ALWAYS* wonder- if that's how my pain clinic treats people- is that also how they treat any CANCER PATIENTS they have??? Do terminally ill patients/caregivers, wait sometimes for WEEKS just for a callback??? Do THEY get flat out told that it is NOT time for their refill, even though it IS?

    GRRRRRRR my blood is BOILING.

    So sorry Doxy.

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  5. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    i have a friend who went to harvard. he used his connections to sue a pharmacy that made a mistake like that. he won $500 000.
  6. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    OMG, Laura, you got shoved into one of those lousy pain patient programs, signed contract and all! I'm so sorry you are having to deal with that mess.

    Your story is a lot like the reasons I stopped using the county clinic system and signed on with new dr.
    He's not the brightest crayon in the box by any stretch of the imagination, he doesn't pay attention to allergies and other conditions...but at least he's not in the clinic system.

    My sympathies and I hope you can in some way "activate" for better conditions as to how patients are treated.

  7. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I have learned you have to watch these pharmacists like a hawk. I find if I go to the pharmacy and everything is correct I am in shock. Anyway do you have something for breakthrough until the patch kicks in?
  8. pearls

    pearls New Member

    With me it was my insurance company. I won't go into all that. I will pick out a couple of things that really bugged me:

    1) My husband, who is normally is empathetic and protective, seemed to think I had become a drug addict. While I was waiting for my insurance company to sort everything out, I had to travel about 30 miles through the countryside and across a city to pick up some samples. My husband, who was rather irritated at my response to the problem, said, "You know what all this fuss is about, don't you? A bottle of pills!"

    I wanted to throw something at him. I said, "It's not about a bottle of pills! It's about all the time and effort I've put into getting where I am now, and how it can all go down the toilet with a flare if I don't get the medications I need!"

    2) The people I had to call umpteen gazillion times at the insurance company didn't seemed at all fazed by my predicament. They would calmly say things like, "I understand," again and again. Also, all the calls that resolved nothing ended with the person on the other end asking, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" and "Have a very nice evening."

    I had just gotten done trying to explain that I have fibromyalgia, need my meds all 90 days of a 90 day period, and could go into a flare without my meds, and they actually think I might have "a very nice evening" if they bid me one?!


  9. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Oh Doxy, bless your heart; I had read another post about the pain patches and remember you being so excited about them.

    Here's "hoping" that you are better now,

  10. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Kari, Hermit, Ain't as good, Lady bug mandy,Leaknits, Caffey, Pearls, BDTMU, and Blue sky....I want to acknowledge all of your sweet and supportive posts to me here!

    I also want to let everyone know that "finally" by Thursday, ) two days later ) the patches kicked in and I feel back to where I was before this entire episode began!

    I just hope it never ever happens again.......the thing is for me....that finding a pharmacy that will fill fentanyl patches, and the other two meds I have for breakthrough pain is hard to find!...because right now what I really want to do is to find a pharmacy that is new that can handle getting everything right!

    I will keep everyone posted as Iam supposed to get refills here soon!

    TY again each and everyone of always you made me feel so much better!

  11. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I sure wish I could have helped you during your time of need.

    I have to say I have the best pharmacy. Everyone is so nice and I never have problems with refills. The biggest problem I have is my dr. He will send over scripts and my insurance won't cover it. It takes a minimum of 3 days for his office to call in something different. And they never check to see if it will be covered by my insurance. Several times I've waited and waited for the dr.'s office.

    My pharmacy has also caught many scripts where their is potentially a fatal interaction with other scripts I am currently taking.

    Actually, today I'm making some pumpkin bars to take down to the pharmacy to show my appreciation for all their hard work.
  12. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    most of the time my problem is my "DR" not the pharmacy too...don't get me wrong I really like my Dr but he has so many patients because Dr's like him are in demand!

    That makes him have a world of paperwork so it is easy for him to get behind easily but still I should not have to suffer,...oh and those pumpkin bars sound so good! "ummmm"tee hee!

    thank you for posting to me!


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