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    Hey I just got that book Rich re'cd 7 day detox, I think its going to be very helpful. I probably won't have time to read it today but I just glanced at one chapter and saw that it says the benzos are a phase 1 inhibitor as is ketacazole (sp).
    I had a functional medicine doc recommend benzos and say the topical keta was incidentally a good thing for me(its for skin issues).
    Does anyone know what the thinking is behind wanting to slow down phase 1? Is that at odds with goals of simplified?
    Also, I didnt read section on gall bladder etc but I don't have one, do you think that would put a twist on how one might approach the simplified or any detox? (I am super MCS--got worse after no g.b.).
    any thoughts appreciated!
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    Hi, simonedb.

    In some people, the Phase I detox is rapid relative to the Phase II detox. This can be determined by the Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Detox Profile, for example.

    Having Phase I operating too fast relative to Phase II is not a good thing, because Phase I actually can make some toxins more toxic. This is called bioactivation. If they are not conjugated soon by Phase II, they can build up and cause toxic effects. A person with this situation has been called a "pathological detoxifier."

    I don't know if you had your Phase I and II detox evaluated, but if so, perhaps your Phase I was relatively too fast, and that might be the reason the doctor recommend something that would inhibit it. Grapefruit juice will do this, too.

    Generally speaking, I prefer to try to restore both phases to normal operation, and I think that lifting the methylation cycle block and allowing glutathione to come up to normal levels has a good chance of doing that.

    As you probably know, the gall bladder normally acts as a reservoir for bile, and dumps it when demand for it is high, such as when a lot of fat is eaten in a short time.

    I'm not aware that having one's gall bladder removed would impact detox on the average. It might smooth out the release of toxins as a function of time, because the bile would be released at a more constant rate, I think.


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    thanks rich, I will have to look thru my tests and see if I had that one done, I know I wanted to look into that if I hadnt. but its known I have trouble with p450.
    I think this book is going to be invaluable, I like how it goes over foods too.

    The benzos generally arent for me but benadryl sure helps sometimes when have detox headache. If I havent already gotten that panel I think I will because I was having a power headache and neckache at site of injury the last few days and I wasnt sure if it was a structural problem or detox, it reminded me of the pain I had when I first had onset of this stuff, and have hard time over years knowing whether it was from neck injury or anesthesia, both happened around same time. This could be very illuminating in figuring out whats going on to correlate symptoms with intake of supplements and food with knowledge of phase 1 and 11 stuff and could explain a lot. If it was detox pain I need to take baby steps as I already was approaching it slow.
    Its interesting how detox pain can manifest in parts of body that are vulnerable, its encouraging to think that one could acheive pain reduction in what seems like strictly a structural problem by manipulating detox; however, I am wondering how people who get bad pain ever make any headway with detox if always have to slow it down to not suffer.........anyway, stream of consciousness, its a fascinating topic.
    Science is cool,haha
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