Phase I/Phase II lever detox problems/genova detoxification-how to improve?

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    Phase I/Phase II lever detox problems/genova detoxification-how to improve?

    I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for how to improve my chemical detoxification. I have been chemically sensitive fo 20 years- fibro diagnosis-now major MS type Neuro issues/neuro lyme-MRI is clean. So far both a lyme herbal protocol an dnow a few herbs have accelerated my neuro disease with huge neuro explosions/new symptom I can't recover from. Seems my only option is abx protocol but terrified of where I am and my ability to detox. Right now even sleep meds like trazadone (not sleeping at all in this neuro crash-first sleep meds I've taken)ne leave a chemical taste in my mouth all day long (been like this for a long time).

    How do you improve Phase I /Phase II?

    My results are:

    Phase I -VERY FAST (as i understand you don't want phase I to be so fast) (caffeine clearance test)
    Phase II-Cystein slow, sulphate slow, sulfation normal (butI think the first 2 feed the final so slow?)
    Phase II Glutathione- just in normal range
    Phase II- Glucuronidation slow
    Phase II -Glycine conjugation FAST

    Is there a way to tell what meds I can /cannot tolerate? i.e. flagyl? diflucan? made me crash or abx drugs for lyme?

    How do I improve this? I feel very toxic right now on these first meds I'm on-so sick now -I have to do something to stop the neuro degenerative symptoms ie optic neuritis, muscle strenght, coordination, holding my head up, jerking/twitching, speaking etc.==but terrified how sick I have become and if I can tolerate abx treament-but not sure what other options I have.

    -have stayed away from all chemicals last12 years, mostly organic foods/free range meats last 12 years-until this neuro crash walked every day

    My GP recommended a supplement called DIM or indole 3 carbinol?

    Naturopath recommend livaplex from standard process (milk thistle, schizandra , rosemary)-i've taken milk thistle off/on for years...........

    Is this genetic? Can it be changed?

    Thank you for your input.

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    hi, I think I have posted in the past related to this topic. a long time ago Rich V rec'd the book "7 day detox" it sheds some light on foods and meds that influence the phases. I havent figured out how to manipulate it well though, other than avoiding a lot of things and taking charcoal sometimes. Let me know if you figure it out. testing showed me having slow phase 2.
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    I've had a LOT of testing through Genova Labs, but it has been 9 or 10 years so it's hard to remember much. People think detoxification is a term loosely used to say " I'm cleaning up my diet". There are numerous steps that have to take place to turn FAT SOLUBLE toxins into WATER SOLUBLE TOXINS, so they can be excreted. The bulk of this activity takes place in the LIVER.

    What I do remember is I have problems with Phase 2 detox. Taking nutrients that increase detox, like N-Acetyl-cysteine, Milk Thistle, Undenatured Whey, and ZILLONS of others, cause me EXTREME symptoms as I have trouble with Phase II. I remember being told to buy Ultra Clear Plus to assist with that. It is a MEDICAL FOOD made by Metagenics. I bought it at a Compounding Pharmacy and believe I paid $60-70 and that was 8 or 10 years ago.

    I have a SIGNIFICANT history with Pesticide Exposure and my detoxing is slow and damn near impossible. I have purchased a Far Infrared Sauna to help me excrete toxins through the skin and spare my organs, but again, it is slow and damn near impossible for me.

    Wish you lots of luck with this, and I do believe it can help many, especially if not too many toxins have been accumulated.
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    good info, yea the book Rich rec'd isn't just some hippy book about eating right, it gives scientific info on the phases and how to try to influence them, supplements and foods that effect them. I am just not that organized and patient to figure it all out unless its obvious.
    I didnt know that milk thistle is bad for phase 2 problems!
    I also have an infrared heating pad I got at Migun that I use all winter to keep me warm,sometimes I lie on that for hours while watching a movie, I wonder if that could be too much of a good thing?
    I get killer headaches from N-AC and whey makes me feel bad. So many things do. I have come to conclusion recently that perhaps I had chemical induced porphyria from taking erythomyocin, zantac and prozac all together every night one summer and induced a gallstone than had old fashioned surgery, plus trying to force self to get tan and thin when not naturally inclined eitehr way those are all risk factors for certain type of porphyri and then the anesthesia etc of surgery were the nails in the coffin started--cfs fm ever since. I havent ran my theory by a doc yet cus fear they will think its nutty, but after reading a lot of theories about cfs etc I think it could be a missing link for me, hard to test for unless acute though it sounds like.
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    Caledonia- can I speak with you?

    I'm f13girl on lymenet-can you PM me?

    I'm not on anything last 4 months-- I only did 1 week of flagyl/3 diflucan starting in NOvember and an herbal tea that sent me into this tail spin/neurological hell/loss of function and nervous system agitation/total insomnia where I want to die.

    I had something similar 2 years ago on herbs-same thing an unbearable explosion of tons of new symptoms- i had to stop the herbs and it lasted for 4 months BUT was not like this and I recovered out of it but not back to baseline.

    I am very chemically sensitive and do not detox according to genomics liver panel-I'm terrified on my next step -but no I can't live like this. Can I speak with you?
  6. herbqueen

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    ignore my post- me it for another entry.

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